• Community Distributed Cache

    Dashboards Admin Development Data CDE - Dashboard Editor CDF - Dashboard Framework CCC - Chart Components CGG - Graphics Generator CDC - Distributed Cache CDV - Data Validation CFR - File Repository CST - Sta...
    Pedro Goncalves
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  • LiDAR Motion Sensor and Pentaho Challenge

    REAL! Real-time IoT data stream available for Pentaho Analysis and Visualization Everyone knows how hard it is to get access to real-time data feeds. Well, here is a chance to access real-time data using a 3D LiDAR m...
    Ken Wood
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  • Pentaho CE 8.2

    Hello,   Has anyone upgraded to Pentaho CE 8.2? Are there any issues/bugs either with the upgrade or the release itself? Thanks Ravi
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  • Pentaho London Usergroup - Machine Intelligence and Apache Beam!

    There's only 3 weeks to go until the next Pentaho London Usergroup (PLUG)   The agenda this month blows everything out of the park, even if i say so myself!   Not only do we have Ken Wood travelling from Ame...
    Dan Keeley
    created by Dan Keeley
  • Pentaho User Meeting Germany/Austria/Switzerland

    Hey Pentaho users,   we finally fixed the date for Pentaho User Meeting for the German/Austrian/Swiss community!   March 26, 2019 in Frankfurt, Germany Check out the details on the event page   Join us...
    Ruth H
    created by Ruth H
  • Pentaho Server 8 CE: User/Role List could not be obtained.

    So, we've set up an installation of 8.0 CE, followed the docs, server is up and running... but can't login. Admin/password or Suzy/password will result in Login Error. Behind the scenes, catalina.out says:   18:2...
    Joao Ciocca
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  • Unable to Pass the file path from a field to a Text file input

    Hi All,   I am very new to Pentaho. I am having one task where I have to load the text file into table output. The CSV file path with date have to get from a log table. It might be more than one file. I am calcu...
    Gargi  Chatterjee
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  • Conect Odoo 12 with Pentaho Data Integration

    Good day. I have been trying to connect Odoo 12 with pentaho Data Integration, the DB connection is successful as it appears in one of the images, but when exploring the base of data with the Explorer button I get the...
    Luis Mendez
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  • Pentaho Content Accessing issue based on the session cookie

    Hi ,   I am using cookies based authentication option for login and to obtain an authentication cookie ,sending a post request from the back end service to /pentaho/j_spring_security_check along with  j_use...
    sumit b bansal
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  • Downloads

    Pentaho Enterprise Edition Start getting value out of your data with a 30 day trial of Pentaho Data Integration and Business Analytics. The comprehensive platform allows you to access, prepare, blend and analyze any d...
    Diogo Belem
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  • PDI Client is very slow while connecting to Pentaho Repository?

    Hi, I have installed Pentaho Server CE and Same version for PDI and PRD. Also did the MariaDB repository configuration in Context.xml and Repository.xml which created Jackrabbit, Hibernate and Quartz datab...
    Prateek Bhatt
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  • How to resolve MySQL connection death after 8 hours?

    Hi all!   Could you please let me know how you solve JNDI connection error? I get next errors:   #1. SQLBaseComponent.ERROR_0006 - Could not execute test.xaction com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLNonT...
    Natalie Sus
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  • Unable to convert mondrian 4 schema file to mondrain 3.x schema file

    1. We have Mondrian 4 schema file (Cube file .xml) , which is created in Mondrian 4, but the Mondrian Schema workbench(It is a beta version) currently not available. Now we are using stable version of Mondrian Schema ...
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  • Publishing Mondrian 4 cube file in Pentaho 8.1 EE

    We are using Pentaho 8.1 EE trial version and we need to publish Mondrian 4 cube file. Let me know, how it is possible or any workaround?
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  • Email message input step - connection error gmail

    Hello , I'm trying to connect to gmail using the Email Input Message step in PDI . Can please someone to suggest me how make it correctly ? This is my test but it gives me a error. User and password are used also in...
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  • Startup Rule Engine does not work since Pentaho 7

    The startup rule engine does not work.   Does not work in Pentaho 8.1 · Issue #11 · webdetails/startupRuleEngine · GitHub   Someone else has raised that it doesnt work in 7 either.   ...
    Dan Keeley
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  • Pentaho Data Integration (PDI), Python and Model Management

    by Carl Speshock, Senior Technical Product Manager   1. Why Model Management  Data Scientists are constantly exploring and working with the latest in Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) libraries. ...
    Evan Cropper
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  • Pentaho Community Meeting 2018: Presentations, pictures and summary

    Hi everyone,   thank you for attending Pentaho Community Meeting 2018! With 220 attendees from 5 continents and 29 speakers it was a great event.   This page contains all PCM18 resources - summaries of the...
    Ruth H
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  • More Free Access To Real-time Sensor Data

    In addition to the LiDAR Motion Sensor real-time data feed from the 8th floor lobby of the HLDS facility, we've added another sensor to the configuration. The new real-time sensor data comes from a prototype sensor th...
    Ken Wood
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  • Crazy transaction behaviour in SQL Server

    Hi,   so after discovering this quite frankly bizarre behaviour in SQL Server:   SQLServer use of NOLOCK   I've now discovered something else weird.   If you have a transaction, and the client ...
    Dan Keeley
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