We have multiple domain in our environment having multiple AD servers in addition to that local user and groups accounts created on HNAS for authentication. Currently, EVS security is set Individual for every EVS. Now...
    Amandeep b Singh
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  • Need help downloading Storage Navigator Modular 2

    Hi all,   I have a customer of mine which owns a DF600F storage subsystem. I don't know if this model is correct or not because I've never managed an Hitachi storage. The customer has no documentation on how it ...
    Tiago de Aviz
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  • Question on Backup ENCR keys to file, What's the scope of keys backed up ?

    We have two KMS appliances configured.  The array is configured in KMIP-lock mode Have a question around contents of the .ekf file when performing a “Backing up the encryption keys to file”. SVOS_...
    john ridings
    created by john ridings
  • HNAS and AS400

    Recently, we had a situation after migrating AS400 platform applications on HNAS. HNAS shares were accessible only via SMB1 and enabling limit to SMB2/3 on HNAS stopped the share access.   We have contacted IBM...
    Amandeep b Singh
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  • How to distribute MMB CPU load evenly in HNAS node?

    We have below statistics : (output is trunked) MMB CPU-0 and CPU-2 seems working at all time but CPU-1&3 looks ideal. How can we fine tune this?   MMB host CPU 0 Load (%) 13 19 21 16 14 17 16 16 MMB ...
    Amandeep b Singh
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  • CLI for HDID

    Hi,   I am new to Hitachi storage technology and its products.   I working on HDID and have been looking for the CLI approach to manage HDID operations from command line interface. Is the CLI available for...
    Satish Biradar
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  • VSP Midrange Power Supply - 80 Plus specification

    Hello, Where can I find the 80 Plus specification from the VSP power supply (Panama 1 and 2, VSP N = Panama 1)? I think it is 80 Plus Gold, but I need a Hitachi document with this information.   Thank you...
    Michael Hack
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  • Which is the difference betwen LU_Rnd_Write_Hit and LDEV_Rnd_Write_Hit in Performance Monitor ? The meaning of the reported values are needed.

    Any feedback can help. Thanks
    Pan Paparaphiou
    created by Pan Paparaphiou
  • G1000

    Hi   Has anyone seen like this on the G1000 PCB boards ? It looks like the rivets are rusting.
    Jes Jensen
    created by Jes Jensen
  • HUS110 firmware download help!

    I have a HUS110 with no more maintenance contract. It's firmware is old (0975/A-W). In last month, 1 HDD failed and i bought a new one but it can't recognize. I think because the SAN firmware so anyone have a zip file...
    Danh Nguyen
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  • Object replication failing on HNAS 4040 with the log message as "Aborting: Received a null message. Please check the event log on the target server for more information"

    Hi All,   Object replication is failing on HNAS 4040 with the Software: 12.0.3528.04 with the log message as "Aborting: Received a null message. Please check the event log on the target server for more informati...
    mallik chala
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  • HNAS error 1353 - PAPI subsystem returned an error ...

    Hi! In the HNAS the following warning is permantely logged:   Failed to get log cloud-gateway-stats from PAPI Cause: The PAPI subsystem returned an error when retrieving the log. Resolution: Ensure PAPI serve...
    ralf buschmann
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  • Replicated data integrity

    We've been asked by our customer to provide a statement on DR data integrity. I've tried wading through the documentation but can't find any definitive statement on how the kit ensures/checks the integrity of the DR/...
    Gary Matthews
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  • HiHNAS Replication

    Hi, I've got a couple of questions on HNAS replication I hope someone can answer :-) Currently We have a HNAS3080 in DC1 using Jetmirror to replicate to a DR only HNAS3080 in DC2, both with physical SMUs. Now we're i...
    Gary Matthews
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    I am using SSC utility to create multiple shares with V-Vol.  I have created a script for 100 v-vol shares but after 62nd v-vol and share entry SSC is not allowing to write anything on the console.   Is the...
    Amandeep b Singh
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  • HUS110 drive trays configuration

    Hi, Could you please help me with a HUS110 configuration? I am aware of the following: - Max number of disks that can be installed is 120. - The maximum number of trays allowed is limited to the System ordered. HUS11...
    Luca Lunardi
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    We have set 25 MB max file size limit to be scanned by AV scan engine. File >25 MB will be excluded from scanning. In addition to that we are using MacAfee AV configured with ICAP on HNAS 4080.   Any sugges...
    Amandeep b Singh
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  • Sequential I/O in FMD and SAS HDD

    Hello All   Who can explain the difference between FMD and SAS handling sequential I/O? thanks.
    Wanjong Kim
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  • Hitachi storage plugin for Oracle OVM

    Hi, we are trying to download the Hitachi storage plugin for Oracle OVM. We know that the package should be called "osc-hitachi-storage-<version>.x86_64.rpm" but, we cannot find a download link anywhere (either ...
    Rolf Bachmann
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  • How does Snapshot work in HDS VSP G1000 ?

    Hi Guys,   I've got few questions regarding HDS Snapshot technology in VSP G1000 and i would really appreciate if you guys could help me with answering the following questions: When snapshot is created is there a...
    Mostafa Sadat
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