• Carte server 8.2 lacks some images at the kettle status page

    PDI version 8.2 community version, start the carte server using the following command: ./carte.sh pwd/carte-config-master-8080.xml visit the kettle status page: http://localhost:8080/kettle/status and th...
    Ze He
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  • PDI Status SVG file not found

    HTTP ERROR: 404Problem accessing /pentaho/content/common-ui/resources/themes/images/run_options.svg. Reason: Not Found
    Kun Jiang
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  • pentaho 8.2 mongodb input error

    It's work when I query a few documents, but when it query huge documents, I get error: cursor id not found. I google it and know It need set no time out cursor on find(), but I don't know how to set it on mongodb inp...
    Hui Tan
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  • Unable to run PDI AEL Spark Jobs

    Pentaho Data Integration Version: 8.1 Hadoop Version: 2.7.3 Spark Version: 2.4.3   I am trying to use PDI AEL to submit Spark jobs to a Spark cluster. For my Hadoop configuration, I am using the config files p...
    Zach Izzard
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  • Optimal way to join multiple files and output without creating multiple transformations

    I have a task where I need to join multiple files and create a specific output file(s).   At the moment I have created around 10 or so transformations to carry out this task(one for each output file). To me thi...
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  • error read mail using Email messages input with Gmail address

    Hi, I'm using Pentaho Data Integration version 6.1.   I tring to use "Email messages input" for read email message from Gmail. The test of Connection configuration is Ok. The test of Input folder is ok,  ...
    Fabrizio Agosti
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  • java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1 1

    Hello there,    I try to run a transformation with a CPython script step inside, I already did some of them before very similar with the same inputs and I'm pretty sure the python script is working but I've...
    Victorien DELANGUE
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  • What is the URL format for a connection to HCP from PDI?

    I'm trying to connect to HCP via the Virtual File System. I can't find any documentation on the format of the URL with the hcp protocol. Can anybody provide or point me to the doc?
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  • No plugin in the marketplace

    Hi there,    I'm trying to switch from PDI enterprise version to the community edition because my free license is over. For some transformations, I was using python executor and found that in the community ...
    Victorien DELANGUE
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  • Multiple instances of PDI on same machine

    Hi All,   We are trying to install multiple instances of Pentaho DI in same machine. Need your help on below questions   Can we install multiple instances of PDI in same machine? Do we need install two ...
    Prasad Shetty
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  • Why spoon doesn't read my changed CLASSPATH?

    I want to make easier the upgrading procedure for my PDI. I use some additional library (jar files), like jdbc driver, that are located into E:\DATAINTEGRATION\PDI\lib, where PDI is the program directory of mine...
    Mirko Mozzilli
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  • Truncate table in Table Output step

    How does "Truncate table" in the Table Output step work?  The documentation says:  "Select if you want the table to be truncated before the first row is inserted into the table"   If I interpret that...
    Dirk Sachse
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  • passing parameter through data grid in pentaho.

    passing parameter through data grid in pentaho. please assist how can i pass this paramter or to resolve it.    
    archana garikapati
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  • PDI performance degradation

    Hello, I am analyzing why our ETL process using PDI is gradually performing slower with each execution when put under a heavy load for hours.   This process has been in place for years and has migrated across mu...
    Craig Shatswell
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  • How to expose job as api using carte sever

    I am able to run transformation via api using carte server   eg : To run transformation via carte server through api http://localhost:8080/kettle/executeTrans/?trans=c:%2Fusers%2Fanukriti.kalkani%2Fdownloads%2F...
    Neha Varshney
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  • How to get the error line Number from CSV File Loading

    Hi,   I have a transformation that loads data from a csv file to a text output file, i have a some bad data in some of the row, I define the error handling output and pass error data to the output, I get the err...
    Swapnil Shelke
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  • How to read a html file as input?

    Hi guys,  I'm trying to read a html file (out of http, just a single html file on my desktop folder that is a raw data) but i'm failing miserably.   how can i do this? pdi can help me with this case?  ...
    Leandro Alves
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  • log4j:ERROR No output stream or file set for the appender named [pdi-execution-appender].

    Hello Please, I need some help When I execute a job on unix, I get this error in the log file: log4j:ERROR No output stream or file set for the appender named [pdi-execution-appender]. however the (result=[true]) ...
    Facundo Vega
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  • Data Validation before moving on to the next step

    Hi,    I discovered Pentaho about 2 weeks ago and I've transferred most of my Python routines into Pentaho Data Integration Transformations for a project I've been working on ==> CSV Data from distributo...
    Henrik Perreault
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  • Pagination with SOAP Response Vars

    Hi,   i need to call an SOAP-Api witch uses pagination.   Therefore i have to add 1 Parameter with a value from my previous Request and a counter.     My Request: <SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmln...
    Paul H
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