• PDi-rest client

    I am trying to go through mutilple pages to get all the data, currently the rest call only lists 1000 entries per page a nd there are 27 pages, how to loop through all pages?
  • Error while running the daily job in PDI

    We are running daily job through pentaho data integration tool. It was working fine till months ago. But now we are getting the below error when we try to run it. I have checked the database is working fine when I con...
    harikrishna akyam
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  • Hi, Kettle integrated with Eloqua but OFFSET not working to retrive more than 50000 records

    Hi, I have integrated kettle with Eloqua. But am not able to retrieve more than 50000 records even on using 'OFFSET'. As i am a beginner, Can anyone help me out or suggest me what could be done to make the offset wo...
    Dhanenjjeyan K
    created by Dhanenjjeyan K
  • Did the elasticsearch bulk insert died?

    I never used it before, but now that I decided to test it out, all I get is this weird and unspecified error when trying to Test Connection, or Test Index...
    Joao Ciocca
    created by Joao Ciocca
  • Problems passing parameters to a trasformation step

    Hi all,   I am having problems with PDI when I try to pass result rows from one transformation to another using Parameters/Variables.   I attach you the files, cause I can't figure it out what is wrong wit...
    Rafa Flores
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  • Migration from PDI 7.0 to 8.0 with database repository

    We are preparing a migration from PDI 7.0 to 8.0. Our repository is in the database (MSSQL). Should I deploy a new data model for PDI 8.0 and if yes where do I get the SQL migration script?
    Nicolas Stallivieri
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  • Pentaho v 6.1 Kettle to parse 1gb collated json file into DB tables

    Hi All, Could you please help me in finding a solution to a problem. I'm using Pentaho Kettle v 6.1 for my data integration. Source sytem would be json file whose size would vary based on the data load on the source...
    Kapil Bhardwaj
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  • Python logs with ERROR message

    Hi! I'm running a Python script via the Shell step. The problem is that everything that the script logs out, goes through via stderr so I get a ERROR message in every line, but there's actually no error, the execution...
    Tomas Courreges
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  • MongoDB Input Step Cursor error with 8.1 version

    I recently upgraded to 8.1 PDI(community edition) from 7.1. The Mongo Input step was all working fine in the older version. But in the new version I am getting the below error.   com.mongodb.MongoCursorNotFound...
  • Pentaho Kitchen randomly get stuck while connecting to SQL-Server

    I've created an ETL job that connects to SQL Server in order  to run some transformation. I'm using the following versions Windows Server 2012 R2 SQL Server 2016 jre-8u161-windows-x64 pdi-ce- sqlj...
    Alessandro Soggia
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  • Try to run job using "pdi-ce-" showing error

    We are trying to run the job using pdi-ce-8.0 but its showing error as below:   org.osgi.service.blueprint.container.ServiceUnavailableException: No matching service for optional OSGi service reference: (objectC...
    Delia Chen
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  • Passing parameters to reporting output step

    Hi,   I've rarely used this step and when I have I didn't need to pass parameters.   I'm having trouble with some parameters and can't seem to find more info on how exactly to pass certain types of paramet...
    Dean Flinter
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  • SFTP error when SFTP isn't used

    We've included kettle- in our Tomcat webapplication to do data transformation. Until recently it worked, now we get org.pentaho.di.core.exception.KettleXMLException: Unable to load the job from XML fil...
    Meikel Bisping
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  • Periodic failures of Pentaho jobs

    I have a pretty simple system copying data from an MSSQL database to a MySQL database that has erratic errors without useful error text.    In other words, sometimes my jobs run.  Other times, they fi...
    Matthew Peddle
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  • 8.1 JMS Consumer/Producer not working

    Hi,   I downloaded the EE version for JMS support, but I can never connect. Usual details, ActiveMQ @ tcp://localhost:61616, with a queue.   There seem to be no compatible examples for 8.1 available, only ...
    Aaron Oldfield
    created by Aaron Oldfield
  • spoon java launcher.jar error

    Hello   I have the latest version of data integration but when I try to run the spoon.bat I have this message: "Error unable to access jarfile launcher\launcher.jar"   I have the environment variable pent...
    Enrique Flores
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  • Spoon.bat not launching PDI pdi-ce-8.1

    After downloading PDI ce 8.1, I run spoon.bat, but nothing happens.
    Luis Carraud
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  • Hi, we have downloaded kettle v6.1 and tried to load our data through kettle v6.1 pentaho tool into DB, our data got loaded but we are receiving below warning: "AM org.apache.karaf.main.Main$KarafLockCallback lockAquired INFO: Lock acquired. Setting start

    Hi, we have downloaded kettle v6.1 and tried to load our data through kettle v6.1 pentaho tool into DB, our data got loaded but we are receiving below warning: AM org.apache.karaf.main.Main$KarafLockCallback lockAqu...
    Urvashi Bobde
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  • Where is JSON Input/Output

    Hi, I used Pentaho Kettle 6.1 a few years back. I downloaded Pentaho DI 8.1 Community version recently but I could not find JSON Input or JSON Output. Kindly please help where it is now. Thanks!
    Mike Gong
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  • How do I change dynamic column names before outputting to a file?

    So I am querying a MySQL database to SELECT * from a variety of tables, one at a time from a list of tables. Before I output the contents of that table to a CSV (Text File Output step), I need to change the column nam...
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