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Szymon Klepacz
I need to change database connection settings (URL as well as user credentials) from Java. Doing separate report for every user would be pretty painful. Doing some small research about it on google I found few solutions: 1. Unzip file and change credentials 2. Executing JNDI based Pentaho reports using the Java API | Open Source ECM   Is there… (Show more)
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Philipp Neumann
Is there a way to change the Page format (DIN A4, DIN A5 etc) of a Report via the Java API? I could extract the Page Definition of a Report and it has getter Methods for Width and Height but not setter Methods
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Rodrigo Retamal
I have created a report with report design and I have added a graphic in the group header section. The group is created from the "tag" field which has 2 different values. Therefore the report shows me 2 different graphs. How can I make these graphics appear side by side in the same row?   Thanks!!!
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Manuel Besoain
Hi,   We are testing Pentaho8 and we found this situation: - A query created on Saiku fails with this error after 1-2 minutes: "Error executing query. Please check the server logs or contact your administrator!" - If we check Mondrian logs the query is still running on background.   On Pentaho5, same query it is finishing OK after  20… (Show more)
in Reporting & Analytics
We are trying to make a report containing "Job Documentation" info.   DI transformation, usede as report datasource, just contains an autoDocumentation step, returning job info and BLOB image as metadata.   Using preview button in Report Designer's datasource, I can see the image field, but not in datasource's fields tree, neither in image-field… (Show more)
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Peter Kierstead
We're running Pentaho 6.1. After installing service packs thru SP201710- some reports now hang after the UI greys out with the circular action icon rotating forever (pointed to by red arrow). Here is the sequence of events: the complete UI paints as expected. Then it immediately re-paints and greys out with the error message shown under… (Show more)
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Vojtech Hajek
Hi everyone, I am trying to use CASE formula in my dashboard using CDA (mql) with metadata as datasource. I am following instruction on this page: 02. Pentaho Metadata Formulas - BI Platform - Pentaho Wiki. I thought that this CASE function should be used in Pentaho Metadata Editor in section Calculation -> Formula, but than I found 03. Pentaho… (Show more)
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Gabriel Maftei
Using PRD 5.4 and connecting to Oracle DB.  When clicking on the pencil icon to open up SQL Query Designer, nothing happens.  There is no message or anything.  Is there something I'm missing?   Thank you in advance for any information you can provide.
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Glupe Registracije
Hi,   for current dashboard we use SQL Queries (sql over sqljndi) to select out data and present them in a table. For example our two selects look like: select session_id, count(*) from table group by session_id select issue_id, count(*) from table group by issue_id   Is there a way to have group by as parameter? If we use a simple parameter… (Show more)
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Laural Briggs
Pentaho Report Designer limits the choices for setting the time-period-type parameter for the chart data in an x-y bar chart. Is there any way to create a custom time interval instead? I wish to plot data on a 3-hour time interval.
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