• raidcom get drive failed. Why?

      # /usr/bin/horcmstart.sh 3 starting HORCM inst 3 HORCM inst 3 starts successfully.   # raidcom -login maintenance ****pass*** # raidcom lock resource -resource_name meta_resource # raidcom get resour...
    Maksym Tatarenko
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  • HUR pair resync

    Hi All,   When we perform the pair re-sync in HUR, will it perform the incremental copy or full copy?   If it performs the incremental copy, can any one share the cmd to perform full copy.   pairresy...
    Raghu P
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  • Using Storage Port

    hi, i want to know if we can use any of the storage ports in the VSP. In the present configuration we are using only CL-6B and CL-6D. Is it possible to use any other ports for the Host mapping ?.
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  • How to creat reduncdancy for ports in already connected hosts ?

    Hi, I have host connections to the ports 6B and 6D of cluster 2. Now I want to connect the same hosts to port 5B and 5D of cluster 1 for redundancy. How do I do that ?, I have done the zoning for ports 5B and 5D, afte...
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  • How to automate daily health check report of VSP G800 through script?

    We need to collect daily health check report manually through HCS 8. Daily health check can't be scheduled in HCS. Is there any way to automate the daily health check report?
    Datastorage admin
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  • CCI Commands for system health check

    I am looking for commands to get following information using CCI   1. System health status 2. Disk failure 3. Port status 4. Hardware failure   I am aware that we could find all these using maintenance ...
    Renjith b Rajan
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  • Does backupsystem back up HIAA consumer definitions?

    A couple days ago, my HDCA Probe server was taken off the LAN when it got vmotion-ed to a ESX box that didn't have that LAN.  It was off the network for about a day and a half.  I have everything talking to ...
    David Livingston
    created by David Livingston
  • Can't add vcenter web connection in Automation director 8.6

    I am trying to add vcenter web connection in automation director 8.6 - I get the following error when testing the connection:  java.security.InvalidAlgorithmParameterException: the trustAnchors parameter must be ...
    Tony Juhasz
    created by Tony Juhasz
  • Raidcom Horcm issue

    Hi, I created the below TI pair but it doesn't appear in in: robwintel_snapshot1. In the GUI there are 2 robwintel_snapshot1's. The second contains 0:21-->30:21   I can't display the second one in the CLI ...
    rob stephenson
    created by rob stephenson
  • HiCommand Cli Certificate issue

    Hi, I am trying to use the HiCommand Cli. I have update the HiCommand profile with the HCS server url & have downloaded the certificate & have saved it to the HiCommand installation folder. However, when I l...
    Mohamed Rehazudeen
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  • Do HUR JRNL volumes require their own pool?

    It used to be you could only build JRNL volumes directly off parity groups. But it seems like a few years back you could build them from a pool. But I don't remember if they had their own pool definition, or if you co...
    David Marsh
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  • I need to dynamically increase the volumes that make up a GAD pair How to do ?

    Using HCS and Replication Manager.
    Alain Guillaume
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  • Agent for Raid Extension 8.5 Mising

    Hello Community,   I have a problem with Hitachi Command Director and Hitachi Tuning Manger Agent. We have version 8.5 of Command Suite and version 8.2 of Command Director. Both the Device Manager and the Tuning...
    Jose Plaza
    created by Jose Plaza
  • HCS Migrate Data

    Hi Team,   I need to use migrate data to move an ldev from a pool to another one. I will use HCS. For migration target options, what is the difference between "create new DP volumes and use existing DP volumes...
    didier bournet
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  • Authentication problem with Device Manager and SVP

    We have a G200 managed by a Device Manager on a Windows server. Generally, the Device Manager setup seems to be working OK and data collection tasks are running correctly. In the Resources tab we can click on a number...
    Daniel Kleeman
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  • HCS 8 - authentication /authorisation to AD using TLS

    Hi all,   I am v stale on HCS so pls forgive any stupidities that follow.  I am also not much wrt AD.   I have configured HCS to authenticate AD users and to allocate authorisation/roles based on exis...
    Steve Franks
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  • Device Manager CLI connection error

    Mates, I have an user account "HDvM_CLI" created in HCS & trying to access device manager through hicommandcli.   Below is the format of my hicommandcli.properties file   ******************************...
    Rakesh Ponnada
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  • Optimum response rate of a FED

    What should be the optimum response rate of a FED?
    Renjith Rajan
    created by Renjith Rajan
  • FED Pairs

    I would like to know how redundant ports (FED) work when one port fails.   For e.g. 1A and 2A are said to be in pairs/redundant ports. Will 2A take over if 1A fails? If we need the host to be zoned to both 1A an...
    Renjith Rajan
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  • What is Mapped Capacity in a G1000 HDP pool?

    We have several G1000's with HDP Pools. They are all configured the same way (FMD, R5(3+1)), 4 Pool Vols from each raid group.  All Pool Vols show the same usable capacity which I would expect. Mapped capacity is...
    David Marsh
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