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Ivan Sarciat Saiz
Hi everybody,   I am trying to create a parameter that contains a two-dimensional array. For this purpose I used the ARRAYCONCATENATE() formula where each element of the array is a MULTIVALUEQUERY() formula that returns an array. The problem is that the main ARRAYCONCATENATE() formula joins all the values from the sub-arrays into a single array… (Show more)
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vipul yadav
Hi, I am new to Pentaho and using Pentaho Reporting SDK and trying to run the code, but I am getting "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException: Key data must not be null.". I tried searching about this error, but all I found is that maybe the path to Sample1.prpt maybe incorrect but mine is correct. I am attaching… (Show more)
in Reporting & Analytics
Pablo Schor
Given the following FoodMart MDX statement executed with OLAP4J/Mondrian, I'm expecting the column headers to return N members for each position according to the hierarchy. Instead, it returns a single member (the bottom one). In the case of [Store State], I'm expecting two members, for example 'Canada' and 'BC', instead `position.getMembers` only… (Show more)
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Jorge Perez
Hi memebers, I need to schedule the execution every day of a PDF report, I managed to schedule the execution of a job. Thanks in advance
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Gemus Suporte
Here's the problem: When I perform a Xaction which looks for a JOB which is stored in a PDI repository (database) where we have Transformations and Jobs stored. P.S: This Job and the Transformation run by this JOB plays fine by the PDI - Pentaho Data Integration.   The problem is: when I run this Xaction on Pentaho Server 8.0, I get the… (Show more)
in Reporting & Analytics
ashdam dourden
We are migrating to Pentaho 8.1 but we found out that none of our reports work. We are using Oracle 11g R2 and ojdbc6.jar. We tested same queries without parameters and it works but one you write a $ it crashes with   Caused by: java.sql.SQLFeatureNotSupportedException: Función no soportada: checkValidIndex     at… (Show more)
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Virgilio Pierini
Hi members, I have some Saiku reports where customer uses totals. The final look of the report is this one: Now the point is that I can have these totals only by selecting a single aggregation function on the dimension Department. Every time  Department changes, Saiku calculates sum OR average OR ...  but it seems I cannot have "Sum for… (Show more)
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Shanty George
How to put decimal values in pie chart? Is it possible to have the pie values inside the pie chart?
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Ando Kun
I'm using Pentaho Report designer 3.9 for a legacy project that has some reports that should support different languages (English, Spanish and Euskera). I have a problem with the number formatting. While in English and Spanish numbers show properly (#.###,## in Spanish and #,###.## in English), in Euskera numbers are shown the same way that are… (Show more)
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Szymon Klepacz
I need to change database connection settings (URL as well as user credentials) from Java. Doing separate report for every user would be pretty painful. Doing some small research about it on google I found few solutions: 1. Unzip file and change credentials 2. Executing JNDI based Pentaho reports using the Java API | Open Source ECM   Is there… (Show more)
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