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On one  EV there are multiple filesystem and multiple IP allocated to EV. The requirement is that NFS shars are getting migrated and the migration team planning to use the same IP on migrated box. what is the best way to achieve it using EV disable method or shutdown the EV. How to shutdown the EV and power on. I tried to find out the CLI option… (Show more)
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David Livingston
The HIAA Installation and Config Guide for 4.2 has exactly this much to say about it:   "This upgrade cannot be performed by deploying the OVA file for virtual appliances. Perform the upgrade by using the installer even if a new installation was performed by deploying the OVA file for virtual appliances."   Anyone done this or know what the… (Show more)
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David Heydari
Hi All, We have a large number of hosts (>100) in several G1000 systems and we want to add additional path to them,  to do that in the GUI is a very sloooww process, my question is how we can do that in the CLI ?   I could not find any relevant command in the raidcom for that (similar to "Create Alternative LUN paths" in the GUI.   Thx David
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Alejandro Duran Franquiz
Hi Guys     I'm having problems to access the SNM2 when I try to open it in my laptop. I'm using it the version: 27.70     I'm attaching an image with the error. Please send me your comments to resolved the problem ASAP.     Thanks!
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jingxian li
Hi all  in this demo ,it shows hitachi adapters for SCOM can monitor logical units.   Since there are over 10,000 logical unit on Hitachi Storage Systems.   I'm wondering how many logical units can be shown on SCOM.   Can all the Logical units can be shown on SCOM?   please let me know id… (Show more)
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mark mentjes
I'm trying to allocate a like volume under resources / logical groups / volumes in device manager 8.1 - we upgraded recently and migrated from 7.5.   Error: The "Allocate Like Volumes" operation cannot be performed from a volume (00:20:2A) allocated to a host not managed by Device Manager. Add the host as a management target, and then retry the… (Show more)
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Lukasz Sadalski
Hi, Right to use HSA comes now with every storage. Does HSA require licence keys?   Regards, Lukasz
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Hitachi Dynamic Tiering ( HDT Pool)   Team, I have 60 TB of HDT( Dynamic Tiering) license , and i want to create a pool with 2 TIERS( FMD and SAS). PGs are created with RAID 62+2P for SAS and 3D+1P for FMD drives.   1) Is there any way how can i calculate how many FMDs should i use for HDT Pool ? 2) Is there any minimum or maximum number of… (Show more)
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Hi,   Can anyone tell me if  there is a way to find out the counter of total persistent reservation key in VSP please ? By raidcom command, I can find out if a lun is reserved, but I can't have number of resrvations are recorded for this lun in the array.( In case of multiple nodes for a cluster MSCS ) Thanks in advance
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George b Beldiman
Hello, new here in need of some help. We want to migrate raw LUNs from HDLM back to native multipath. The LUNs are used for Informix database. HDLM Version                 : 7.6.0-00 I looked through HDLM user guide and didn't find much info on my particular issue. I am mainly concerned in the possibility of losing volume mappings after HDLM… (Show more)
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