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Luo zhanfeng
Hello.I got some issues on my ams2500 basic unit.the Alarm LED on Both controller stays on and LOC LED didn't turn on.When i try to Access it through the SNM2 software,the software couldn't find it and post an DMEA000006 error code on add array wizard.connect the LAN wire to the maintenance port and use factory default maintenance IP didn't… (Show more)
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Christopher Senay
Tuning Manager agent for SAN switch, service fails to start.  Have set up instance as Cisco(DCNM-SAN SMI-S Agent), provided username/pw of admin user for DCNM, have also tried admin userid on seed switch, regardless seeing the following in log - 2018/07/05 15:54:37 jpcagtw  00033000 00016988 saC_SwitchAcces 0213 I Start the function… (Show more)
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Charles Beard
Cluster-1[EVS2]:$ virtual-volume remove --delete-contents DP_10K_EVS2 NDrive Error: unrecognized option: '--delete-contents'.
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Jim Walker
Experiencing Slow File Saves on HNAS 13.3 with Windows 10 clients For users who have been upgraded to Windows 10, we are seeing several cases where file saves (sometimes file opens) are taking a long time to complete.  In some cases, disabling the Anti-Virus scanning fixes the issue and in some cases that doesn't fix it.  Support has suggested… (Show more)
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Jorge Carrizo
Hi there   have this HUS VM, setup two ports as Externals, there is also G600. Everything is setup (SAN, hostgroup on G600 with LDEVs, external ports on HUS VM), nevertheless SN@HUS VM does not catch remote LDEVs. Only trough HCS it is possible to see them, but still the usual procedure to import them does not work. Any help will be… (Show more)
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rayapati P
Hi, i am using Hitachi VSP 400 Box, How to prepare VSP storage downtime and uptime report?   Thanks,
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Henk Hindriks
There was a request from a customer using MAPI to get the following metrices from HNAS:   EVS name Volume (filesystems) Description (filesystem labels) Allocated space Used space   Using the HNAS REST FILE API reference (GI-92HNAS079), which contains much more metrices to retrieve, we collected the output and documented it as attached.  …
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Thamer Salah
Hi,   how i can replace the 8GB Memory DIMM's to 16 GB while the cache status is healthy (Not warning) in VSP G200, i am facing the bellow error while replacing the existing memory dimms :     thanks in advance ,
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Gogul Natarajan
Hi All,   I need to collect all Logged out and logged in Host(WWN) details from storage (VSP,VG1K,VG15K) and I have tried in multiple way as listed below, but no luck. Someone please given the details.   1) From Storage Navigator we areable to see the details ,but we don't have options to export the data from SN.   2) From RIADCOM we are able… (Show more)
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Tony Ortiz
Hello, we are using HNAS with Windows Server domain controllers for authentication. After switching to Corporates new domain controllers we are receiving the following messages every 2 hours. Share Access seems to be working as Normal the messages are getting more annoying. Is this an HNAS thing or Windows Server. Dont know were to start looking.… (Show more)
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