• Spare numer disck DW2-F850-14RFP

    Hi.   I need to know the spare number of the disk DW2-F850-14RFP, Could you help me please? Storage system VSPG700 Thank you
    Ilbis Insfrán
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  • Using Prometheus.io for VSP G/F monitoring

    Hello, do you have any experience using https://prometheus.io/ for monitoring VSP G/F arrays? What is the prefered way to integrate (REST API)? Any suggestions, advices, examples, to make the integration smooth and...
    Lukas Belovsky
    created by Lukas Belovsky
  • What license is required for migrate data?

    Hi,    I have emc vnx5400 and now want to migrate data to vsp g200.    My solution is to use UVM and CCI. ex: paircreate -g  -m cc -vl.    So i want to know what license is requir...
    peipei zhan
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  • Is it possible to get the technical details for FMD Model NFHAJ-Q13RSS

    We use OCI for multi-vendor storage reporting and it does not currently support the 14TB FMDs in our F1500.  I can create a profile for these disk types however I am having a terrible time trying to track them do...
    Robert Clendenin
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  • fmd hde parity group sizing

    I am looking for the useable capacity for a R5 and R6 configurations using the fmd hde 7tb and 14tb drives in a g1500
    Dave Redlinger
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  • ODX Microsoft Offload Transfer slow on G200

    Hi, my customer uses Microsoft Offload Data Transfer ODX, to move a VM in Hyper-V is much slower with ODX, in comparison to ODX deactivated. In the Performance Data I can see that it basically works. With ODX disabl...
    Stefan Mayr
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  • How many vmware VVOL's are supported by G1500?

    Hello Team,   How many active VVOL's are supported by VSP G1500 ? The count remains as 64,000 like G1000 or is there any increase ?   quick response is appreciated.   Regards, Gopi G
    Gonuguntla Gopi
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  • LDAP Authentication Setup Issue

    i am trying to set up LDAP authentication server on our G1000s and other HDS arrays via HSN.  After I entered the values on the required field, i keep getting errors that it can't connect with the LDAP servers.&#...
    daniel salud
    created by daniel salud
  • No boot device from hds g600

    Hi.   I'm trying to boot from SAN a dell r420 with fc hbas qle2462, but no boot device. I've already updated the hba firmware, but still no boot device.   Any advice ?   Thanks in advance.
    Nuno Costa
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  • Looking for G1500 Integration with hyper-v documentation

    Hello Team,   I am looking for hyper-v Integration with G1500 storage system.   Regards, Gopi G
    Gonuguntla Gopi
    created by Gonuguntla Gopi
  • G1500 Support matrix for Fedora and Debian

    Hello Team,   What is the support matrix of G1500 with fedora. Can any one help with document.   Regards, Gopi G
    Gonuguntla Gopi
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  • VSP G200 mapping lun issue

    Hi all, i have a vsp g200 with one failed controller. i tried to mapp an existing volume to a windows 2012 server. in storage navigator my server host group show that the lun is mapped but when i check in the server t...
    Mohsin EL KJIJI
    created by Mohsin EL KJIJI
  • Can I install VSP Family without disk for virtualization?

    Good afternoon.-     I need ask a consult.     The vsp family can be installed without disks, just only to virtualize storage of the other brands ?
    Roberto Leal
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  • Can I use SAS cable of G/F900/700 for connecting disk chassis to disk chassis

    Hello Friends,   one of our customer has G900 and G1000 system.   Can they use 10mts SAS cables(DW-F800-SCQ10A) supplied with G900 system for  G1000 for disk chassis to disk chassis connectivity for a...
    Gonuguntla Gopi
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  • difference between HUS and VSP GX00, between VSP and VSP G1X00

    Hi everyone. I want to know difference between HUS and VSP GX00, between VSP and VSP G1X00 Can anyone give me the answer or related URL ?   Thanks in advance.
    junghyun choi
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  • Virtualize G600 behind HUS VM, is it possible ?

    Hi there   have this HUS VM, setup two ports as Externals, there is also G600. Everything is setup (SAN, hostgroup on G600 with LDEVs, external ports on HUS VM), nevertheless SN@HUS VM does not catch remote LDEV...
    Jorge Carrizo
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  • Performance during Quick Format

    Can someone explain what is meant here ? How can i verify an HDP page is formated ? Is it OPE_RATE 100 ? Can we manualy force pre-format to avaid formatting delay ? SN does not allow to chose format or quick forma...
    Sven Weidenmann
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  • When will a HDP Pool becomes full ?

    Example: HDP Pool Capacity is 100TB. 10 DP Volumes ( with the size of 10TB - 42MB) are created and mapped to an server. Server thinks he knows the LBN's and physic / geometry of the disk. Server never will request...
    Sven Weidenmann
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  • looking for the latest VSP-G/F1500 datasheet.  One containing the latest drives, capacity, perfromance specs

    I am looking for the latest datasheet for the vsp-g/f1500 containing the latest drive types, capacities and performance specs.
    Mike DeMuse
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  • 2 x VSP G600 with GAD - corrupt recycle bin in (phyiscal) Windows Server 2016

    We run a (physical) Windows Server 2016 2-node Cluster which uses GAD-protected/-provided LUNs from our two GAD-paired VSP G600 Storagesystem.   GAD-Provisioning was fine, the Hitachi LUNs were "activated", GPT-...