• How can I extract data from parquet file located in S3 bucket and then load it into postgres using Pentaho?

    I have some parquet file on AWS S3 buckets, I want to get the records from that file and then load into a postgres instance (staging area).
    Chinmay Desai
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  • Where can I find all release information and change logs about PDI's stable versions?

    I want to know what's new about every version of PDI, and which time it is released. I searched everywhere on the website of Hitachi and Pentaho, but not found. The only page I found about that is a "Change Log" lin...
    Ze He
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  • PDI supported java versions not only oracle jdk possible

    Hello, where can I find an overview of supported java jre/jdk's. Does PDI (8.2.x.x) support open jdk? Thank you in advance for an answer Thorsen
    Thorsten Planitz
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  • pdi-ce- issue

    I am using pdi-ce- in linux. When I tried to run the spoon and randomly get stuck.   When successfully runs I am seeing in the log file as below Carte - Installing timer to purge stale objects after...
    Kanagaraj Dhamodaran
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  • PDI Connect to MS SQL Server (Native) Error on SSL

    Hello, from some days ago, i will get this error when i try to connect to MS SQL Server (Native)   Unable to establish a secure connection to SQL Server using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption. Error: "No r...
    Vadim Turcanu
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  • Unable to Pass the file path from a field to a Text file input

    Hi All,   I am very new to Pentaho. I am having one task where I have to load the text file into table output. The CSV file path with date have to get from a log table. It might be more than one file. I am calcu...
    Roguen Keller
    created by Roguen Keller
  • Spoon - at org.pentaho.di.ui.spoon.Spoon$16.mouseMove(Spoon.java:2182)

    2019/01/09 12:38:06 - Spoon - ERROR (version, build from 2018-11-14 10.30.55 by buildguy) : 一个未预期的错误发生在Spoon: probable cause:在停止Spoon前,请先关闭其它spoon窗口! 2019/01/09 12:38:06 - Spoon - null 2019/0...
    Kun Jiang
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  • Embed dashboard in external web page?

    Hi! I am trying to embed a dashboard placed at localhost:8080 in a webpage at localhost:8888, using the guide found at CDE Advanced Solutions - Pentaho Documentation I followed the guide step by step, but i still ge...
    Roguen Keller
    created by Roguen Keller
  • DI - MongoDB Aggregation broken with MongoDB 3.6

    Any MongoDB aggregation Query using the MongoDB Input node is broken if the query runs against the (latest) 3.6 version of MongoDB.   The usage of cursors is now a requirement in aggregation pipelines and this i...
    Daniel Polistchuck
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  • i have problem while submitting my spark job in yarn mode. i am getting below exception  Pandit Gurav <pandit.gurav@wildjasmine.com> 11:29 AM (2 hours ago) to me  2018/12/27 21:09:32 - Carte - Installing timer to purge stale objects after 1440 minutes. 20

    Hi  all, i am running spark job  in cluster through pdi using ael daem. i am getting below error 2018/12/27 21:09:32 - Carte - Installing timer to purge stale objects after 1440 minutes. 2018/12/27 21:10:1...
    Roguen Keller
    created by Roguen Keller
  • PDI Status SVG file not found

    HTTP ERROR: 404Problem accessing /pentaho/content/common-ui/resources/themes/images/run_options.svg. Reason: Not Found
    Kun Jiang
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  • Upgrading custom plugin from 4.4 to 8.1 - error - Unable to find class loader for plugin

    I apologize in advance as I am not a Java developer. I am getting the following error for our custom MQ step plugin: Unable to find class loader for plugin: VericalWebsphereMQConsumer/Websphere MQ Consumer{class org.p...
    John Heath
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  • PDI errors on start

    hi guys, recently i installed on our test environment the new version of PDI from 7 to 8. It runs on Centos 7.4 server with Oracle Java 1.8.0_162 When we run spoon.sh we get those errors: 15:53:01,990 INFO  [K...
    Luca Domenella
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  • WebkitGTK 1.0 no longer supported by Centos 7? 

    Can't get Webkitgtk 1.0 in Centos anymore via yum update, and Can't get xulrunner either?  what is the solution to getting PDI to run on Linux Centos 7?  Thanks in advance.
    Brad Estep
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  • How to read .DAT files in PDI?

    PDI with "text file input" does not recognize the text file. ( even in format mixed) How do I have to proceed?
    Herwig POLEYN
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  • Unable to use DTD Validator

    I'm tryng to validate an xml file against its DTD definition using the job step DTD Validator. PDI does'nt work and errors : "[DOCTYPE is disallowed when the feature "http://apache.org/xml/features/disallow-doctype-d...
    Franco Morelli
    created by Franco Morelli
  • What is the least lib we need to run a job with kitchen?

    What is the least lib we need to run a job with kitchen?   For example, run the following script   E: cd E:\kettle Kitchen /file E:\SpoonWorkspace\job_RMFRSK.kjb /param:"AS_OF_DT=20181225" /level:Base...
    Kun Luo
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  • How to input Non-printable separator,such as "ETX" in Text file input,when use Pentaho  Data Integration client.

    Kun Luo
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  • Lookup Step Won't Refresh to Reflect New Columns

    I'm using a lookup table to map some values to each other. During the ETL development, I realized a new column needed to be added to the lookup table.   After dropping and recreating the table, the lookup step o...
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  • Bug in 'Table exists'step from Pentaho 8.2

    We upgraded to Pentaho 8.2.   We use the 'Table exists' step to DB2 and Postgress databases.   In version 8.1 this was case-insensitive for the DB2 database. So it doesn't matter whether we use lower- ...
    Eric Tonissen
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