• I need the users to be able to select the kind of report they want from Active Debt, Other Debt and Complete Report. Depending on the input the query used would be different. Per instance if Active Debt is selected the query should include a condition lik

    I'm using Pentaho Report Designer and PostgreSQL database.
    Nuno Garcia
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  • Parameter not working in MySQL query

    I am using PRD CE 8.1 I have added drop down parameter (Exam_Id) in report. Static query works fine - select * from Table where ExamId = 1 But dynamic is not working - select * from Table where ExamId = ${Exam_Id} giv...
    Mayuri Donda
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  • PRD Environment Variables

    Hi members! I am working with Pentaho Server 6.1 and I need to integrate a report (made in PRD 5.4). The report works as I expect but I must find a solution to a little problem to put the report in production environm...
    Marcos Borio
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  • CCC chart: Group stack bar chart combine with line.

    Hi everyone, I'am new to pentaho CDE. I'm creating a CCC chart, I'm facing some issue with bar chart combine with line. The plot 2 is sorted base on month and year. I want the plot 2 is sorted just by month in ord...
    Roguen Keller
    created by Roguen Keller
  • Error DataSet CDA in Pentaho Report Designer 8.0

    Hi,   When I choose DataSet Community Data Access (CDA)in Pentaho Report Designer 8.0, fill in the fields and click Fetch, return a error:       org.pentaho.reporting.engine.classic.core.Report...
    elsa santos
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  • Pentaho Report designer - parameterization on Locale Date format (~environment designtime- Locale)

    Irrespective of locale date format, I need to genereate the report with the date format of the locale which i passed in runtime. Am getting the expected results when I am editing fr in environment-designtime-locale an...
    Roguen Keller
    created by Roguen Keller
  • reuse mondrian dimension with different caption

    How can I reuse the dimension e.g. employee      with different captions: as broker, employee, advisor but with the      same structure: Name+Employeeno   Example im...
  • how to get the offline documnet

    hi,everbody.I am a newer,is there anybody could tell me where to get the offline documnet,such as report designer or BI server and so on?thanks very much
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  • Date parameters in mdx query

    Hello, I have to make a cde dashboard with some selectors and two date range components which should reflect on a table component. However I have problems with positioning the date parameters in the source query of th...
  • Show group totals but not detail rows in Interactive Report

    My company uses Pentaho 6.1.   In an Interactive Report, I would like to display for each group the sum of a certain numeric column, but not display the individual rows that are being summed up.   I tried ...
    Oliver Doepner
    created by Oliver Doepner
  • Repetición de los details

    Hola, estoy creando un informe en pentaho report designer 7.0. A la hora de lanzar el informe tengo un problema, y es que todo el bloque de details se me repite por cada registro que recupera la query asociada.
    Blanca Santos
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  • How to add 2 cross tabs in single report PRD ?

    Hi all,   I am working on an Item Analysis report for an exam in PRD CE - 8.1   My report should look like below:   S. No /Question No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 15 15 12 12 15 15 15 12 12 12 2 15 12 12 1...
    Mayuri Donda
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  • Migrating from xaction to better/newer technologies

    Hello,   I have a lot of .xaction files, with complex queries, javascript code and widgets for user inputs. Each of these .xaction files is linked to a report file (prpt), which is adapted for presentation of a ...
    Daniel Burnier de Castro
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  • PRD change the width on a pie chart legend

    Hi All, In PRD (Pentaho v5) I am trying to change the width of a pie chart legend. I cannot find a way to change it in the interface and have looked on the web to see if there is a beanshell. Issue: Users would lik...
    Sean Diakonow
    created by Sean Diakonow
  • Not able to launch PRD

    I am trying to open PRD from the folder prd-ce- using the report-designer.bat file.  But when I double click it immediately closes in a flash.  I have jre paths and all setup. I am using pdi-ce-7.1...
    Manthan Patel
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  • Report with KTR parameter not loading on server

    Not sure if cross posting is frowned upon as I have posted this in the Pentaho server section. Not sure if it is a server or PRD issue so thought I would post here also   Hi,   I created a report in Report...
    Dean Flinter
    created by Dean Flinter
  • PRD 8: How to manage Page Setup Scaling for Excel?

    Hi all!   Could you please help me with Page Setup setting for Pentaho Report Designer 8 Excel 2007 print?   In the generated Excel report I need Page Setup -> Page -> Scaling be switched to "Fit to ...
    Natalie Sus
    created by Natalie Sus
  • Programmatically Updating Reports to use a new version of Data Model

    Hi Folks,   So, our product allows our customers to take our stock reports, modify them in some ways, and then save them off for future use. The difficulty is that as we update our data models, there are times w...
    John Craig
    created by John Craig
  • Pentaho Reporting SDK : Unable to run Sample1.java

    Hi, I am new to Pentaho and using Pentaho Reporting SDK and trying to run the sample1.java code, but I am getting "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException: Key data must not be null.". I tried searc...
    vipul yadav
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  • Err Connection Refused on Pentaho Bi Server CE 7.2

    Issue: Pentaho PUC won't come up and keep shutting down for unknown reasons. Error Received: If connection via localhost:8080 I get "ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED" in Chrome Browser   My version: Pentaho BI Server - C...
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