• Getting More Value from Operational Automation

    In previous blogs we looked at how Hitachi Automation Director (HAD) reduces the effort the and risk required to execute IT operational tasks. In this blog, we will explore some of the advanced features of HAD that de...
    Jim Miller
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  • A Case for Operational Automation

    Most companies consider data their most valuable asset. Data is now key in growing revenue, enabling businesses to differentiate themselves and to maintain a competitive advantage. With this rise of this data economy,...
    Jim Miller
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  • Navigator 2 download / download access for software?

    How do i gain access to downloads?   Hi, i have several df800 systems to manage. i'm looking to get a hold of the navigator 2 software to manage these systems. how do i get access to the downloads? i cant find a...
    Cody Wasser
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  • Storage Navigator Modular 2 Download?

    There's no downloads link on my support page. It asks me to update my profile to gain access, but I've already did that multiple times. I need Storage Navigator Modular 2, it shouldn't be this hard to get software fo...
    Anthony Cali
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  • Simplify Provisioning with Hitachi Automation Director

    In previous blogs we looked at the challenges of data center operations and how Hitachi Automation Director can reduce the overall effort required. In this blog, we will look at how HAD simplifies and reduces risk in ...
    Jim Miller
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  • Help Modernize the Data Center with Operational Automation

    IT Automation for Data Center Modernization With the continued shift towards digital transformation, businesses are no longer viewing IT as a cost center, but as a strategic component that focuses on initiatives geare...
    Jim Miller
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  • VSP HJ-4230-7EWEA Hitachi Storage Navigator userid/password

    Hi ... I'm a noob when it comes to SAN and especially Hitachi .. so please forgive my ignorance.  We have a couple of VSP's in our datacentre and were trying to make sure the data that is on them is replicated on...
    trenton oudekerk
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  • Can I access the stats files from the RAID Agent built into HDCA/HIAA appliance OVA

    ave the VMWare HDCA/HIAA appliance running and it is fine (great in fact) but I have another monitoring system that also uses RAID Agent to collect stats from the VSP's. I have issues whereby the logins to the VSP for...
    todd smith
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  • HDLM Disk Status

    Hello everybody i have a question about hdlm on a linux server. as a linux admin i always use /proc/diskstat file to find information about disk usage of systems. but status of hdlm disks  (i mean sddlmaa sddlma...
    Majid Varzideh
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  • Does HDCA have the feature of "analyze MP blade" like we had in HCS with tuning manager

    Is there an option in HDCA to find, what is contributing to the MPB utilization with respect to LDEVS or Pools or HostGroups ?   In HCS+Tuning manager we had this very useful feature of analyzing and troubleshoo...
  • RAID INF tool

    Where can I get the latest revision of RAID INF tool  (working with latest ucodes) ? Thanks.
    Jan Svoboda
    created by Jan Svoboda
  • Client can install another software inside the appliance (HIAA, HAD, HCS OVAs)?.

    We have a client that make all the deployment of the tools for manage storage HIAA, HAD, and HCS.      HCS is a OVA with Oracle Linux 7.5 and the other ones are Linux 7.6.     The client...
    Juan Jose Acurero
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  • Basic AMS/HUS host group configuration question

    This is a really, really basic question, but I recently had a conversation with Vantara tech support that made me question how I configure host groups on both AMS and the HUS arrays.   When I bought the AMS, my ...
    Grant Gathagan
    created by Grant Gathagan
  • HNAS and multitenancy

    Hi,    A customer would like to have multitenancy on managment level for HNAS. They would like to partition HNAS in three partitions and assign external users with their LDAP/AD mappings.    I wa...
    Teo Peternelj
    created by Teo Peternelj
  • Command Suites services Stopping Randomly

    Hi,   We have installed a New instance of HCS 8.6 Version on a Brand new server, Installation went fine and we were able to discover Arrays with no issues.It worked fine for couple of days and started acting up....
  • HSA Firewall ports

    What network ports are required to be open in the firewall between Hitachi Storage Advisor and customer environment. The getting started guide does mention about some ports , but doesn't mention source and destination...
  • HNAS CIFS Domain controller configuration.

    How to clear the existing domain configured on a EVS to re-cofigure a different domain, The CIFS servers on the EVS are deleted but the domain configured is not getting cleared..
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  • Using Storage Port

    hi, i want to know if we can use any of the storage ports in the VSP. In the present configuration we are using only CL-6B and CL-6D. Is it possible to use any other ports for the Host mapping ?.
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  • FAL(-13) in VM server

    Hi All,   Good day,   I deploy windows server in VMware, and i want to assign Cross volume with emulation 3390-3A to this server. i already assign as RDM volume, but i can't running FCU software. the erro...
    Triyono Nugroho
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  • Hitachi storage plugin for Oracle OVM

    Hi, we are trying to download the Hitachi storage plugin for Oracle OVM. We know that the package should be called "osc-hitachi-storage-<version>.x86_64.rpm" but, we cannot find a download link anywhere (either ...
    Roguen Keller
    created by Roguen Keller