• HUS110 drive trays configuration

    Hi, Could you please help me with a HUS110 configuration? I am aware of the following: - Max number of disks that can be installed is 120. - The maximum number of trays allowed is limited to the System ordered. HUS11...
    Luca Lunardi
    created by Luca Lunardi
  • Building NAA Number for a LUN

    I am trying to build the NAA number for all the LUNs created on our Hitachi based storage infrastructure. Is there someone who have tried to the same thing or knows the exact steps.   I know what it is the struct...
    Claudiu Nesa
    created by Claudiu Nesa
  • Best Practice Connection for Hyper V

    Hi guys I'm looking for best practice connection for Hyper V with HUS 150 and HUS VM systems. I need to confirm all setting must be configure on the host groups of systems HUS 150 and HUS VM to connect to a HyperV c...
    Alejandro Duran Franquiz
    last modified by Alejandro Duran Franquiz
  • LDAP Authentication Setup Issue

    i am trying to set up LDAP authentication server on our G1000s and other HDS arrays via HSN.  After I entered the values on the required field, i keep getting errors that it can't connect with the LDAP servers.&#...
    daniel salud
    created by daniel salud
  • Looking for G1500 Integration with hyper-v documentation

    Hello Team,   I am looking for hyper-v Integration with G1500 storage system.   Regards, Gopi G
    Gonuguntla Gopi
    created by Gonuguntla Gopi
  • G1500 Support matrix for Fedora and Debian

    Hello Team,   What is the support matrix of G1500 with fedora. Can any one help with document.   Regards, Gopi G
    Gonuguntla Gopi
    last modified by Gonuguntla Gopi
  • Host Mode Option for HUS 150

    Hi, I need a document where I can find description for host mode, middleware and host mode option for HUS 150. I have found document "Open-Systems Host Attachment Guide MK-90RD7037-08" and there is exist description f...
    Amir Khusainiov
    last modified by Amir Khusainiov
  • Filetransfers To/From a HNAS (Hitatchi NAS)

    We would like to hear from anyone who is using a HNAS FTP/SFTP Feature for file transfers.   We currently are using a 3rd Party SFTP Solution. Very soon we will use a HNAS as storage / file server eventually rep...
    Sudhir Bisht
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  • How to open Mid-Range SimpleTrace

    Hello! all.   I'm working in South Korea. It is difficult to respond quickly to customer service while working.   It is difficult to wait for Case Open if there is a problem with a very important system. ...
    TaeYeon Lee
    created by TaeYeon Lee
  • Performance Benchmarks - Differences with/without Tiering?

    We have a new HUS110 with tiering licensed and 2 shelves:   20x 10K SAS configured as 5x 2+2 RAID10 (Tier 1) 10x 7.2K SAS configured as 1x 8+2 RAID6 (Tier 2)   Our hosts are vSphere 5.5 U2 and are direct ...
    Paul Hutchings
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  • difference between HUS and VSP GX00, between VSP and VSP G1X00

    Hi everyone. I want to know difference between HUS and VSP GX00, between VSP and VSP G1X00 Can anyone give me the answer or related URL ?   Thanks in advance.
    junghyun choi
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  • Performance during Quick Format

    Can someone explain what is meant here ? How can i verify an HDP page is formated ? Is it OPE_RATE 100 ? Can we manualy force pre-format to avaid formatting delay ? SN does not allow to chose format or quick forma...
    Sven Weidenmann
    last modified by Sven Weidenmann
  • When will a HDP Pool becomes full ?

    Example: HDP Pool Capacity is 100TB. 10 DP Volumes ( with the size of 10TB - 42MB) are created and mapped to an server. Server thinks he knows the LBN's and physic / geometry of the disk. Server never will request...
    Sven Weidenmann
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  • how to unmap host on hus110

    how to unmap host on hus110
  • Segmented Zone conflict issue

    Segmented Zone conflict issue in brocade FCIp switch configuration Thanks
    Dheerendra Chouhan
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  • Question for EXT-LUN execute Shadow Image

    I have a case on my customer, I want to shadow the image, but the disk that will be shadow image is in a different box (external lun). Can it ?
    Muhammad Fathan
    last modified by Muhammad Fathan
  • replacing cache memory in normal status ?

    Hi,   how i can replace the 8GB Memory DIMM's to 16 GB while the cache status is healthy (Not warning) in VSP G200, i am facing the bellow error while replacing the existing memory dimms :     than...
    Thamer Salah
    last modified by Thamer Salah
  • Some Issue about AMS2500

    Hello.I got some issues on my ams2500 basic unit.the Alarm LED on Both controller stays on and LOC LED didn't turn on.When i try to Access it through the SNM2 software,the software couldn't find it and post an DMEA000...
    Luo zhanfeng
    last modified by Luo zhanfeng
  • Anyone integrate Hitachi storage with Apptio?

    Apptio offers a suite of software and services consisting of ITFM Foundation, Cost Transparency, Cloud Cost Management, IT Planning, IT Benchmarking, Bill of IT, and Business Insights SaaS applications align technolog...
    William Smith
    created by William Smith
  • I need a quick video link to bring me up to speed on HUS-150 array

    I need a quick video link to bring me up to speed on HUS-150 array, included "create LUN, Volume, CIFS, NFS, Pools, and Command suit 7"  thanks..
    brandon brandon
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