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Marcos Borio
Hi members! I am working with Pentaho Server 6.1 and I need to integrate a report (made in PRD 5.4). The report works as I expect but I must find a solution to a little problem to put the report in production environment. The report is using a CDA data set and I need to specify a dynamic "server URL" (according with the customers environment). I… (Show more)
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Oliver Doepner
Click to view contentMy company uses Pentaho 6.1.   In an Interactive Report, I would like to display for each group the sum of a certain numeric column, but not display the individual rows that are being summed up.   I tried "Sum" from the "Summary" menu on the column, but that just adds the sum to the bottom of the group and the detail rows are all still there,… (Show more)
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Mayuri Donda
Hi all,   I am working on an Item Analysis report for an exam in PRD CE - 8.1   My report should look like below:   S. No /Question No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 15 15 12 12 15 15 15 12 12 12 2 15 12 12 12 15 12 12 12 11.25 9 3 15 12 12 12 15 12 12 11.25 11.25 7.5 4 15 12 12 11.25 15 12 12 11.25 11.25 6 5 15 12 12 11.25 13.5 12 12 11.25 10.5 6 HAG… (Show more)
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Daniel Burnier de Castro
Hello,   I have a lot of .xaction files, with complex queries, javascript code and widgets for user inputs. Each of these .xaction files is linked to a report file (prpt), which is adapted for presentation of a report, depending on parameters passed by the user.   Since .xaction files are deprecated and offer very poor debugging posibilities, I… (Show more)
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Sean Diakonow
Click to view contentHi All, In PRD (Pentaho v5) I am trying to change the width of a pie chart legend. I cannot find a way to change it in the interface and have looked on the web to see if there is a beanshell. Issue: Users would like to see more of the legend items in the below: Things I have tried: 1) I have tried Edit Chart options and couldn't see… (Show more)
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Manthan Patel
I am trying to open PRD from the folder prd-ce- using the report-designer.bat file.  But when I double click it immediately closes in a flash.  I have jre paths and all setup. I am using pdi-ce- as well which does open when I click spoon.bat file and that works fine.  So I guess there shouldn't be any environmental issue, but… (Show more)
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Dean Flinter
Not sure if cross posting is frowned upon as I have posted this in the Pentaho server section. Not sure if it is a server or PRD issue so thought I would post here also   Hi,   I created a report in Report Designer which uses a KTR to power a parameter   The transformation is a REST call to an API, the cleaned results of which are the options I… (Show more)
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Natalie Sus
Click to view contentHi all!   Could you please help me with Page Setup setting for Pentaho Report Designer 8 Excel 2007 print?   In the generated Excel report I need Page Setup -> Page -> Scaling be switched to "Fit to 1 page wide by 100 tall" automatically: Here is Page Setup popup in Pentaho Report Designer with my settings: My Page Spanning settings… (Show more)
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John Craig
Hi Folks,   So, our product allows our customers to take our stock reports, modify them in some ways, and then save them off for future use. The difficulty is that as we update our data models, there are times when the source table or column for a particular piece of information changes. At the moment, we're holding off on a major restructuring… (Show more)
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vipul yadav
Hi, I am new to Pentaho and using Pentaho Reporting SDK and trying to run the code, but I am getting "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException: Key data must not be null.". I tried searching about this error, but all I found is that maybe the path to Sample1.prpt maybe incorrect but mine is correct. I am attaching… (Show more)
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