• Multi-level Group Page-Breaks

    I have a report that has a main Group section (Office) and a sub-group section (Employee)   I need to produce a single page showing both the Office and Employee Group Headings.  I've tried various combinat...
    Rene Desaulniers
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  • How to get access to Pentaho source code for debugging purposes?

    Often its easier to find were in the code certain errors are generated than to try to figure out a cryptic error message. How can I browse the source code for this purpose?
    Peter Kierstead
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  • Datasource scripting - parameter value always null

    Hi all,   I'm evaluating Pentaho Reporting 8.2 and I'm facing a problem when I try to collect the value of a parameter in the "Global Scripting" of a JDBC datasource. The goal is to switch the JNDI na...
    Tiva Paferlonfeu
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  • Scheduled Cube Report (Analyzer Report) says "The report has no data."

    Hi all. I´m having a problem with a Cube Report (Analyzer Report). I save the report from the cube and open it from the section "My Reports", it shows up correctly with the correct content. But if I schedule thi...
    Carina Mendez Rodriguez
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  • El reporte no me muestra ningún dato

    Hola, estoy creando un reporte en pentaho report designer 7.0. La primera vez después de añadir los parámetros y las querys correspondientes, lo lancé y funcionó, me recuperó lo...
    Blanca Santos
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  • my pentaho report works well with output type HTML- singlepage and excel but when change to HTML- paginated and pdf it shows error: pentaho report Assertation failed: Pagination did not proceed: 0 < 1000. Help me, plz!

    my pentaho report works well with output type HTML- singlepage and excel but when change to HTML- paginated and pdf it shows error: pentaho report Assertation failed: Pagination did not proceed: 0 < 1000. Help me, ...
    bewith you
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  • Pentaho report designer Bar chart serier color expression

    Hello Folks,   Need to write an expression for Series-colors for bar chart in report designer using 7.1 version, As there is static colors. I'm using multiple if condition to achieve these but it is only works ...
    Prateek Bhatt
    created by Prateek Bhatt
  • How is formatting for the Detail Header and Body set on Templates?

    A newly created template with the above formatting does not keep the formatting once the template is applied through the Report Wizard.
    blake mcginty
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  • how can i display google map on my report of regarding given latitude and longitude

    i have to show the google map of the construction site of my client in the report. how can i show it??
  • Pentaho Reporting Service consuming high memory

    We are using Pentaho for the development of the reports. the version is "pentaho-business-analytics-". It is consuming all of my RAM and running very slow. Even when I am not working with the reports i...
    Azim Shaikh
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  • Drill through is not working in CDE Dashboard

    Hi All, I am trying to implement drill through on Pie chart in CDE dashboard, which should open new tabular report(child report) on click event. I followed steps mentioned in below blog but still not working.   ...
    Sanjay Dhanave
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  • How can I publish a report to the User Console through a script instead of using Publish through Report Designer or uploading it through User Console directly?

    How can I publish a report created through Report Designer to User Console through a script?  We're working on an automated deployment process, and we need some way to automate report deployment.  Thank you.
    Sam Alexander
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  • Is Flash used for non-animated reports ?

    In the User Console I noticed some charts are built with Flash in Pentaho v8.1.  Are only animated charts using Flash or do all charts ?  I need to verify this as we don't use Flash within our organization p...
    Sam Alexander
    created by Sam Alexander
  • How can Export to Excel and/or PDF or Print be disabled on Report Server ?

    We need to disallow users to export from the Report Server?  This needs to be enforced to prevent data from being exported from various systems.  Is this possible?  Thanks.
    Sam Alexander
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  • Issue with creating Virtual Cube

    Good Day Folks, I am using schema workbench to design Virtual OLAP Cube. Steps I have followed is given below: Step 1: I have used adventure works DW 2017 database Step2: I Created 2 cubes with 2 different fact tabl...
    Suresh Alavala
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  • Any suggested documentation on working with SAML and Integrated Security to MS SQL Server through JDBC?

    We're looking at using SAML for Single Sign-on plus I need integrated security through JDBC when connecting to MS SQL Server which I believe uses Kerberos.  Can someone point me to documentation or details on how...
    Sam Alexander
    created by Sam Alexander
  • Refresh Mondrian Cache automatically using http client

    Good Day !  I am new to Pentaho Mondrian OLAP tool(Schema Workbench). We have created a Cube in Schema workbench tool and published into Pentaho Server. We want to refresh the Mondrian Cache through automatic pro...
    Suresh Alavala
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    Hi. I am generating a report that reads from a transformation. I want you to show me a list of options that you read about the transformation. This I have achieved. But I want that when you select the option in re...
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  • How to produce the PDF output for the HTML code in Pentaho Report Designer

    Pentaho PDF output for the HTML code: Kindly help me to run the html code in penthao PRPT pdf output. Am able to acheive the same in HTML output with the help of rich text property. Why We need: Java Integration team ...
    Kiruthika M
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  • Error processing component (xxxxx-xxxxx)

    Hola, Cuando subo un informe al Pentaho, en los campos de fecha me sale el error:   Error processing component (xxxxx-xxxxx)   ¿Qué puede ser?
    Jesica Ficheux
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