• Add space on AMS2100

    Hi, I would like to buy 6 AKH600 discs used on an online store to increase the space on my storage, but I'm not sure if you only need to know the disk model to add them, I have an AMS 2100 H / W Rev 0200, Firmware 08C...
    created by A001050C
  • VSP G400 / G600 differences

    Although the 400 and 600 have the same configuration I seem to recall the G400 has half the processor cores disabled. the G600 license enables all the cores. I cant seem to find a document that states this. Is my me...
    Chuck b Strickland
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  • VSP G200 Storage direct connectivity to RAC Node(Dell Server-Windows 2016)

    Is it possible to connect G200 Storage with 16 Gbps Front end ports directly to two Oracle RAC Nodes( Dell Server).  The Operating system is Windows 2016   Let me know if there are any issues which will be ...
    Gonuguntla Gopi
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  • G1000 array

    While finding the capacity gadgets (Hitachi Command Suite), I see an issue particularly with the G1000 array, isn't being perceived by discovery.   Are the VSP G series units supported? How can I report the issu...
    David Glines
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  • How i can change default password onG200

    Hi, i'm run the Initial Startup Wizard and get error.
    Anton Aksenov
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  • how to unmap host on hus110

    how to unmap host on hus110
  • Segmented Zone conflict issue

    Segmented Zone conflict issue in brocade FCIp switch configuration Thanks
    Dheerendra Chouhan
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  • Adding Spare Drives - simply add more spare drives?

    HUS 130 / 0986/A-S RAID5(7D+1P) In Storage Navigator Modular 2/Settings/Drive Settings. Of the 4 dives presented, two are Detached and two are Standby.  The two detached drives are SAS (900GB) and the two Stan...
  • Storage ports (VSP G1000)

    For this specific case, I have 5 AIX zoned to 3 stockpiling ports (CL2-G, CL2-E, and CL1-G, ).   At whatever point A exchanges at high throughput, the reaction time for every other host is influenced to do my ho...
    RJ Dowell
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  • How to change login to pnode in HNAS

    Hi All   Please help me with the command for login to the physical nodes in HNAS. Thank you very much in advance.   Regards A Raja
    Arumuga Raja Sudalaiyandi
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  • Question for EXT-LUN execute Shadow Image

    I have a case on my customer, I want to shadow the image, but the disk that will be shadow image is in a different box (external lun). Can it ?
    Muhammad Fathan
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  • HNAS Replication.

    We have DC-DR setup with 2 HNAS (4040) and 2 HUS (150) as back end storage. DC HNAS replication license is available but in DR HNAS no replication license available. Can i use the DC replication license to configure t...
    bharathiraja p
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  • 3rd Party Storage Manangement Tools

    Hi. I wonder if there is anything written about what seems (to me at least) common sense on the disadvantages and possible issues that might arise when 3rd party monitoring tools like stor2rrd issuing commands straig...
    Joao Serra
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  • which version of hdlm can support both g200 and win2003?

    hi,   I have vsp g200 and want to mapping lun to a host which running windows 2003 server,   but i find newly hdlm not support 2003,   I want to know which version can support both 2003 and g200?
    peipei zhan
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  • Segmented (zone conflict) ERROR Brocade 7800 FCIP

    Hi, "segmented,(zone conflict)" message is showing at both end brocade 7800, FCIP configuration has been implemented, previously it was working fine but before few days this issue came. please let me know solution if...
    Dheerendra Chouhan
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  • Storage Virtualisation Demo Video

    Does anyone have a recorded video demo of Storage Virtualisation that I can potentially reuse? Was thinking that somebody might have done something similar in the past that i could reuse. Saves me from having to eng...
    Charles Chow
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  • Is security an issue when addressing virtualization?

    Virtualization security is an area of security that has emerged as more organization become dependent on hypervisors. It covers topics like hypervisor vulnerabilities, security controls within virtual networks, specia...
    Eric Hibbard
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  • Is externalised AMS storage supported with VSP HDT?

    I'm on a training course at the moment. In one of the labs I created a two-tier HDT pool from internal VSP disk. I tried to add in a third tier using AMS external storage however I couldn't see any available parity gr...
    Tyrone Owen
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  • vsp locked meta_resource

    While working on a VSP I get a messages that a resouce is locked. From raidcom "raidcom  get resource -resource_name meta_resource" would show S_GROUP          &...
    Bruce Kirkland
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  • how to Virtulize the Fujitsudx410s2 storage with Hitachi VSP storage? is DX410S2 storage comaptable for Virtulization with Hitachi????????

    how to Virtulize the Fujitsudx410s2 storage with Hitachi VSP storage? is DX410S2 storage comaptable for Virtulization with Hitachi..?????  iam unable to perform the Vitualize DX410 s2 storage with Hitachi VSP st...
    sudharshana reddy
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