• Table Input Step not returning the same number of previewed records

    I'm working on a Transformation which selects from an Oracle database, inserts into a mapping table, performs a couple of lookups and mappings, then inserts into an PostgreSQL database. When I tested with a handful of...
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  • I was unable to save the HTTP result to file because of a I/O error: Server redirected too many  times (20)

    I have an HTTP step (in Job) that connects to a web to download a file via a basic authentication, which works great on Mac OS-X. However, it does not work on Windows with the following error:   ERROR (version 7...
    Daniel Lee
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  • Single Thread step and Batch Time setting

    I have a transformation that uses a "streaming" input step.  That is the input step is always listening for incoming messages to process, thus never finishes.  Because of some complications with the transfor...
    Clifford Grimm
    created by Clifford Grimm
  • oracle.rdb.jdbc.rdbthin.driver - Lib

    Good morning, I need the file "oracle.rdb.jdbc.rdbthin.driver" and I can not find it on the oracle website.   Can u share me?   Thanks!
    Jose Barrioss Barrios
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  • Here's what I need: 

    1. Read a .CSV file from a specified folder location.  Let's keep it simple and assume there's only one - myData1.csv.     2. Derive the metadata about the fields in that file.  Names, datatypes,...
    Paul Horan
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  • Compress/Decompress with Java + Pentaho

    Hi,   I have a transformation that consume a WebService through HTTP Post. The response it's a binary file compressed, that i need decompress to get the real result (a XML File).   My difficult it's in dec...
    Callian  Dutra
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  • Unable to start blueprint container for bundle org.apache.karaf.features.core 

    centos 7 64 bit Java 8 Pentaho 8.0   We have jobs scheduled through Control-M. Facing below error intermittently for different jobs. Same Job completes successfully after rerun.     DEBUG: _PENTAHO...
    Neeraj Arora
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  • Hi, I have a problem with PDI 8.1 while passing the parameters from Transformation1 to Transformation2. I have calculated and the set variables in Transformation1 and when I try to fetch those variables Transformation2 SQL statement, I dont get any values

    I have copied the variables to the result and tried to fetch them in a sql statement in different Transformation
  • Pentaho fills all available memory when running a simple job

    Hi everyone,   I would like to ask the help of the Pentaho community in solving this issue I have with Pentaho. I'm using Pentaho 7.1 - Community Edition.   The problem I have is that it happens really o...
    Giuseppe La Rosa
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  • Cannot find and use  local files after upgrade from 4.1 to 6.

    We recently updated from PDI 4.1 to 6.X.  My jobs can no longer see open and read local files on my C drive structure and still interpret on the linux server them as file locations on the with a generic structure...
    created by DON SWORA
  • Error when execute job with Google Analytics Step

    Hello, can anyone help me? I have a job that calls a ktr that uses a GA step, when using it locally on my PC it works fine (Kettle Version 7.1 & OS Windows 7) and it brings me the results from Google Analytics. Th...
    Felipe Jimenez
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  • What is the configuration to access Google File Storage using VFS

    I am trying to read / save txt files directly to Google File Storage (not Google Docs) using the text file output step.   When I select the option I see the "gs://" but I cannot access my buckets.   I gues...
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  • PDI 8.1 not starting

    Hello All, I have PDI 8.1 downloaded and installed on my computer (community edition and trial enterprise edition).  It worked perfectly yesterday, and today when I try to start it, the command prompt pops up an...
    Zachary Pappas
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  • Salesforce External ID

    Salesforce extrnal id mapping does not work in PDI 8.0. It used to work in PDI 6.1 but throws error in PDI 8.0
    Sanjay Badola Badola
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  • Can i get XML/JSON data from URL every 3 hours?

    I tried to use "REST Client" and "Get data from XML" to get data from http://data.tmd.go.th/api/WeatherWarningNews/v1/?uid=demo&ukey=demokey everythings looks be ok, but it's doesn't work.   and when I'...
    Nipitpon Songluk
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  • error read mail using Email messages input with Gmail address

    Hi, I'm using Pentaho Data Integration version 6.1.   I tring to use "Email messages input" for read email message from Gmail. The test of Connection configuration is Ok. The test of Input folder is ok,  ...
    Fabrizio Agosti
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  • Pentaho - Salesforce Update unknown errors in log?

    Hi, I have a Salesforce Update component that updates our accounts in Salesforce. The records are all being rejected by Salesforce. I have the Salesforce Update outputting errors to a Microsoft Excel Output log. The l...
    Joseph Sortino
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  • Pentaho Java script - Multi line field parsing

    I have a multi line field populated with some specific values I need to parse and write to new fields. Field:   001 AIR CONDITIONING UNK TYPE UNKNOWN 30.0     005 EXTERIOR WALL FRB FRAME BRICK...
    vikas reddy
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  • What Objects/class/methods/constructors are needed ?   

    I'm having a hard time getting a small java program integrated with Spoon. My not understanding much how to use the user Defined java class I think is the biggest problem. This Code works as java: package getlinks; i...
    David Marlow
    created by David Marlow
  • Not able to launch Spoon from Pentaho 8.1

    Hi All,   I am able to use Spoon from Pentaho 8.1 on my laptop. I moved the same software to one of our test servers and when i try to launch Spoon, I get the below error.   DEBUG: Using JAVA_HOME DEBUG: ...
    Nilesh Purohit
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