Jim Miller

Simplify Provisioning with Hitachi Automation Director

Blog Post created by Jim Miller Employee on Jun 4, 2019

In previous blogs we looked at the challenges of data center operations and how Hitachi Automation Director can reduce the overall effort required. In this blog, we will look at how HAD simplifies and reduces risk in one of most frequent operational tasks that data center staff are required to perform. The provisioning of storage.

A storage provisioning request typically originates from a business unit that needs to deploy a new application. The provisioning of storage is a long and complicated process that consists of many steps, requiring significant time and the consumption of multiple IT staff. These provisioning steps are also tedious, leaving the process open to human error that can result in everything from application performance issues to costly data loss.

The number of steps in manually provisioning storage can exceed twenty in a VMware environment when new Datastores are required. It is not unusual for the entire process to take up to twenty-five hours. Depending on the number of provisioning requests per month, IT’s need to meet storage requests can consume a significant portion of administrative resources.

The situation leaves IT with a choice, fall behind on delivering capacity needed to roll out new business applications or take skilled staff away from focusing on strategic data center objectives. The Hitachi Automation Director software (HAD) significantly reduces the number of steps required to provision storage, saving time, reducing risk and enabling IT to also focus on the future. A customer leveraging HAD for provisioning reduced the time required from twenty hours to under an hour. The number of steps were reduced from twenty to six, also lowering the risk of keystroke mistakes.

HAD comes with pre-packaged workflow templates to cover basic provisioning tasks. New or customized services will need to be setup to meet individual data center best practices. For instance, there can be separate services created for the core database versus database logs. Once this initial setup is complete, the number of steps required to run the service and provision storage is greatly reduced.

  • Log onto Hitachi Automation Director.
  • Confirm connectivity to server.
  • Select the pre-defined service that matches your need.
  • Review service parameters such as when to run the task.
  • Submit service

Following submission, one can choose to be notified when the task has been completed.

HAD services can also consolidate multiple tasks. Provisioning can be linked to data protection, network zoning and VM creation into a single service to further reduce time and the risk of errors.

Stay tuned for additional blogs on how Hitachi Automation Director frees IT staff to drive the tactical and strategic initiatives to grow the business. In the next blog, we will look at the advanced for features of HAD.