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Ricardo Carrera
Hi In PDI 8, where do I find the "Run this transformation in a clustered mode?" option?   In PDI 6, the option is in the advanced tab of the transformation job entry, but in PDI 8 is not. I need this option to execute clustered transformations via job and command line.   Is a bug? Or is there another way to execute a clustered ETL on PDI 8?  … (Show more)
in Data Integration
Alex Shumskiy
I have problem with MySQL in PDI (Kettle). This error appears in process of reading information by Input Table. Even if all data is gived out of base successfully, this error appears and, probably, doesn't affect on transformation. Error comitting connection Communications link failure during commit(). Transaction resolution unknown. Caused by:… (Show more)
in Data Integration
William Nguyen
I have a rest API with pagination, I would like to get all data with automatically passing the page number into the URL ....   n = the number we do not know before.
in Data Integration
Stefano Piva
Hi, I am developing a PDI job that: executes a transformation that loads data into a PostgreSQL table builds a model based on the table output step of the transformation using auto modeler publishes the model to the server Both the job and transformation run fine when launched from Spoon. Also the transformation runs fine when launched… (Show more)
in Data Integration
Giovani Stefani
I have the following problem when trying to connect to an Oracle database:   Error connecting to database [DWH] :org.pentaho.di.core.exception.KettleDatabaseException: Error occurred while trying to connect to the database   Error connecting to database: (using class oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver) no dbjodbc16 in java.library.path  … (Show more)
in Data Integration
Hi, I have a transformation where I use a database lookup or database join step to look up a value from my database. The problem is: it does not find the record in my table! I am 100 % sure it is there and if I run the SQL in another editor it returns the result but not from PDI. When I run the same SQL in a table input step, it returns the… (Show more)
in Data Integration
Zachary Pappas
Hello All, I have PDI 8.1 downloaded and installed on my computer (community edition and trial enterprise edition).  It worked perfectly yesterday, and today when I try to start it, the command prompt pops up and closes as normal, then the PDI window shows up, and after kettle will open and close immediately.  I tried clearing the cache in the… (Show more)
in Data Integration
Nilesh Purohit
Hi Team,   I have a requirement to read a .pdf file which we cant convert into .txt or any other format due to insufficient privileges. Can Pentaho read .pdf files ? if yes then how can you please suggest ?
in Data Integration
Nicolas Soria
Hi everyone, I would like to know if there is a proper way to pass the database connections variable so they can be used in the logging sections of both jobs and transformations.   Regards, Nicolas.
in Data Integration
Alina Lot
Hi, I am pretty new to Kettle so apologies if my question is too simple - I want to create an ETL process that will allow me to test what rows currently exist in the output table (Max date for example) and then them use the import step to only import new data from the DB to the output table? i.e. only append  new data to the existing table without… (Show more)
in Data Integration
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