• HDT License Capacity Usage

    Hitachi Dynamic Tiering ( HDT Pool)   Team, I have 60 TB of HDT( Dynamic Tiering) license , and i want to create a pool with 2 TIERS( FMD and SAS). PGs are created with RAID 62+2P for SAS and 3D+1P for FMD driv...
  • G800 | Export Utility fails: ExportLoader finish. exitcode=101

    Hi community,   Could you help me? I have the following failure:   Loading ExportTool... Missing ip 2019/01/09 16:38:32 start Export Loader Version : 83-00-00 2019/01/09 16:38:32  command file path...
    CDS Storage
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  • link to download the last version of HiPACE

    Hi Guys   I need the link to download the last versión of HiPACE, because the version I have don't included the VSP Midrange Family.
    Alejandro Duran Franquiz
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  • change port option by raidcom

    Hi guys.   I have a question.   I want to change port fabric on cci(raidcom)   But what I just saw ,at cci userguide, is   raidcom modify port loop_id raidcom modify port topology raidcom mod...
    Dongmin Kim
    created by Dongmin Kim
  • Is there a way to see compression ratio on a per volume basis when using FMD compression on G1000?

    Is there a way to see compression ratio on a per volume basis when using FMD compression on G1000?
    Aaron Weiler
    created by Aaron Weiler
  • Adding extra path in Windows server required reboot

    Hello All,   I have to perform the VSP port reorganisation activity on my current running environment where we are having Windows 2008 R2 hosts with native multipathing software running.   Target action is...
    Vijeta Bhedi
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  • Steps to Migrate Tuning Manager Agent Server to New Server

    We have two servers in our Hitachi environment.  One server has Command Suite and most of the other add-on products and the other server handles all of the Tuning Manager Agent collection.   We need to move...
    Jim Walker
    created by Jim Walker
  • redhat 7.4 occurred reservation conflict

    Hi expert.   This is Dongmin in Korea.   I have a question.   My storage is HUS110 and server is redhat 7.4   I met error " reservation conflict" which occurred at oracle's lun.   I heard...
    Dongmin Kim
    created by Dongmin Kim
  • VSP 

    Hi all, I have a VSP system with one SBX and one UBX, on the UBX there is some HDDPWR LED tuned on ??? Anybody who can tell me why these are turned on.The systeme is running fine without any warnings.
    Jes Jensen
    created by Jes Jensen
  • How to "Create Alternative LUN paths" by raidcom

    Hi All, We have a large number of hosts (>100) in several G1000 systems and we want to add additional path to them,  to do that in the GUI is a very sloooww process, my question is how we can do that in the C...
    David Heydari
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  • Where to find a technical HDLM Support Matrix ?

    Will cluster filesystem be supportet or not is one of the technical questions you only find on the attached Excel. Can someone point to the link for dowload newest one ?
    Sven Weidenmann
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  • 02 HDD failed (warning port1 failed)

      Hello; I have a Storage VSP G600 with two failed HDD. the two disks were manually blocked and the data copied onto the spare disks. Then those two disks were replaced. but they failed again.   Please,...
    Elmer c Cornelio
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  • Maximum LDEVs capacity.

    Dear Experts, Could you please let me know  maximum 1 LDEV capacity that I can create with Hitachi G600? thank you in advance.
    Infra Team
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  • Show available LDEV IDs that can be used to for adding new LDEVs?

    What raidcom command will show available LDEV IDs that can be used to for adding new LDEVs? The output of "raidcom get ldev -ldev_list undefined" does not match what I see in Storage Navigator.
    Chad Harvey
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  • Where to Find Diagnostic Programs for Hitachi Sata HDD?

    Where to Find Diagnostic Programs for Hitachi Sata HDD?
    Prabhijee Shanthi Shanthi
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  • Best practice on BCM setup on a mainframe multi-client environment ?

    We are planning on using HUR-SI combination in mainframe replication for many Customer disks we support. I do have a very basic question about how to go with different clients within the same storage systems (1source ...
    Pierre Billaudeau
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  • How to delete old jobs in HSA 3.x jobs list?

    The Jobs dashboard does not show any way of deleting the old failed jobs, only filtering. I downloaded and searched the grizzly folders and /var/log for the task number or keywords like "FAILED" and "create" but no hi...
    Robert Trujillo
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  • Hello Community where can I find Manual on software Hi-Track 8.1

    I am looking for a manual or set up procedure for Hi-track version 8.1.   I need to get event reporting for some  brocade switches set-up . I was able to make this work on version 8.0 and have a good id...
    Greg Young
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  • Hi ,can anyone tell me what is command device.

    jeba roji
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  • Accessing Storage Navigator

    Greeting of the day,   Quickly i have 2 Questions -   1) On Storage Navigator one of the storage admin has been there is in modify mode - where in time out for him is 20 mins (just for instance) his system...
    Viswanath V
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