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4 Reasons Why SVOS RF Sets The Bar for Flash Availability

Blog Post created by Neil Salamack Employee on Jun 18, 2018

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Recently Hitachi Vantara introduced an upgraded line of VSP all flash and hybrid flash arrays, but that’s not all.  With this introduction came the release of the latest version of our Storage Virtualization Operating System affectionately known as SVOS.


As a longtime product marketer in the technology world, one of the most daunting tasks that one can face is product naming and branding.  In the case of SVOS, I set out about it by asking Hitachi Vantara customers what their experience was with SVOS.  Time and time again I would receive the answer, “Love it, because it just works”.  Now although I appreciated this compliment, truthfully it was not helping me with the task at hand.  I didn’t think customers would be wowed by the messaging, “it just works”.  As I struggled on trying to find the perfect designation for the latest version of SVOS, the “it just works” sentiment reared its head again in a recent TechValidate survey. The results of the survey showed that customers who chose Hitachi All-Flash arrays did so because of Hitachi’s reputation for enterprise reliability.  At that moment it became clear to me that it wasn’t I that needed to name the latest version of SVOS, it was Hitachi Vantara customers!  Like when Federal Express customers essentially re-branded the company to FEDEX, I started down the path of using customer testimonial to name the new SVOS. While on that road, I was told by customers that they value SVOS and VSP all-flash array solutions highest due to the mission critical application availability and resilience that they provide. The resulting name was SVOS RF!  Why? Because customers tell us that SVOS RF is the premier “Resilient Flash” operating system and they depend on it for delivering the highest application availability.


4 Reasons Why is SVOS RF different from competitive flash operating systems:

  1. Enterprise- Class uptime and Zero RPO/RTO - 3 Data center redundancy when teamed with Hitachi Global Active Device. Support by an industry leading 100% Availability Guarantee
  2. “Flash Aware IO Stack” delivers End-to-End Quality of Service – Industry leading quality of service is enabled by preserving share of channel and NAND chip resources for application workload should and contention occur.  The benefit is that SVOS RF QoS intelligence dynamically allocates more IOPS to your applications during peak times by shifting those cycles from other operations (ie replication). Application availability and performance come first with SVOS RF.

  3. SVOS RF Virtualizes 3rd party arrays – Yes, you heard that right! In fact, Global 100 companies use SVOS RF’s 3rd party virtualization capability and place Dell/EMC, NetApp, and a host of 3rd party arrays behind the Hitachi VSP F series. This simplifies management and delivers Hitachi world class data availability to the virtualized storage pool. Why do they do it?  Because Hitachi leads in application availability and we spread the love by allowing our customers to recoup their investment in competitive arrays by virtualizing them behind the Hitachi Vantara VSP series.  Think of it as virtualizations take on “Follow the Leader”. This unique capability is made possible by SVOS RF, and customer’s even use it to migrate data to and from heterogeneous arrays.

  4. Mainframe class 24/7 Application Availability -  Ok, I mentioned the “M” word…. Go ahead and laugh but the fact of the matter is that mainframes are still “King” in the most mission critical financial environments.  SVOS RF enables the Hitachi Vantara VSP series to deliver all-flash storage goodness to these behemoths of the datacenter with the bulletproof availability required for mainframe storage.  Hitachi Vantara is a leader in mainframe flash storage and we are proud to service this high-end, uncompromising segment.


Be Different, Be Better

So, there’s a sampling of why Hitachi Vantara customers claim with enthusiasm that “Hitachi VSP Flash Storage just works”.  That’s something special in today’s world of over information, hype, and “Fake IT news”. None of this surprise us here at Hitachi Vantara because our heritage is a company that designs medical imaging equipment, water treatment, heavy industries, bullet trains, and power plants.  Yes, that stuff must work because it is life critical… no excuses.   Hitachi Vantara is different from any other IT infrastructure provider because we have operational technology in our DNA. So, if you need a nuclear power plant, wind turbine or photovoltaic power generation system, please call us.  If you need an industry, leading all-flash array, please call us for that too.  We assure you that you’ll get a solution, “That Just Works”  : )


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