• Building NAA Number for a LUN

    I am trying to build the NAA number for all the LUNs created on our Hitachi based storage infrastructure. Is there someone who have tried to the same thing or knows the exact steps.   I know what it is the struct...
    Claudiu Nesa
    created by Claudiu Nesa
  • Best Practice Connection for Hyper V

    Hi guys I'm looking for best practice connection for Hyper V with HUS 150 and HUS VM systems. I need to confirm all setting must be configure on the host groups of systems HUS 150 and HUS VM to connect to a HyperV c...
    Alejandro Duran Franquiz
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  • VMWare UNMAP with HUS-VM

    I've got an older HUS-VM which is serving LUNs to an ESX cluster.  My virtualization team is migrating to VMFS 6.5 specifically to enable the automatic zero-page reclaim.  I see that in newer arrays I need t...
    Bill Ehrman
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  • Looking for G1500 Integration with hyper-v documentation

    Hello Team,   I am looking for hyper-v Integration with G1500 storage system.   Regards, Gopi G
    Gonuguntla Gopi
    created by Gonuguntla Gopi
  • G1500 Support matrix for Fedora and Debian

    Hello Team,   What is the support matrix of G1500 with fedora. Can any one help with document.   Regards, Gopi G
    Gonuguntla Gopi
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  • difference between HUS and VSP GX00, between VSP and VSP G1X00

    Hi everyone. I want to know difference between HUS and VSP GX00, between VSP and VSP G1X00 Can anyone give me the answer or related URL ?   Thanks in advance.
    junghyun choi
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  • Virtualize G600 behind HUS VM, is it possible ?

    Hi there   have this HUS VM, setup two ports as Externals, there is also G600. Everything is setup (SAN, hostgroup on G600 with LDEVs, external ports on HUS VM), nevertheless SN@HUS VM does not catch remote LDEV...
    Jorge Carrizo
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  • Segmented Zone conflict issue

    Segmented Zone conflict issue in brocade FCIp switch configuration Thanks
    Dheerendra Chouhan
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  • replacing cache memory in normal status ?

    Hi,   how i can replace the 8GB Memory DIMM's to 16 GB while the cache status is healthy (Not warning) in VSP G200, i am facing the bellow error while replacing the existing memory dimms :     than...
    Thamer Salah
    last modified by Thamer Salah
  • Agent for SANSwitch - unable to start

    Tuning Manager agent for SAN switch, service fails to start.  Have set up instance as Cisco(DCNM-SAN SMI-S Agent), provided username/pw of admin user for DCNM, have also tried admin userid on seed switch, regardl...
    Christopher Senay
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  • I need a quick video link to bring me up to speed on HUS-150 array

    I need a quick video link to bring me up to speed on HUS-150 array, included "create LUN, Volume, CIFS, NFS, Pools, and Command suit 7"  thanks..
    brandon brandon
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  • Trouble adding HNAS to ADS

    I'm getting the following error when trying to add HNAS to ADS. Has anyone seen this. Thanks     ITAR-EVS0[evs1]:$ cifs-name add -m ads -a -p goldlnk.rootlnka.net itar-nas Adding name(s) to ...
    Tony Ortiz
    last modified by Tony Ortiz
  • Cloud Connected Flash –  A Modern Recipe for Data Tiering, Cloud Mobility, and Analytics

    Per IDC’s Copy Data Management Challenge, “65% of storage system capacity is used to store non-primary, inactive data”. In fact, Inactive data residing on flash is the single biggest threat to the RO...
    Neil Salamack
    created by Neil Salamack
  • NVMe - Expanding SDS and Analytics Use Cases

      NVMe (non-volatile memory express) is a standard designed to fully leverage the performance benefits of non-volatile memory in all types of computing and data storage.  NVMe’s key benefits include d...
    Neil Salamack
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  • LDEV replication group error

    hi everyone,   i want change some ldev replication group that is already replicated. i use pairslit command (pairsplit -S -g group1 -d ldev1) for each device. then  i create new horcm.conf file for local ...
    Erhan Demirhan
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  • HNAS 4040

    Hi Experts,   i have HNSA 4040 connected to HUS-VM storage , i want to replicate HNAS file systems to another site , can some one please guide me what is need exactly to setup Sync Rep?   also since the t...
    Thamer Salah
    last modified by Thamer Salah
  • HAM Quorum - right way to transfer it

    Hello,   can someone please explain to me the right procedure to move an already productive HAM Quorum to another site?   I got to conflicted declerations. One is, that you have to split all HAM Pairs in O...
    Miran Kreuzer
    last modified by Miran Kreuzer
  • KAPM05920-E The archive file specification is incorrect.

    I have been trying to export (backup) my database using the "hcmdsdbtrans" command as specified in the guide, however, i keep getting "KAPM05920-E The archive file specification is incorrect."  sample of cmd: b...
    Ade Adeosun
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  • Resetting Hi-Track monitor password

    Hello HDS Community,   Our password for Hi-Track has been changed and whoever changed it, did not put it in the password vault.   How can I reset the password? I tried both administrator/monitor with passw...
    Benita Benita
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  • Ams200 BUG réseau

    Bonjour à tous,   J'ai un problème depuis 2 mois j'essaye de configurer mon AMS200 (que un bloc) mais j'arrive pas du tout. Je ne le vois pas sur le réseau et ma carte fibre optique marche p...
    Philippe Raimundo
    last modified by Philippe Raimundo