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Roguen Keller
Hi, we are trying to download the Hitachi storage plugin for Oracle OVM. We know that the package should be called "osc-hitachi-storage-<version>.x86_64.rpm" but, we cannot find a download link anywhere (either at Hitachi or Oracle). Can anybody help? Thanks!
How to clear the existing domain configured on a EVS to re-cofigure a different domain, The CIFS servers on the EVS are deleted but the domain configured is not getting cleared..
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Nick Harman
I'm trying to set-up a new HCS server, but I'm having a number of issues getting Tuning Manager to work. I have managed to configure the Agent for RAID - and that is collecting data, however I have an issue whenever I try to launch tuning-manager or any pop-up reports from the analytics tab.   It appears that all new tabs are opened with the… (Show more)
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Daniel Kleeman
Click to view contentWe have a G200 managed by a Device Manager on a Windows server. Generally, the Device Manager setup seems to be working OK and data collection tasks are running correctly. In the Resources tab we can click on a number of links in the menu and see correct information about the G200, e.g. DP Pools, Parity Groups & Volumes. However, clicking on the… (Show more)
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Triyono Nugroho
Hi All,        Does anybody have a latest version of PeeX?. My current PeeX version is V. Thank You,   warm regards Triyono
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Pankaj Yadav
We have recently installed pre-configured HSAE 350 GL in our environment. Logged in with maintainace account. unable to add host as there is no option showing on dashborad. However, rest of the tab is there I.e volume, pool, ports and others. please help, what is required to enable he host registration.
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On one  EV there are multiple filesystem and multiple IP allocated to EV. The requirement is that NFS shars are getting migrated and the migration team planning to use the same IP on migrated box. what is the best way to achieve it using EV disable method or shutdown the EV. How to shutdown the EV and power on. I tried to find out the CLI option… (Show more)
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David Livingston
The HIAA Installation and Config Guide for 4.2 has exactly this much to say about it:   "This upgrade cannot be performed by deploying the OVA file for virtual appliances. Perform the upgrade by using the installer even if a new installation was performed by deploying the OVA file for virtual appliances."   Anyone done this or know what the… (Show more)
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David Heydari
Hi All, We have a large number of hosts (>100) in several G1000 systems and we want to add additional path to them,  to do that in the GUI is a very sloooww process, my question is how we can do that in the CLI ?   I could not find any relevant command in the raidcom for that (similar to "Create Alternative LUN paths" in the GUI.   Thx David
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Alejandro Duran Franquiz
Hi Guys     I'm having problems to access the SNM2 when I try to open it in my laptop. I'm using it the version: 27.70     I'm attaching an image with the error. Please send me your comments to resolved the problem ASAP.     Thanks!
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