• How to "Create Alternative LUN paths" by raidcom

    Hi All, We have a large number of hosts (>100) in several G1000 systems and we want to add additional path to them,  to do that in the GUI is a very sloooww process, my question is how we can do that in the C...
    David Heydari
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  • Hello Community where can I find Manual on software Hi-Track 8.1

    I am looking for a manual or set up procedure for Hi-track version 8.1.   I need to get event reporting for some  brocade switches set-up . I was able to make this work on version 8.0 and have a good id...
    Greg Young
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  • Hi ,can anyone tell me what is command device.

    jeba roji
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  • Accessing Storage Navigator

    Greeting of the day,   Quickly i have 2 Questions -   1) On Storage Navigator one of the storage admin has been there is in modify mode - where in time out for him is 20 mins (just for instance) his system...
    Viswanath V
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  • 02 HDD failed (warning port1 failed)

      Hello; I have a Storage VSP G600 with two failed HDD. the two disks were manually blocked and the data copied onto the spare disks. Then those two disks were replaced. but they failed again.   Please,...
    Elmer c Cornelio
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  • How to creat reduncdancy for ports in already connected hosts ?

    Hi, I have host connections to the ports 6B and 6D of cluster 2. Now I want to connect the same hosts to port 5B and 5D of cluster 1 for redundancy. How do I do that ?, I have done the zoning for ports 5B and 5D, afte...
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  • How to delete old jobs in HSA 3.x jobs list?

    The Jobs dashboard does not show any way of deleting the old failed jobs, only filtering. I downloaded and searched the grizzly folders and /var/log for the task number or keywords like "FAILED" and "create" but no hi...
    Robert Trujillo
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  • HSA default login not working

    we just installed HSA using the application installer. we can access the login screen but when we use sysadmin/sysadmin we get a login failed. how do we troubleshoot this?
    Chuck b Strickland
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  • Is there a setting in SVP or Hi-Track to be alerted when remote copy paths are back to normal after a path interuption

    We have several arrays running site to site remote replication. peridocally a firewall between the sites fails over and causes an interuption in our remote replication paths. We recieve email alerts from both Hi-Track...
    David Marsh
    created by David Marsh
  • Is there a raidcom command to check the status of an HUR path group? I only see that for external storage path groups

    Looking for a quick way to verify (via Raidcom) that a HUR remote replication path group status is normal without having to go into Device Manager.
    David Marsh
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  • Management server is not registered

    I have a new VSP-G200 installed and responsive. The controllers and the SVP are accessible. We initially added the storage array to an existing HCS server and then removed it so that we could add it to a new HCS serve...
    Daniel Kleeman
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  • Get Model id of vsp g-series array using rest call

    Currently we are using HDS VSP G1000 array model, we make use of RestAPI service of HDS array for snapshot operations of ldev.   For generating WWN ID of HDS LUN we use following information:   OUI id : 006...
    Debakanta Biswal
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  • Authentication problem with Device Manager and SVP

    We have a G200 managed by a Device Manager on a Windows server. Generally, the Device Manager setup seems to be working OK and data collection tasks are running correctly. In the Resources tab we can click on a number...
    Daniel Kleeman
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  • Host adding in HTnM

    Originally posted by: Kunjuttan Hi All, I have successfully installed and configured HDvM for our Hitachi USPV storage. We configured Tuning Manager also. Now I want to add hosts to Tuning Manager as well as to Dev...
    Legacy HDS Forums
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  • Adding ESXi 5.x to Device Manager (KAIC05994-E)

    Originally posted by: kothan     I am getting below error, when I was trying to add ESXi 5.0 into HDvM 7.2  using "Add Host"        "An error occurred while accessing th...
    Legacy HDS Forums
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  • Common Criteria Certification for HDS Hardware and Software Products

    Common Criteria provides assurance that the process of specification, implementation and evaluation of a computer security product has been conducted in a rigorous and standard manner.  Various HDS products have ...
    Andrew Nielsen
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  • HCS 7.5 download

    Does anyone have a link to the HCS 7.5 download. I've managed to find the release notes and docs but the software itself doesn't seem to be on my portal
    Gary Matthews
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  • On a VSP I can see history for a copy-on-write volume via the Storage Navigator, can I get this information from cci?

    There is a very usable history on device replication available from Storage Navigator, Actions, Local Replications, View Histories. (Yes it is available for SI and other replications, I'm currently focused on cow). C...
    Bruce Kirkland
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  • Command options in HDS ?

    It seems there are quite a few CCI tools. Does anyone know what the CCI tools are ? What you can use for what purpose for command line integration ? I think HDS can do a better job in pushing this out to the clients i...
    Sebastian Dobre
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  • Extend Thin Provisioning LUN

    Hello Folks,   We have allocated one thin LUN to WINDOWS host. They have requested us to extend the same LUN by 350GB . I don't get any option in the USP-V GUI.Could you please help me for the same.
    Bhavin Mahuvagara
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