• Column in table component as hyperlink

    Hi,   I am trying to set a table column as hyperlink. To do so, I have used this link: Hitachi Vantara Pentaho - BI Suite Tutorials: Hyperlink for Table columns in pentaho CDE   The example provided on th...
    Glupe Registracije
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  • Table hyperlink must be clicked twice

    Hi,   we have a table with column as hyperlink. When we click on the column for the first time, nothing is happening, and at the same time there are no entries in browser's DevTools in console or network tab. W...
    Glupe Registracije
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  • I'm new to this tool, I'm trying to visualize an element from a query to my own html  template, but I do not embed logo to appear both on the same div, Does Anyone have an idea of how I can do it?

    Maggy Fontain
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  • How to extract all "sql over sqljindi" (*.cda) queries?

    Hi,   is there a way to extract all "sql over sqlJndi" queries? We have many *.cda files with similar selects. We would like to extract them all in order to compare them when we have to change something. Openi...
    Glupe Registracije
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  • How can debug a performance issue on dashboard

    Halo eveyone I'm currently using Pentaho CE 7.x, sometimes I notice at the timing tab of my browser (Firefox) has some waiting connections and they make my dashboard loading too long. How can I debug which cause that...
    Vu Hoang Son
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  • CDE dashboard stop refreshing after a time

    I've got a dashboard with Pentaho with only a table component in it The table has an autorefresh period of 3 minutes. It is working well, but after about 2 or 3 hours, it shows a popup with the message: ...
    Daniel Constant
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  • Using JQuery Form Plugin with RequireJS Dashboard

    Hi,   I'm trying to use the JQuery Form Plugin in a RequireJS Dashboard.   Running the following code in some posExecution callback:   function() {   $('#uploadForm').ajaxForm({    ...
    Kleyson Rios
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  • CTools + OrientDB

    Seems that OrientDB is used as repository for some of the ctools plugins, such as cfr.   Some questions:   1) How to connect on the OrientDB used by the BA Server ?   2) How to change the connection ...
    Kleyson Rios
    created by Kleyson Rios
  • Bar chart readers

    Hi,   I'm creating a bar line chart with a data set that has 5 columns and around 30 rows. Location Sales Rejects Market Site London 246 15 1 001A Brighton 123 5 1 002A   The last two columns are ID's a...
    Andy Rathbone
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  • Float Axis with little variances

    Hello guys!   I've got a metric which has very little variations and my line chart show it as plain line.   Here is the line chart Note: I know number is half hidden but thats no the topic and i know ho...
    ashdam dourden
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  • Access to table component's record set from button click

    Hi,   if I have a table component with underlying data source, how can I access datasource records from button click JavaScript ?   Let's say that I have a huge clickhouse (database) table (with billions o...
    Glupe Registracije
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  • IMPORTANT - how Pass Date range filter in Saiku Query

    Hi,   How to pass date range filter to Saiku dashboard from saiku UI, without swithing to mdx mode ( as I have to keep UI for further dashboards modification. How can I update my measure values based on date ra...
    nilam mahajana
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  • CDA Mondrian Error and cache

    Hi all, I've two problems in setting up a CDA connection to build report and dashboards. I suspect that both are related to some cache behaviours.   The first problem is that I'm finding a Mondrian Error while...
    Michele Cilfone
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  • Filter component with CDA and server-side search

    Hi, I'm trying to set up a CDA datasource for a Filter component with server-side search. The documentation I says: Server-side SearchYou may be interested in delegating to the server the task of filtering the items....
    Tibor Heja
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  • 100% stacked bar click action

    Hi,   I am putting together a dashboard with a 100% stacked bar.  It is a single bar with three categories. My data is quite simple and looks like the below.   Type     Value ...
    Andy Rathbone
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  • Internationalization of CDE Dashboard using a parameter

    Hi,   I am currently trying to create a dashboard where you can change the language using a parameter (changed via flag icons or url).   From what I have read so far, you have to first set the language in ...
    Tiago Marques
    created by Tiago Marques
  • Hi folks, I used bi.server 6.1, in Ctools, I am using a text editor component in my dashboard so users can write their notes in all footers in dashboard. However, when I put more one component, it loses reference in parameter, which makes the system don't

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  • parameterized query, how to control visibility of the component

    Hi all! I have some questions. Question №1: I have one dashboard, it has several multiple select component, one button and one table component. I need to select an item on the multiple component and press the butto...
    Ekaterina Beskhlebnova
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  • Automating CDA cache update with KTR populated data service

    I have data that is obtainable from a KTR running on a Pentaho Server.  It is writing to a Data Service.  KTR is on a schedule to update the Data Service periodically.  In CTools dashboard I have a DATA...
    Clifford Grimm
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  • Dashboard Performance Pentaho 6.0.1

    I have a CDE dashboard developed with Pentaho CE 6.0.1 with 4 line charts. My plugins are updated. Our dataset is a SQL Server database with millions of records (near to 80 millions). The BA Server is running in a clo...
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