• difference between HUS and VSP GX00, between VSP and VSP G1X00

    Hi everyone. I want to know difference between HUS and VSP GX00, between VSP and VSP G1X00 Can anyone give me the answer or related URL ?   Thanks in advance.
    junghyun choi
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  • Performance during Quick Format

    Can someone explain what is meant here ? How can i verify an HDP page is formated ? Is it OPE_RATE 100 ? Can we manualy force pre-format to avaid formatting delay ? SN does not allow to chose format or quick forma...
    Sven Weidenmann
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  • When will a HDP Pool becomes full ?

    Example: HDP Pool Capacity is 100TB. 10 DP Volumes ( with the size of 10TB - 42MB) are created and mapped to an server. Server thinks he knows the LBN's and physic / geometry of the disk. Server never will request...
    Sven Weidenmann
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  • how to unmap host on hus110

    how to unmap host on hus110
  • Segmented Zone conflict issue

    Segmented Zone conflict issue in brocade FCIp switch configuration Thanks
    Dheerendra Chouhan
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  • Question for EXT-LUN execute Shadow Image

    I have a case on my customer, I want to shadow the image, but the disk that will be shadow image is in a different box (external lun). Can it ?
    Muhammad Fathan
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  • replacing cache memory in normal status ?

    Hi,   how i can replace the 8GB Memory DIMM's to 16 GB while the cache status is healthy (Not warning) in VSP G200, i am facing the bellow error while replacing the existing memory dimms :     than...
    Thamer Salah
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  • Some Issue about AMS2500

    Hello.I got some issues on my ams2500 basic unit.the Alarm LED on Both controller stays on and LOC LED didn't turn on.When i try to Access it through the SNM2 software,the software couldn't find it and post an DMEA000...
    Luo zhanfeng
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  • Anyone integrate Hitachi storage with Apptio?

    Apptio offers a suite of software and services consisting of ITFM Foundation, Cost Transparency, Cloud Cost Management, IT Planning, IT Benchmarking, Bill of IT, and Business Insights SaaS applications align technolog...
    William Smith
    created by William Smith
  • Host Mode Option for HUS 150

    Hi, I need a document where I can find description for host mode, middleware and host mode option for HUS 150. I have found document "Open-Systems Host Attachment Guide MK-90RD7037-08" and there is exist description f...
    Amir Khusainiov
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  • I need a quick video link to bring me up to speed on HUS-150 array

    I need a quick video link to bring me up to speed on HUS-150 array, included "create LUN, Volume, CIFS, NFS, Pools, and Command suit 7"  thanks..
    brandon brandon
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  • Trouble adding HNAS to ADS

    I'm getting the following error when trying to add HNAS to ADS. Has anyone seen this. Thanks     ITAR-EVS0[evs1]:$ cifs-name add -m ads -a -p goldlnk.rootlnka.net itar-nas Adding name(s) to ...
    Tony Ortiz
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  • Cloud Connected Flash –  A Modern Recipe for Data Tiering, Cloud Mobility, and Analytics

    Per IDC’s Copy Data Management Challenge, “65% of storage system capacity is used to store non-primary, inactive data”. In fact, Inactive data residing on flash is the single biggest threat to the RO...
    Neil Salamack
    created by Neil Salamack
  • Best Practice Connection for Hyper V

    Hi guys I'm looking for best practice connection for Hyper V with HUS 150 and HUS VM systems. I need to confirm all setting must be configure on the host groups of systems HUS 150 and HUS VM to connect to a HyperV c...
    Alejandro Duran Franquiz
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  • NVMe - Expanding SDS and Analytics Use Cases

      NVMe (non-volatile memory express) is a standard designed to fully leverage the performance benefits of non-volatile memory in all types of computing and data storage.  NVMe’s key benefits include d...
    Neil Salamack
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  • HUS 130 ok to create volumes while DP formatting?

    We have a HUS 130. I just added 6 TB of pool capacity to our Disk Pool. The DP Raid Groups tab currently states "Normal(Formatting(n%)) " for those 2 sets of Raid Groups I just added to the Disk Pool. Can I safely cr...
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  • Solaris10 ZFS and DP-Pool

    Does anyone have experience in handling ZFS and DP-Pool? IS ZFS compatible with DP-Pool? I am a HUS150 users. Having a few Solaris10 hosts attaching to the HUS150. Recently, i found a big capacity usage discrepancy r...
    Melvin Wong
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  • Any issues using odd # of disk RAID combinations (5D+1P)?

    We have a HUS 130 on microcode version 0980/D-S. I have a full tray of 24 disks with the same type of drives 600GB 10K SAS. I wanted to create a DP Pool of RAID 5, with (4) 5D+1P disk combinations as this will utiliz...
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  • HUS130 configurable as NAS file share (CIF)

    We have a Hitachi HUS 130. Does this model have the ability to be configured as a NAS so we can use it as a file share? or CIF? If so, do we need additional licensing? Thanks!
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  • HUS110 to HUS130 upgrade

    Can an HUS110 be upgraded to an HUS130 and move all the HUS110 controller drives and expansion trays to the HUS130.... Then re-purpose the HUS110 controllers with new drives? Or is a total reformat required?
    Neil Esposito
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