• Open Source BI Tool-"Pentaho Community Edition"- Features

    Hi Team,   We are looking for open source BI tools to implement for our customer’s project. We found about Open Source BI Tools- “Pentaho Community Edition”   We are looking following in...
    Ramesh Singh
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  • Illegal reflective access by org.pentaho.di.core.plugins.KettleURLClassLoader

    Hi,   I'm having troubles getting the Database connections dialog. Whenever I try to open connection editor, I get the following error message: org.pentaho.ui.xul.XulException: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTarge...
    Thomas Casteleyn
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  • connect to sql server 2008 r2

    Hi, I'm having a problem when I try to connect into database sql server 2008 r2.   When I click in the test connection, it throws bellow exception. I don't know why, because I've the jdbcdriver 4.2 in my lib pa...
    luiz kava
    created by luiz kava
  • How to use AlpacaJS with RequireJS in Ctools?

    Hi, best explained with an image:   So, this is a NON require dashboard. You can see that alpaca uses handlebars and bootstrap. That all works perfectly. (In some more complex cases there are additional js fi...
    Dan Keeley
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  • java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded error

    We are trying to upgrade from 4.2 EE to 8.2 CE. When ran a trf where lkp table having 10000000, after reading 7000000 getting Exception in thread "qtp1982591789-180" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit excee...
    Priya A
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  • Problem to connect Pentaho with pdbs ORACLE

    Actually I have a process in pentaho (version 7.1) that only allows to make the connection via SSH with terminal putty connected as image 1, 2 and 3. Allowing only connection to the main ORCL container.   Image...
    Alvaro Roberto
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  • RequireJS

    Hello! I have been trying to use an HTML code to generate a graph like this one in Pentaho CDE:   It works perfectly when I have the RequireJS Support option unchecked, but when it is checked, the dashboard d...
    Mauricio Valencia
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  • Drilldown with filters

    Hello, im using pentaho bi version 8.2, and need to create a drilldown dashboard with filters. here is my primary dashboard with 2 filters, year and family product,   i need to in the second dashboard get the...
    Lucas b Bulow
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  • Oracle comes to hive with more data

    I used 'hadoop File Output' to add data from 'oracle' to 'hive', and used 'load'. Then the data became more. I found the data in question.The result: one field of data is split into three segments, one for each segmen...
    haodong b guo
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  • 怎样编译kettle6.1,公司需要,只能选择这个版本

    haodong b guo
    created by haodong b guo
  • Machine Intelligence Made Easy

    Introducing Plug-in Machine Intelligence by Mark Hall and Ken Wood     Today, the need to swiftly operationalize machine learning based solutions to meet the challenges of businesses is more pressing than...
    Ken Wood
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  • Pentaho Connection to MultiSubnet environment

    Hello All, We are trying to use Pentaho 8.2 (Data Integration) to connect to SQL Server. Our servers do have multiple IP addresses. So, in our regular applications, we set "MultisubnetFailover=True". How I can imp...
    Arbi Baghdanian
    created by Arbi Baghdanian
  • Marketplace have problems?

    I can't access to the pentaho marketplace. Attach my firefox log.
    Marc Vazquez
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  • CDE dashboard: Creating custom component

    Hello everyone, I'm new to Pentaho, Currently, I created a template component in dashboard by cde, now I have to use this component in every single dashboards, so I'm trying to create a custom component which I can ea...
    Minh Chau
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  • CCC chart: Group stack bar chart combine with line.

    Hi everyone, I'am new to pentaho CDE. I'm creating a CCC chart, I'm facing some issue with bar chart combine with line. The plot 2 is sorted base on month and year. I want the plot 2 is sorted just by month in ord...
    Minh Chau
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  • Pentaho User Meeting Germany/Austria/Switzerland

    Update 03/13: the agenda is final now! The following users will share their projects with us: Ken Wood: updates on machine learning and Plugin Machine Intelligence Read the interview Helmut Borghorst: Pentaho sales...
    Ruth H
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  • Processing & Visualizing Streaming Data Using Pentaho

    Why Streaming Data? Why Now? In the past 10 years, the data market has undergone a vast transformation, expanding far beyond traditional data integration and business intelligence involving the analysis of transaction...
    Noah Schneider
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  • Hidden Results from Machine Learning Models

    Blog 1 of 2   I have a few pent up blogs that need to be written, but I’ve been waiting for a couple of Pentaho User Meeting speaking events to finish before I share them. I don’t want to "steal my o...
    Ken Wood
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  • PDI 8.2 Excel Writer not inserting all rows from a template

    Hello,     I just upgraded from pdi-ce- to and made no changes to any of my workflow code.  I notice that the Excel Writer is taking just the 1st row from a given template i've co...
    Dan Onorato
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  • Downloads

    Pentaho Enterprise Edition Start getting value out of your data with a 30 day trial of Pentaho Data Integration and Business Analytics. The comprehensive platform allows you to access, prepare, blend and analyze any d...
    Diogo Belem
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