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Erik Norman
I am using the Weka Forecaster to predict some values, however, I do not understand how to retrieve the dates for each prediction as you would get in the Weka GUI. I set the time stamp like this: forecaster.getTSLagMaker().setTimeStampField("date"); I then build and prime my forecaster with the data from the arff file, the predictor is set to… (Show more)
in ML & Data Mining
Ingo Levin
Having upgrade to the latest PMI 1.4 from Marketplace, I am getting the following error message opening the PMI Deep Learning network step: "The following engines are unavailable (check configuration): Python - Scikit-learn R - MLR Spark - MLlib DL4j "   This only happens on the Deep Learning step, the other PMI steps work fine. I suspect it is… (Show more)
in ML & Data Mining