• connect to sql server 2008r2

    Hi, I'm having a problem when I try to connect into database sql server 2008 r2.   When I click in the test connection, it throws bellow exception. I don't know why, because I've the jdbcdriver 4.2 in my lib path...
    luiz kava
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  • Running a Spark Transformation through java.

    I trying to run a simple spark transformation(containing GenerateRows and WriteToLog) using kettle 8. This is working fine for me using Spoon(using the Spark Run Configuration). Now I would like to run this same Spark...
    nathan steele
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  • XUL Error - Cannot Create Database Connections

    I have an issue with creating database connections in Spoon (pdi-ce- on Windows 10. The error I receive is: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Argument not valid Then subsequently: General error in dialo...
    Bill Wallace
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  • Kettle / Data Integration - unable to create a Database Connection (XulException: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException)

    Having finally got kettle to start and not hang, I still cannot use it to much avail, as when I try to create a new Database Connection (after creating a new Transformation) I get this error:   org.pentaho.ui.xul...
    Yves Borenstein
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  • Run the Job outside PDI

    Hi Guys   I need to run the Job called "My Job" and to define the Parameter Called "Name" from Command line.   Could you pls assist with the building of the required command? I know about Pan, but somehow ...
    Vadim Kalyshkin
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  • Which is the user and password to enter for Data Integration that comes by default in version 8.2?

    Which is the user and password to enter for Data Integration(Spoon) that comes by default in version 8.2? Already probe with admin/admin and admin/password and does not work.
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  • Unexpected error during job metadata load

    I'm having an issue executing a job with kitchen.sh that executes fine within spoon. Any ideas? Please see below:     2019/03/15 11:51:34 - Master_Job - Starting entry [Workflow] 2019/03/15 11:51:34 - Ma...
    Daniel Clark
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  • Error connecting steps via middle mouse button

    Hi community,   I installed PDI 8.2 on a virtual machine (Windows Server 2016). When I try to connect a "CSV file input" operator with a "select value" operator by dragging a connection using the middle mouse bu...
    Gert Wieland
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  • Can Pentaho proccess Google Cloud Pub/Sub

    Hi Experts,   I'm evaluating Pentaho Data Integration to see if it will fit our ETL / Data Ingestion needs. My question is if Pentaho supports Google Cloud Pub/Sub in any way. I cannot find any information on i...
    Martin van Donselaar
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  • Clarification on Job Executor Step

    Hi Team,   The Job Executor step under Flow for Transformation does not replacing the parameters that are passed from Job Executor step to the Job called. The sample provided in the sample folder only returns the...
    girish athanikar
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  • Not able to parse xml

    Hi , Can any one let me know how can we process this below xml . I need the data in tabluar format as below.   Start_valid_date, end_valid_date, dew point,wind chill,sustained ... so on in paramaters section ...
    Sukumar DN
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  • Pentaho Enterprise Repository - Community Edition?

    Hi community,   I was evaluating Pentaho PDI client and Pentaho Server community editions (8.0 and 8.1) and was surprised to find that I was able to use the 'Pentaho Enterprise Repository' which I initially beli...
    Sam Devakumar
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  • JNDI Connections in PDI 8.2 CE

    I'm evaluating PDI 8.2 CE downloaded from sourceforge, actually I'm using PDI 6.1 CE, and when I try to set up the JNDI connections I have working in 6.1, I'm not able to connect. If I set up the connections to use JD...
    Ana Gonzalez
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  • Cleaning the Pentaho BI Mondrian Cache from PDI

    Hi Guys   as my Data Base is changing constantly, to get the right data in Pentaho BI dashboard I have to clear my cache either manually or by calling API   Below is the Call Api block with the following U...
    Vadim Kalyshkin
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  • TextFileOutput does not add filenames to result

    Hello,   I am seeing an issue, starting in 8.1, where the TextFileOutput step does not add filenames to the result if the "Do not create file at start" and "Add filenames to result" options are checked.  Th...
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  • Can't run a SQL Server stored procedure on DATA SOURCE WIZARD - Pentaho (PUC)

    Is it possible to run a SQL Server stored procedure on DATA SOURCE WIZARD? When I tried to do this on PUC (Pentaho User Console), the following message is displayed when I run the stored procedure: EXEC "Query validat...
    diego apugliese
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  • Iam unable to connect to salesforce from pentaho although my login credentials are correct. Iam getting an error message like"Error connecting to Salesforce!"

    My error message is.. cannot connect to salesforce with username. please check username and password. Error connecting to Salesforce! Failed to send request to https://login.salesforce.com/services/Soap/u/41.0 ava...
  • S3 CSV Input encryption and local storage

    Hi, I Had a question regarding S3 (Amazon simple storage service) CSV Input step: Does S3 File step use any encryption to make the file data transfer secured? Is the file stored on local system? Appreciate any hel...
    Pallavi Gadre
    created by Pallavi Gadre
  • How to edit transformation name/folder in PDI 8.2

    We've just upgraded from PDI 7 to 8.2. We are using the Kettle File repository and here I am unable to change the name and the folder of the transformation. As you see in the image below, the 'Transformation name' and...
    M Lentink
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  • PDI Status SVG file not found

    HTTP ERROR: 404Problem accessing /pentaho/content/common-ui/resources/themes/images/run_options.svg. Reason: Not Found
    Kun Jiang
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