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Cody Wasser
How do i gain access to downloads?   Hi, i have several df800 systems to manage. i'm looking to get a hold of the navigator 2 software to manage these systems. how do i get access to the downloads? i cant find any registration methods to enable documents / downloads on my account.   thx.
in Storage Management
Anthony Cali
There's no downloads link on my support page. It asks me to update my profile to gain access, but I've already did that multiple times. I need Storage Navigator Modular 2, it shouldn't be this hard to get software for products at all. Can someone link me to it?
in Storage Management
trenton oudekerk
Hi ... I'm a noob when it comes to SAN and especially Hitachi .. so please forgive my ignorance.  We have a couple of VSP's in our datacentre and were trying to make sure the data that is on them is replicated on our newer equipment.  The gentleman that set them up and care and fed them for many years has left and I have no way to log into the… (Show more)
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todd smith
ave the VMWare HDCA/HIAA appliance running and it is fine (great in fact) but I have another monitoring system that also uses RAID Agent to collect stats from the VSP's. I have issues whereby the logins to the VSP for data are being blocked RMI server error (1, 5400)"  because the HDCA Probe box is still collecting. Normally this would not  be an… (Show more)
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Jim Miller
Click to view contentIn previous blogs we looked at how Hitachi Automation Director (HAD) reduces the effort the and risk required to execute IT operational tasks. In this blog, we will explore some of the advanced features of HAD that deliver greater value to IT Organizations; features which include: Smart Provisioning of storage, Hitachi Infrastructure Analytics… (Show more)
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Majid Varzideh
Hello everybody i have a question about hdlm on a linux server. as a linux admin i always use /proc/diskstat file to find information about disk usage of systems. but status of hdlm disks  (i mean sddlmaa sddlmab ,...) are not updated in /proc/diskstat. why this happen? thanks.
in Storage Management
Vinish Ravindran
Is there an option in HDCA to find, what is contributing to the MPB utilization with respect to LDEVS or Pools or HostGroups ?   In HCS+Tuning manager we had this very useful feature of analyzing and troubleshooting the high MPB utilization  (HCS Screenshot attached)   Any alternate method in HDCAto get this data should also help.
in Storage Management
Jan Svoboda
Where can I get the latest revision of RAID INF tool  (working with latest ucodes) ? Thanks.
in Storage Management
Juan Jose Acurero
We have a client that make all the deployment of the tools for manage storage HIAA, HAD, and HCS.      HCS is a OVA with Oracle Linux 7.5 and the other ones are Linux 7.6.     The client now is asking what happen with the path security?  Hitachi release path for that o they have to manage by their own?.   The other question is they can install… (Show more)
in Storage Management
Grant Gathagan
This is a really, really basic question, but I recently had a conversation with Vantara tech support that made me question how I configure host groups on both AMS and the HUS arrays.   When I bought the AMS, my SAN was set up with two 9124 SAN switches; each with a separate fabric (production and fail-over). Each controller on the AMS has one… (Show more)
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