• Posisble to enable SAML authentication with LDAP or JDBC?

    Using 8.2 here and have enabled SAML authentication.  This all works great and allows me to embed dashboards in my other applications and not prompt for psswords multiple times.  However, I would also like t...
    David McWhinnie
    created by David McWhinnie
  • What's Kettle compatibility with the OpenSDK versions? Specifically does Kettle support OpenSDK 11?

    Kettle is one of the critical libraries in our application. We are planning on switching from Oracle JDK 8 to OpenJDK. Currently checking if we can jump to OpenSDK 11. Where can I find (of if someone can just tell ...
    Maxim Tatar
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  • Pentaho 8.0 Server

    It could be possible to authenticate users by CAS with Pentaho Server 8.0 CE?
    Efren Perez
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  • How to connect Pentaho Server based Firebird?

    Error in connection Pentaho Server x Firebird !!!   I'm not able to create a Pentaho Server connection with my Firebird base, would anyone have any suggestions? I've tried connecting via Generic Database opt...
    Roguen Keller
    created by Roguen Keller
  • Dear, I need a material that has a installation step of Pentaho BI Server C.E. (Community Edition) 8.1.0. As the documentation below addresses the installation of the EE (Enterprise Edition) version. Doc 01: https://help.pentaho.com/Documentation/8.1/Set

    Dear, I need a material that has a installation step of Pentaho BI Server C.E. (Community Edition) 8.1.0. As the documentation below addresses the installation of the EE (Enterprise Edition) version. Doc 01: https://h...
  • How to upgrade from pentaho-server-ce-8.1 to 8.2

    Hello! Can anyone please provide a step-by-step procedure on how to upgrade pentaho-server to newbies? Many thanks!
    paolo sacerdoti
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  • How to setup a SQL Server Datasource on Pentaho BI Server?

    I've just installed 8.2 pentaho server ce and I'd like to configure a Datasource that read data from my SQL Server Database. I need to connect to the dbms using sql server integrated authentication, that I successful...
    Mirko Mozzilli
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  • Not able to see 'marketplace'  in UserConsole

    I am using pentaho ce 7.1.  When I login as admin in the user consle I cannot see the 'marketplace' under Home menu.  While surfing for solutions, I read that for versions of pentaho ce 6.0+ it comes by defa...
    Manthan Patel
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  • Problem publishing report with parameter

    When i try to pulish a report on my server i show this error   10:11:09,450 ERROR [AbstractReportProcessor] 1843824525: Report processing failed. org.pentaho.reporting.engine.classic.core.ReportDataFactoryExcep...
    Ignacio Fdez
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  • What is the difference between PDI cluster (as described in document) and carte cluster?

    Hi all,   I am new with pentaho. Currently we need to cluster our pentaho CE to load balance the transformation we have. But honestly we are confused how to do it.   On the pentaho documentation Cluster t...
  • Pentaho repository db choices

    Hello, I see on the pentaho installation page that we can use either of below db's as repository db's with default being PostgreSQL.  Now is it possible to use any other db apart from these 4?  Specifically...
    Manthan Patel
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  • How to install a complete 8.2 suite?

      I'm managing to install a complete 8.2 BI Suite CE on a SQL Server DBMS, but I don't know what I have exactly to download. I need to build a DW where store historical and analytical data. Then I'm going to do...
    Mirko Mozzilli
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  • CDE Dashboard editor does not open files.

    I have the following problem with the CDE Dashboard Editor: Start a file from scratch. I apply a template. I preview and it looks exactly like the template. I save the file. When I open the Dashboard, I see the...
    Matias Panasci
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  • OLAP Chart Wizard freezes

    Hi, whenever I am trying to add data to a dashboard, the User Consule freezes and only shows the spinning wheel.   We are working with a freshly installed Pentaho Server: installed on a Debian VM (clean instal...
    Wolfram Broszies
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  • Language Installation, pentaho 8.1

    I am installing a language pack (Spanish). I follow the instructions and when executing the installer, it does nothing. In the log, it puts the following error:   ERROR [pt.webdetails.cpf.InterPluginCall] 'rende...
    Alberto YUALE
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  • what is the underlying database for the Pentaho Repository?

    When installing the CE version of the BI Server is it better to use the default installation for use with the Pentaho Repository or install manually using our own PostGres database?   I couldn't find any inf...
    last modified by DAVID MEYERS
  • How access Kylin OLAP cube with mondrian via adomd client dll

    Hi,   Am using C# as a back end coding so is it possible to access Kylin OLAP cube with Mondrian via Microsoft Adomd client dll. if yes, please help me   Regards, Tamil  
    Tamilarasu M
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  • Pentaho 8.0 CE - Schedules - Select Folder option not working.

    Hi,   I am trying to modify or create a new Schedule for my Jobs and I cannot change the output folder (Generated Content Location). When I pressed Select button it show the Select Folder pop-up but it never sho...
    Manuel Besoain
    created by Manuel Besoain
  • Pentaho 8.0 CE with LDAP Configuration - administrator menu is not shown

    Hi,   I've configured manually Pentaho 8.0 CE with LDAP authentification as it is explained in: https://help.pentaho.com/Documentation/8.0/Setup/Administration/User_Security/Implement_Advanced_Security/030 ...
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  • Report with KTR parameter not loading on server

    Hi,   I created a report in Report Designer which uses a KTR to power a parameter   The transformation is a REST call to an API, the cleaned results of which are the options I want for the parameter  ...
    Dean Flinter
    created by Dean Flinter