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Stephane TRAORE
Bonsoir ! Comment peut-on calculer le nombre de jours ouvrés entre deux dates en tenant compte des jours fériés dans spoon ?
in Data Integration
Virgilio Pierini
Hi all I'm interested in setting up different semantics when retrieving data from Kafka with PDI: at most once, at least once, exactly once. I read [PDI-17272] Implement explicit commit in Kafka Consumer - Pentaho Platform Tracking and since there are no comments I'm a bit puzzled.   What am I doing? I have one transformation with Kafka… (Show more)
in Data Integration
Smith Hutchings
We've run into a problem with inconsistent data typing from the Database Lookup step between version 7.1 and 8.2.   Using a postgresql database, any integer/bigint key lookup value typed to integer in the lookup step outputs as a BigNumber in the data stream. This lookup pattern is one we've used consistently through our ETL process and now… (Show more)
in Data Integration
Wenxing Xu
Click to view contentI wanna integrate kettle in my java application with maven, but many dependencies in Repository - Nexus Repository Manager are unreachable and the nexus repository returns 500 status code.     I hope someone can help me with this.   Cheers. Wenxing
in Data Integration
Matthew Kennedy
Click to view contentI have a transformation that has been tested locally (Windows Environment) and runs successfully. When I promote to the repository and try to run from the Pentaho Server I receive errors about not being able open the zip entry source stream.   Has anyone seen this before and have tips on fixing it?   The Excel file is on the local file system in… (Show more)
in Data Integration
Huriye Akbas
Hello,   One of our case is to use a data source for BI tool, which data source should be provided on PDI.   Some of the data is on the Hadoop and a part on the DWH. If the data is on the Hadoop while the report is being generated, the PDI must extract the data from Hadoop. If the data is over DWH, the PDI must draw the data over DWH.   Do… (Show more)
in Data Integration
Shankar Panda
Hi All,   I need a urgent help. As My project is completely in ig data environment and dealing with hive tables, I have used Hadoop copy files to place the file in HDFS system.   When i trigger the job directly from Spoon, it works fine. File is getting successfully copied to HDFS system.   But when i run the same job using Kitchen.bat, hadoop… (Show more)
in Data Integration
Serge Merzliakov
I am trying to upload a file to S3 which requires AWS credentials and a specific role as well. The S3 Step fails with a 403:   Caused by: Access Denied (Service: Amazon S3; Status Code: 403; Error Code: AccessDenied   Suggestions? I can use a shell script step to put objects to S3 which will use… (Show more)
in Data Integration
Juanjo Castro
Hi,   I would like to connect to an ftp to download files to local and work with them, Due to security issues, I can access directly to FTP using GET a FILE with FTP, FTPS or SFTP. To avoid that we need to use SSH command.   Currently we have another project that runs in Unix system that is using a lftp command and running properly. My problem… (Show more)
in Data Integration
Ana Gonzalez
Click to view contentI'm using Pentaho Data Integration 8.2 CE and trying to use metadata injection to update data in table. For that I have created a transformation to get the metadata to inject, and a second transformation that contains a dummy Data Grid input step just generating one row and one column (that I don't use, but it seems it's needed for the… (Show more)
in Data Integration
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