• Dynamic Carte cluster setup in Nomad/K8s

    Hi all, I would like to setup a dynamic Carte cluster in a container scheduler system. For this, I managed to create my own Docker image similar to the one described in Diethard Steiner On Business Intelligence. I am...
    Steffen Mueller
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  • 4K display PDI scaling issues

    Hi,   I'm using PDI on windows 10 with a 4k screen. Everything is ok when opening workflows but when I try to inspect data and open visualization, everything become very small. It seems that DPI scaling doesn't ...
    Stefano Mancino
    created by Stefano Mancino
  • PDI Web Designer

    Au-phi PDI platform 4.0 is published today,  with a web designer.   Demo: http://www.doetl.com   Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1YqbaiuW9LjcClsLc2NaKHi2_-HR0WWgf    ...
    Jason chu
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  • Strip Carriage Returns inside XML Tags

    Good day,   i am quite new in PDI and trying to achieve some small tasks.   I am reading an XML file through XML Input Stream, the intent is to get the items normalized in a table and then use them as a ro...
    Mauro Matteo
    created by Mauro Matteo
  • PDI-17785

    [PDI-17785] Annotate Stream/Shared Dimension step - null pointer exception when mouseover steps on Design panel - Pentah… Just an FYI.  Wondering if anyone has this problem or a work around.
    Robert c Clark
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  • PDI - insert null value instead of empty string in MS SQL DB

    Hello, I need some help, my transformation extract data from a postgres table, add some columns (including empty string column), and insert data in a MS SQL table. The problem is that it insert NULL value instead of ...
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  • Calling the API using PDI

    Hi,   I am trying to call an API via HTTPs url and posting the values to execute delete contact using HTTP Post in PDI. The processing of transformation is successful but I am not able to capture the errorcode ...
    created by B368D3FN
  • where can i find json input in kettle 8.1

    we use the PDI8.1,and want to import the json file into the database,but we can't find the json input .
    vincent yang
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  • mapd jdbc

    Hi: I have been trying to use the MAPD jdbc driver with other tools (Squirrel SQL) and it works fine but for some reason when I put he JAR file in the lib folder for Spoon it does not pick it up. I contacted MAPD and...
    Gilles Simler
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  • Improve table input step performance on Oracle

    I have some ETLs and identified the Table input is the bottleneck causing degrading the overall performance. Table input step speed is 60-80 rows/second on a row with just 4 number and 1 date (I suppose no more than ...
    Gustavo Orair
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  • Parameter passing from job to a subtransformation. Different behaviour from 7.1 to 8.1

    Hi all. After the installation of PDI 8.1 I experienced that all my jobs does not work as expected. After some investigation, it turns out the the problem arises from a different behaviour in passing parameters from ...
    Pasquale Basile
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  • Runs in Interactive Spoon but Fails in Batch Kettle

    Hello Guys, I did not see any discussion regarding this issue. I am using build, it works great in interactive session, but fails in batch mode using kettle.   A close examination of the log file sh...
    Mohammed Abdulmujeeb
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  • How to connect to REST Client API via PDI

    Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right place for this I am trying to connect to a Rest API through Pentaho Data Integration. Using API Tester I can connect and get a proper response body quite easily so I know it wo...
    Alex Bitz
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  • AEL Daemon endpoint limits

    Hey there,   I'm doing a few tests with the AEL on 8.0 and I'm getting this error when running one particular KTR and the execution does not start:   2018-01-10 13:01:30.575  INFO 98365 --- [io-53000-...
    Andre Simoes
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  • Oracle Java Public Updates

    Hello, I'm curious what others are thinking about the announcement from Oracle about ending the public updates for Java? http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/eol-135779.html   I see there is a Jira entry fo...
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  • pentaho pdi ver 7 and 8 stopped working

    Using any version of PDI between to, I am unable to use anymore, because of sudden error:   INFO: Setting the server's publish address to be /browser 2017/12/01 12:36:55 - org.pentaho.di.ui.util...
    Nikola Garafolic
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  • How to extract data using SQL queries in Pentaho

    Hi Pentaho Gurus-I have a sql queries with lot of joins with record count of  9 lakhs per day. i want to extract it from another server to my local server.   Will pentaho support to extract this huge data? ...
    Rajendra Ongole
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  • Spoon 7.1 Enable Save Comment/View Revisions

    Hi Folks, I'm missing the revision tracking that was part of 6.1 (skipped 7.0).   Is there a way to force the display of the Comment dialog upon saving a Job/Transformation in 7.1? Is there a way to view the r...
    John Craig
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  • PDI Plugin Step Development: Dialog Creation

    Hi Folks, I'd be grateful to hear from anyone who's got some experience creating their own plug-in steps with more than trivial dialogs for configuring the plug-in step.   In particular, if anyone's managed to ...
    John Craig
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