• DP Pool warning threshold was exceeded

    Hello, all. I'm JaeMin.   Why does this message occured? " DP Pool warning threshold was exceeded "   In fact, Server use less than half of it.   How should we explain to customer? (We are using ...
    JaeMin Kim
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  • Thin Provisioning in Linux on a HUS 150

    I'm trying to get Thin Provisioning working on my HUS 150.  I'm running RHEL and Ubuntu, ext4 file systems, qla2xxx drivers, multipathd. .  I've got four shelves of drives, half SSD and SAS, for let's say 20...
    James Hartshorn
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  • Determining requirements for HDT

    I am trying to determine how large to make each tier in an HDT pool.  Once I convert an DP pool to an HDT pool I can see the tier properties which gives me an nice graph showing IOPS per hour and how much of the ...
    Nathan Kippen
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  • How to automate host performance on VSP/VSPG

    Hello Friends,   I have few mission critical hosts whose performance(Response time and transfer data) need to be checked timely. I want to script or set email monitor in case usage is above the threshold. We have...
    Shailender Choudhary
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  • Using HIAA to Analyze a Performance Bottleneck in Shared Infrastructure

    Open video

    Jill Ross
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  • G200 performance monitoring - where is the software?

    Hi, we are interested in monitoring the performance of a G200 storage device. The performance guide (https://origin-download.hds.com/download/epcra/hm80121.pdf) refers to Hitachi Performance Monitor. This sounds ideal...
    Daniel Kleeman
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  • COSBench How-To Guide: Testing Hitachi Content Platform S3 Interface Performance

    This how-to guide describes the main steps to obtain, install, configure and run the COSBench performance benchmark tool. It explains basic concepts, provides some recommendations, and gives specific examples of typic...
    Michael Ratner
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  • How to gather port read respone times?

    I'm trying to find a report in Tuning Manager to give me the read response rate on my VSP ports; however I haven't found one.   When attempting to create my own, I select the PI_PTS record; however when I select...
    Nathan Kippen
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  • Separate two systems into two different DP Pools or combine it into one large pool ?

    Hi,   I want to ask one question. If I have two different system and I want to implement the Dynamic Provisioning, should I combine it with one large Pool capacity, or separate it into two different  Pool...
    Youke Irwansyah
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  • CLPR Max Write Pending Rate by MPB/MPU

    what is CLPR Max Write Pending Rate by MPB/MPU is this the MP cache waiting to destage to disk ? HI Command suite 8.4 now show this matrix but what is it identifying
    Mark Champion
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  • HUS/AMS series with Zabbix monitoring

    Hello community! Is it possible to monitor HUS/AMS storage throuh the Zabbix without HCS and HTnM in customer`s enviroment? I mean in Enterprise storage we have SMI-S or REST API (in case of hitachi software) but w...
    Igor Shkonda
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  • SSD LDEV size for constructing HDT Pools

    Recently, I configured an SSD pool using large LDEVs which were cut from a 6+2 PG of the new FMD (Tomahawk) SSD packages. The PG worked out to about 10TB and the large LDEVs were 2.5TB each. Using large LDEVs is an HD...
    Victor Engle
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  • HTnM and External LUN

    Hi Experts, I have a question regarding to monitoring of external LUN.   Let's say the details of external LUN as below: From HUS110, LDEV is 100; Virtualized by VSP, LDEV is 10:01.   If I need to ge...
    Swee-Chin Liem
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  • VSP G1000 - Write Reponse Time

    Hi all,   I am wondering what the Response Rate given in Tuning Manager Reports per LUN exactly mean.   Is this the time a write operation is performed by a server into the Storage Array Cache ? (I assume...
    Mathieu Doumerc
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  • Windows 2012  thin provisioning(TRIM/UNMAP command) issue.

    Dear All.   I experienced Windows 2012(with HUS150) performance issue recently. Whenever file deleting command issue on Server, All IO stopped about 30 minutes. I opened SR and HDS support team let me know tha...
    Wanjong Kim
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  • vol migartion to another pool performance

    Does migration of vols from one pool  to another pool effect peformance of luns we are running it in day time sincerely
    dhruv kalia
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  • Saving different config options in HiPACE

    Hello All   What is the trick to saving configurations in HiPACE?  I am able to save and retrieve them in a single session but when I restart that session I do not see the saved configs.
    Aaron Weiler
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  • offload Shadow Image from production storage

    currently we are doing SI about 40TB of Prod database. because of data growth and high load, we want to offload the SI from running in Prod storage. we plan to do True Copy from prod to another less utilize VSP and fr...
    Mohd Azmir Abd Aziz
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  • AMS2100 best RAID for Oracle RMAN backup's

    hello   We have AMS2100/45x2TB SATA, OS Solaris 10, available FS - UFS, ZFS We want use it for Oracle backup's with RMAN Wich type of RAID is optimal, RAID5 or RAID10? If RAID5, which configuration is best? 4...
  • Why MPB utilization heavy at point of time?

    HI All,         Recently we faced MPB utilization heavy at point of time and some LUNs are went Reserved state in VSP.         What we need to check from s...