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Mark Adams
Dear IT Executives,   These days you are being asked to do more and more than ever before.  Bring on more applications, faster.  Add more capacity to existing applications.  Deliver more performance. Do more analysis of data to unlock insights. Store more data types—block, file and object—that are being generated from more and more sources.  And… (Show more)
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Fysal Khan
HNAS replication policy failed to create, error accessing the source or destination directory                            
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brandon brandon
I need a quick video link to bring me up to speed on HUS-150 array, included "create LUN, Volume, CIFS, NFS, Pools, and Command suit 7"  thanks..
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Nathan Moffitt
Reduce Risk, Improve Efficiency and Prepare for the Future with AI Operations  I like to write. Especially on topics I'm passionate about. Normally that means I write a page or 2 on a topic. Today though I'm trying something different. I'm digging in to provide a deeper look at how you can build a roadmap for an autonomous data center.   I'd… (Show more)
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Viral Patel
Replicating vvol from site1 to site2. Data on destination needs to stay intact. Does HNAS file based replication preserve the data on destination? What would happen if the source and destination vvol has file/dir with the same name?   TIA
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Neil Salamack
According to Wiki, a “Creator” is, “Something or someone who brings something into being”. These days with all the digital technology and tools, it’s never been a better time to be a Creator.  With businesses working to be the next disrupter, there have never been more tools available to accelerate innovation. Every so often a “process” change is… (Show more)
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suyeon kim
I need a European CE(Electromagnetic Compatibility: EMC) certificate for VSP G400&SVP
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Rich Vining
Enterprises make copies of the critical data sets for assorted reasons, such as: a copy for backup and fast, local recovery; a copy in one or two other locations for business continuity and disaster recovery; copies for the test and development teams; copies for finances and legal; and so on.   If these copies aren’t automated, controlled and… (Show more)
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Soren Olsen
Hi Guys,   Do we have a "translation" of these FPGA names into a fairly understandable language? (have a customer how wants to using snmp and graph these parameters)     BLUEARC-SERVER-MIB::fpgaUtilizationFpgaName.1.0 = STRING: wlog BLUEARC-SERVER-MIB::fpgaUtilizationFpgaName.1.1 = STRING: wfile… (Show more)
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Richard Jew
Data center modernization isn’t complete without the right IT Operations Management (ITOM) tools to ensure your data center is running smoothly.  Today’s data center operations are under constant change with new systems, technologies and applications being added, moved and fine-tuned.  Most ITOM tools have a domain specific view into the… (Show more)
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