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Infrastructure Agility for Data Center Modernization

Blog Post created by Mark Adams Employee on May 23, 2018


Dear IT Executives,


These days you are being asked to do more and more than ever before.  Bring on more applications, faster.  Add more capacity to existing applications.  Deliver more performance. Do more analysis of data to unlock insights. Store more data types—block, file and object—that are being generated from more and more sources.  And make that data accessible to more users who are running more applications on more devices. And don’t forget to think about the need for more security, more risk avoidance and more regulations to comply with. Oh, and data center budgets aren’t nearly keeping up with this rate of change.  So, when it comes to spending, that’s where the “Mores” end.


The only way to meet these challenges is to modernize your data center.  Unless your business is static, there’s no way that older architectures can enable you keep up with the rate of change that’s coming your way.  old-new3.jpgSaid another way, digital transformation initiatives will require new and faster systems as well as newly designed processes.  Just storing and retrieving data, which is what older architectures were good at doing, is no longer enough.

That’s because digital transformation puts data at the center of your business which means that data must be dealt with in brand new ways.


A key element of data center modernization is an agile data infrastructure.  By infrastructure agility I mean the ability to move fast regardless of the obstacles that are keeping your from adopting advanced technologies and processes getting in your way. Of course, your company’s services need to run fast and with non-stop availability, but you need to have workload optimized architectures in place to store your data. 


Because a one-size fits all approach won’t meet the requirements, a use-case optimized data center includes powerful AFAs or hybrid arrays for transactional processing, converged or hyperconverged solutions for cloud-delivered services and object storage for longer-term retention of data for both compliance and data lakes.  However, these architectures should never operate in silos.  You need the ability to easily move data to the system where it optimally resides and set policies in an integrated fashion.


Fortunately, at Hitachi Vantara we’ve announced a major expansion of our agile data infrastructure portfolio with a new Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) all-flash F series and hybrid flash G series lineup.  From midrange to enterprise, the eight new models that we introduced are designed for modernized data centers.  Their benefits include:

  • MORE IOPS/$: Get up to 3X the IOPS performance as compared to the prior gen models and at better pricing for the same configurations.  In addition, latencies have been reduced by 25% for faster response times that are well below 1 millisecond, even when systems are pushed to their full performance capabilities.
  • PEACE OF MIND FOR ALL: Hitachi offers the only 100% Data Availability Guarantee in the industry.  All of the new models carry this guarantee.
  • GREATER VALUE: Each of the new models comes with the Foundation software package which is included in the price.  Foundation is rich with features including: our newest operating system--SVOS RF; a Universal Volume Manager license for virtualizing external storage; ShadowImage, Thin Image and Hitachi Data Instance Director for data protection; Dynamic Tiering for data mobility; and Hitachi Infrastructure Analytics Advisor for powerful analytics.
  • IMPROVED CONSOLIDATION: Massive capacity which can scale up to 17.4PB of raw flash capacity.
  • PREDICTABLE ONGOING COSTS: All of the new G and F series models will have flat service pricing for up to 7 years as part of our Flash Assurance Program.  The price of a support contract won’t increase after the warranty period expires.
  • SELECTABLE DATA REDUCTION SERVICES: We offer the unique feature of allowing data reduction services to be selectable at the LUN, or volume, level which allows our users to optimize their systems between max performance and max data reduction.
  • GUARANTEED CAPACITY EFFICIENCY: Reduce the amount of flash capacity you need by up to 75% (4:1) or we’ll give you additional capacity for free.
  • AI OPERATIONS: All new systems come packaged with Hitachi Infrastructure Analytics Advisor (HIAA) which has been significantly upgraded to provide prescriptive resolutions to data center problems based on machine learning for faster time to resolution with optimized outcomes.  It can even predict future data center resource requirements based on sophisticated trending analysis.


The newly refreshed VSP model line-up can be combined with our UCP converged and hyperconverged solutions and our HCP cloud object platform to create the agility you will need within your data center.

It’s also very critical that you have a long-term transition plan in place that gets you to a modernized data center.  Without a solid plan, you risk wasting investments in solutions that don’t take you in the best direction.  It’s important that you work with a partner who has the expertise in their professional services practices on how to execute a navigate for the future.


We’ve partnered with many companies like yours who have successfully undertaken some very challenging transformation projects. CPFL, a Brazilian electrical utility, is using our technology to support their implementation of smart grids to better match the generation and delivery of electricity with its demand. Deluxe transitioned their primary revenue stream from the production of printed checks to providing analytics services around business transactions.  And Meat and Livestock of Australia turned their stock into an Internet of Things that generate data which is stored and analyzed on our VSPs. Our technology and professional expertise are trusted by 9 out of 10 of the world’s largest banks and telecommunications companies for modernizing virtual data centers in today’s multi-cloud world.


We’d love to partner with you as well, so you can be successful in providing a better experience for your customers, creating new data-driven services that lead to additional revenue streams, and optimizing your operations for cost reduction.  We know we can help your company improve its customer satisfaction levels and make you a star in the eyes of your fellow executives.  Let us help you.



Mark Adams

Hitachi Vantara


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