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Ze He
Click to view contentPDI version 8.2 community version, start the carte server using the following command: ./ pwd/carte-config-master-8080.xml visit the kettle status page: http://localhost:8080/kettle/status and the page likes this:   open the debug mode of the browser, the path of these images looks like '/pentaho/conten/common-ui/resources...'    … (Show more)
in Data Integration
Kun Jiang
Click to view contentHTTP ERROR: 404Problem accessing /pentaho/content/common-ui/resources/themes/images/run_options.svg. Reason: Not Found
in Data Integration
Hui Tan
It's work when I query a few documents, but when it query huge documents, I get error: cursor id not found. I google it and know It need set no time out cursor on find(), but I don't know how to set it on mongodb input. Anybody can help me, It stuck me 5 day.
in Data Integration
Zach Izzard
Pentaho Data Integration Version: 8.1 Hadoop Version: 2.7.3 Spark Version: 2.4.3   I am trying to use PDI AEL to submit Spark jobs to a Spark cluster. For my Hadoop configuration, I am using the config files provided by the cluster manager, yet I am still unable to run any jobs. When I attempt to submit a job, it correctly grabs the… (Show more)
in Data Integration
Click to view contentI have a task where I need to join multiple files and create a specific output file(s).   At the moment I have created around 10 or so transformations to carry out this task(one for each output file). To me this seems quite cumbersome (not to mention tedious), so I would like to know if there is a more optimal way to achieve this? The joins… (Show more)
in Data Integration
Victorien DELANGUE
Hello there,    I try to run a transformation with a CPython script step inside, I already did some of them before very similar with the same inputs and I'm pretty sure the python script is working but I've got this error when I try to get the outputs of the Cpython script step.    "java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1 1"   Before that… (Show more)
in Data Integration
Neha Varshney
I am able to run transformation via api using carte server   eg : To run transformation via carte server through api http://localhost:8080/kettle/executeTrans/?trans=c:%2Fusers%2Fanukriti.kalkani%2Fdownloads%2Fpentaho%2Fdata-integration%2Ffiles.ktr   I am unable to run job through exposed apis, please help us on this.
in Data Integration
Swapnil Shelke
Hi,   I have a transformation that loads data from a csv file to a text output file, i have a some bad data in some of the row, I define the error handling output and pass error data to the output, I get the error data in output file but can't get the error line/row number from CSV file loading. How can i get error line number in error output… (Show more)
in Data Integration
Leandro Alves
Hi guys,  I'm trying to read a html file (out of http, just a single html file on my desktop folder that is a raw data) but i'm failing miserably.   how can i do this? pdi can help me with this case?   note: I'm note using the server, just the spoon module and my version is 6.1   tks!
in Data Integration
Facundo Vega
Hello Please, I need some help When I execute a job on unix, I get this error in the log file: log4j:ERROR No output stream or file set for the appender named [pdi-execution-appender]. however the (result=[true]) I am executing a PDI job versión 8.1 on Unix. I verified the log4j.xml file and it seems good:   <logger… (Show more)
in Data Integration
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