• How to integrate PDI and BI Server

    Hello, we've been successfully using PDI (kettle) since version 6.0.  We've developed some utility transformations that we want to make available to others less technical on our team.  Our goal is to deploy ...
    Bill Crowley
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  • Buenas tardes tengo la siguiente consulta

    buenos dias tengo la siguiente consulta alguien sabe por que el pentaho aggregation designer me arroja el siguiente error le sinformo que la tabla existe y tambien que la misma cuenta con primary key. Aguardo sus come...
    Emanuel Genovese
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  • Multiple BI servers install share the same DBs?

    Is it possible to point multiple BI server install to the same SQL DB repository? I could not find any docs that said yes or no so i figured i would ask.   Thanks,
    Chris Puliafico
    created by Chris Puliafico
  • Hi, I have a problem with LanguagePackInstaller.

    Hi, I have a problem with LanguagePackInstaller. When i run 'ant resolve' command, it's a build error pentaho#cpf-core;8.1-SNAPSHOT: not found pentaho#cpf-pentaho;8.1-SNAPSHOT: not found pentaho#cpk-core;8.1-SNAPSHOT:...
    Tsiden Dylgerov
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  • Language Installation, pentaho 8.1

    I am installing a language pack (Spanish). I follow the instructions and when executing the installer, it does nothing. In the log, it puts the following error:   ERROR [pt.webdetails.cpf.InterPluginCall] 'rende...
    Alberto YUALE
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  • Disable features in Pentaho user console

    Hi Team, We have received a requirement, In Pentaho user console home when user selects Create New he wants to see only the analyser and want to disable remaining tools (like Interactive report, dashboard etc..). Ple...
    Suresh Alavala
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  • Problem with parameters when edit scheduled jobs

    After adding one job that uses parameters to Pentaho schedules, when trying to edit these parameters the values appear like: "[Ljava.lang.String;@63ecdf7..." instead of the real value. I saw this problem in 8.1 and 8....
    Anderson Calixto
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  • Posisble to enable SAML authentication with LDAP or JDBC?

    Using 8.2 here and have enabled SAML authentication.  This all works great and allows me to embed dashboards in my other applications and not prompt for psswords multiple times.  However, I would also like t...
    David McWhinnie
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  • Problem with generated image in carte web service

    While using the jobStatus endpoint, the images generated by the jobImage webservice are garbled. I'm running BA Server 7.1 on CentOS 7.  What do I need to install/configure to get the images to render correctl...
    Bill Moore
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  • pdi-osgi-bridge-activator NullPointerException

    Hi, I just set up a fresh pentaho BI Server and I get this error in catalina.out:   ERROR: Bundle pdi-osgi-bridge-activator [184] Error starting mvn:pentaho/pdi-osgi-bridge-activator/ (org.osgi.fram...
    Dirk Sachse
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  • Is this possible to integrate SAML SSO in Pentaho 8.1 Community Edition?

  • Do we have to install all the Pentaho Server components

    Hi,  We are using Pentaho Server 8.2. server edition to schedule .ktr/transformations. We only actually need the ability to run and schedule the transformations and are wondering whether it is possible to j...
    Kevin Stanfield
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  • pentaho server 8 running scheduled jobs twice

    that's it. I have 2 jobs that are scheduled to run every day at 5 am. Today we noticed that they're running twice, even though they're supposed and configured to run only once. The same happens if we "Execute Now" fro...
    Joao Ciocca
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  • Problem with Data Source Wizard window that doesn't let you follow the table selection, the window with shows the following button

    Jorge Salazar
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  • Hi I am new to Pentaho. I just need to create a drill down dashboard. The first thing I want to know is whether it is possible or not with Pentaho. I have downloaded and set up pentaho in my local machine.  The version I am using is When I am

    Hi I am new to Pentaho. I just need to create a drill down dashboard. The first thing I want to know is whether it is possible or not with Pentaho. I have downloaded and set up pentaho in my local machine.  The v...
    Rageesh PK
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  • How to migrate saiku views (.saiku) from version 2.5 to 3.15

    Hi,   any idea of how to migrate saiku views (.saiku files) from version 2.5 to 3.15? I need to migrate some views from an old installation of Pentaho (4.8) to new version 8.2 and I am not able to migrate ...
    created by B241N7QV
  • Carte SSL connections: how to limit to secure ciphers only?

    We have a PDI installation (yeah, I know, suuuper-old, but there's a lot of code we don't directly control hitting it, making upgrading the box hard) where we use the carte HTTP APIs to submit transform jobs (...
    Carsten Dreesbach
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  • REST API Put requests always return 403

    Hi all,   I am working on a REST integration with Pentaho CE For testing purposes I am using RESTLet Client plugin on Chrome, but ultimately I will be integrating using a Java program.   All ...
    Neale Austin
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  • Login Page does not always direct to the desired page

    Hi All, I wanted to go from my Login Page directly to a dashboard (instead of the Home page) (Pentaho BA Server version 8.0). For this, I made appropriate change in the biserver-ce/tomcat/webapps/pentaho/index.jsp ...
    Shubham Bhardwaj
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  • Questions about using MS SQL as the backend database for Pentaho Server

    Hello all.  I'm reviewing this documentation about using MS SQL as the backend server for Pentaho Server, but I have some qusetions: https://help.pentaho.com/Documentation/8.1/Setup/Installation/Manual/MS_SQL_Se...
    Sam Alexander
    created by Sam Alexander