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harikrishna akyam
We are running daily job through pentaho data integration tool. It was working fine till months ago. But now we are getting the below error when we try to run it. I have checked the database is working fine when I connect it through sql developer. Can anybody help why we face the below issue. Error connecting to database: (using class… (Show more)
in Data Integration
Dhanenjjeyan K
Hi, I have integrated kettle with Eloqua. But am not able to retrieve more than 50000 records even on using 'OFFSET'. As i am a beginner, Can anyone help me out or suggest me what could be done to make the offset work and extract more records from Eloqua. It would be great if i can get some documentations regarding this.
in Data Integration
Joao Ciocca
I never used it before, but now that I decided to test it out, all I get is this weird and unspecified error when trying to Test Connection, or Test Index...
in Data Integration
Gilles Simler
Hi: I have been trying to use the MAPD jdbc driver with other tools (Squirrel SQL) and it works fine but for some reason when I put he JAR file in the lib folder for Spoon it does not pick it up. I contacted MAPD and they told me to ask on this forum why the JAR is not picked up as it should by Spoon. Any idea on how to resolve this issue? I… (Show more)
in Data Integration
Rafa Flores
Hi all,   I am having problems with PDI when I try to pass result rows from one transformation to another using Parameters/Variables.   I attach you the files, cause I can't figure it out what is wrong with it. I've been searching for a solution for the last three days with no success so I am a little bit frustrated hehehe   Explanation of the… (Show more)
in Data Integration
Nicolas Stallivieri
We are preparing a migration from PDI 7.0 to 8.0. Our repository is in the database (MSSQL). Should I deploy a new data model for PDI 8.0 and if yes where do I get the SQL migration script?
in Data Integration
Kapil Bhardwaj
Hi All, Could you please help me in finding a solution to a problem. I'm using Pentaho Kettle v 6.1 for my data integration. Source sytem would be json file whose size would vary based on the data load on the source system from 10kb to 1gb or more ( in peak hours) per 15 mins. Could you please let me know if it is feasible to create… (Show more)
in Data Integration
Tomas Courreges
Hi! I'm running a Python script via the Shell step. The problem is that everything that the script logs out, goes through via stderr so I get a ERROR message in every line, but there's actually no error, the executions ends OK. Any ideas? I'm running Kettle - Spoon   Example: 2018/07/13 10:57:59 - DWH_1086_APP_POPUP_EVENT - exec(5, 0,… (Show more)
in Data Integration
Rajagopal Naidu Ayyappagari
I recently upgraded to 8.1 PDI(community edition) from 7.1. The Mongo Input step was all working fine in the older version. But in the new version I am getting the below error.   com.mongodb.MongoCursorNotFoundException: Query failed with error code -5 and error message 'Cursor 141094656064 not found on server xx.xx.xx.xx:27017' on server… (Show more)
in Data Integration
Alessandro Soggia
I've created an ETL job that connects to SQL Server in order  to run some transformation. I'm using the following versions Windows Server 2012 R2 SQL Server 2016 jre-8u161-windows-x64 pdi-ce- sqljdbc_6.0.8112.100_enu (Using windows integrated authentication)   The ETL runs every hour, the problem is that it randomly get stuck… (Show more)
in Data Integration
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