• Filter component won't show values -- total newbie here, trying out my first dashboard. Using SQL as data source. Would anyone know why (Multiple Selection option is set to False for the Filter Component), or would you need a basic example? Many thanks.

    Using version 7.1; mySQL database
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  • Migrate custom component from 7 to 8.x : missing js class error ?

    Hello   I migrated Pentaho 7 (bi server) to pentaho 8.1 (reinstall from zero) and I get a js error when I load a page WCDF. Error come from a custom component javascript execution (it's a...
    Nico Scott
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  • Pentaho JS error : Object type MyCustomComponent can't be mapped to a valid class

    Hello   I migrated Pentaho 7 (bi server) to pentaho 8.1 (reinstall from zero) and I get a js error when I load a page WCDF. Error come from a custom component javascript execution (it's a grid...
    Nico Scott
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  • Error processing component

    Hello all. I've got one more problem with components of Pentaho dashboard. I'm talking about Filter Component. Very often, when I open a dashboard, I can see the error message instead of the component. Please, see t...
    Sergey Khakhichev
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  • NewMapComponent offline map tiles

    Hi everyone, I have a request to integrate Pentaho CDE dashboards in secure environment without Internet access. Dashboards features and control rely heavily on NewMapComponent That implies that the OpenStreetMap wo...
    Igor Kvrgic
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  • ccc chart: barchat - Change text style

    I'm trying to understand  how to make some modifications on the ccc charts.   I can't find a way to test stuff on the fly with the developer tool, so i'm using the "Advanced Properties > Post Execution" ...
    Mateus silva
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  • There is a way to create visualizations simililar to Visio Visual on Pentaho/CTools?

    Hi, im trying to find a way to create visualizations similitar to Visio Visual using pentaho.   Here is a example using Power BI: Power BI custom visual from Visio - Preview - YouTube Thanks
    Augusto Santos
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  • Drill through is not working in CDE Dashboard.

    Hi All, I am trying to implement drill through on Pie chart in CDE dashboard, which should open new tabular report(child report) on click event. I followed steps mentioned in below blog but still not working.   ...
    Sanjay Dhanave
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  • Javascript File not connected with CDE Dashboard

    Hi, I am a JavaScript file which contain some function and one CDE dashboard which contain a bar chart. I have uploaded that js file using resource control and when i tried to check dashboard it didn't show any chang...
    Suresh Alavala
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  • Fusion Chart on Pentaho 8.1

    Hi,   Does anybody using FusionChart on Pentaho8.1?   I used on Pentaho8 but I cannot find it on Marketplace.   Thanks in advance.   Manuel
    Manuel Besoain
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  • CTE - Pentaho CE 8.2 - Can't install

    Hi, I'm trying to install CTE in a fresh pentaho server (8.2 CE + java 8 + ubuntu).     Using marketplace I'm getting this error:     Do you want to install? Error occurred when installing plug...
    Emannuel Roque
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  • CDE dashboard: Need to clear browser cache for external js files in pentaho cde dashboard

    Hi everyone. I'm new to pentaho. Currently, I face an issue with CDE dashboard, I created some dashboards which is using some external resources (js, css), then deploying it to the end user. After that, I made some ...
    Roguen Keller
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  • Date input Component calendar and the week day start

    Hi! Im newbie with Ctools and Im trying to change the calendar of the date input component to make it start on monday instead on sunday. is it possible? I have tried inserting code on pre-excution property of the comp...
    Alberto b Gutierrez
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  • Pentaho 8.2 Error while accessing charts

    Hello All,   Whenever I access any chart from CDE I gets this error and execution stops.   ERROR [org.pentaho.platform.web.servlet.GenericServlet] GenericServlet.ERROR_0004 - Resource /common-ui/resources...
    Ravikumar Kamma
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  • Filter Component translation.

    We are using a FilterComponent in one of our dashboards, everything works as expected but internationalization.   After triying some workarounds, we can't figure out how to change language in this component, nei...
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  • CDE NewMapComponent - enable zoom on mouse wheel

    Hey everyone,   Using NewMapComponent with openlayers engine, and out of the box keyboard controls work, but not mouse wheel zoom in/zoom out. Did some digging around and located \pentaho-solutions\system\penta...
    Igor Kvrgic
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  • Embed dashboard in external web page?

    Hi! I am trying to embed a dashboard placed at localhost:8080 in a webpage at localhost:8888, using the guide found at CDE Advanced Solutions - Pentaho Documentation I followed the guide step by step, but i still ge...
    paolo sacerdoti
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  • CDE NewMapComponent - change color palette

    Hi everyone,   I'm creating a CDE dashboard using NewMapComponent, and I'd like to change the color palette from a default one. Right now the map looks like this: 1. All polygons 2. After setting certain pa...
    Igor Kvrgic
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  • Embedded table not rendering headings correctly

    I have a simple table in a dashboard, and am using the API to embed the dashboard into another website. This works great, except that the table is not rendering with the columns and heading widths aligning. If I view ...
    David McWhinnie
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  • Securize JNDI database connections

    We have almost 15 diferent datasources, related to diferent services. Acord to development/requirements convenience, all of them are standard JNDI connections.   E.g. Three of them: News, projects and accounting...
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