• HNAS - Replication Topology options

    Hi, We're looking at moving our DR dataroom to a new datacentre which is being refreshed with new kit. So I'm wondering what options are available. We currently have  a HNAS4060 Cluster in our primary datacent...
    Gary Matthews
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  • HNAS sizing / performance - please advice

    Hi. Let me introduce my self – I’m new in Hitachi, came from EMC (recently file/object expert – Isilon/ECS for over 6 years)   I have a question regarding our HNAS Need to build:  4.2 ...
  • Filetransfers To/From a HNAS (Hitatchi NAS)

    We would like to hear from anyone who is using a HNAS FTP/SFTP Feature for file transfers.   We currently are using a 3rd Party SFTP Solution. Very soon we will use a HNAS as storage / file server eventually rep...
    Sudhir Bisht
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  • problem with adding "NAS Probe" from Hitachi Data Analytics

    Hi There, I have problem with adding HNAS 4040 "NAS Probe" from Hitachi Data Analytics. I connect to SMU (Provide SMU Details). authentication is OK. Then I see the IP address of my EVS ADMIN and port 8444. login...
    Mariusz Rendaszka
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  • HNAS4100 - How to list active CIFS connections on a share?

    Hi Everyone   Does anyone know how can I list the active connections(Client IP Addresses) for a CIFS share on the HNAS?   I know from the cif-stats command that I can get the number of connections but no d...
    Phil Devisse
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  • Network Interface to Physical Port Mapping on HDI

    Does anyone know how to determine the network interface (eht0, eth1, mng0) to physical port (1, 2, 3, 4) mapping on HDI, remotely and without pulling any cables? Thank you.
    Sergey Gankin
    created by Sergey Gankin
  • HDI Data Access Loss Following CIFS Restart or Device Reboot

    We have a number of HDI systems, which we are forced to keep running on system version 5.0.0-01, because corporate security is only permitting us a one-way, outgoing trust from the device domain to the user domain, wi...
    Sergey Gankin
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  • HNAS Virtual Volume/Share migration from one file system to another file system on the same EVS

    Hi All,   I want to migrate HNAS Virtual Volume/Share from one file system to another file system on the same EVS. Basically i have a file system which is large in size and it has occupied all the space from th...
    created by AMIT c PRASAD
  • Segmented Zone conflict issue

    Segmented Zone conflict issue in brocade FCIp switch configuration Thanks
    Dheerendra Chouhan
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  • How to change login to pnode in HNAS

    Hi All   Please help me with the command for login to the physical nodes in HNAS. Thank you very much in advance.   Regards A Raja
  • Experiencing Slow File Saves on HNAS 13.3 with Windows 10 clients

    Experiencing Slow File Saves on HNAS 13.3 with Windows 10 clients For users who have been upgraded to Windows 10, we are seeing several cases where file saves (sometimes file opens) are taking a long time to complete...
    Jim Walker
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  • smb2.0 error messages

    Hello, we are using HNAS with Windows Server domain controllers for authentication. After switching to Corporates new domain controllers we are receiving the following messages every 2 hours. Share Access seems to be ...
    Tony Ortiz
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  • HNAS REST API examples

    There was a request from a customer using MAPI to get the following metrices from HNAS:   EVS name Volume (filesystems) Description (filesystem labels) Allocated space Used space   Using the HNAS REST ...
    Henk Hindriks
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  • HNAS "Folder:" syntax when adding CIFS names to ADS

    When adding HNAS CIFS names to ADS I get "No Such Object [1073741856]."  I have tried to specify the folder using many different syntax examples but I have not been able to successfully put the CIFS object in the...
    Carl Noble
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  • HNAS File System Expansion - Stripe Sets

    (copying from The specified item was not found. to Object Storage Platform as that is more specific for HNAS issues, exact duplicate of Steve Wilde's previous HNAS File System Expansion - Stripe Sets question but I ca...
    Thomas Thorne
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  • I need a quick video link to bring me up to speed on HUS-150 array

    I need a quick video link to bring me up to speed on HUS-150 array, included "create LUN, Volume, CIFS, NFS, Pools, and Command suit 7"  thanks..
    brandon brandon
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  • HNAS  "translation" of these FPGA names into a fairly understandable language?

    Hi Guys,   Do we have a "translation" of these FPGA names into a fairly understandable language? (have a customer how wants to using snmp and graph these parameters)     BLUEARC-SERVER-MIB::fpgaUtil...
    Soren Olsen
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  • HNAS iSCSI to ESX v6U3

    Does HNAS support iSCSI connection to VMware ? I see lots of NFS material and guidance, but nothing specific to folks using iSCSI.  The VMware driver/plugin support also only mentions NFS as well.   VMware...
    john ridings
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  • HNAS Warning event : SMB3: Unable to update persistence on a file.

    I have received a HNAS warning event as mentioned below.   I have no idea what to check for the below or what action required.   Please help me on this...   Warning :   SMB3: Unable to create t...
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  • H-NAS Kerberos permissions issues.

    We've set up kerberos authentication on the h-nas however once connected the users permissions don't appear to work.   Background: I've turned numeric id's on  "pn all set nfsv4-names-are-numeric-ids true"...
    Bart Keys
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