• difference between HUS and VSP GX00, between VSP and VSP G1X00

    Hi everyone. I want to know difference between HUS and VSP GX00, between VSP and VSP G1X00 Can anyone give me the answer or related URL ?   Thanks in advance.
    junghyun choi
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  • Install NAS module to VSP G600

    Hello, I have VSP G600. Now i need to add two NAS modules to both controllers. I installed 2 additional batteries, but I can't see BKMF-10, BKMF-20. And I don't see menu to add NAS module. Any advice? Do I ne...
    Maksym Tatarenko
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  • Battery Lifetime

    In documentation we can see next table: System VSPG600 was installed Feb 2016. So system in production 2 years and 10 months. Today we see next pictures : Battery Lifespan Remaining = 64%   When and how ...
  • Virtualize G600 behind HUS VM, is it possible ?

    Hi there   have this HUS VM, setup two ports as Externals, there is also G600. Everything is setup (SAN, hostgroup on G600 with LDEVs, external ports on HUS VM), nevertheless SN@HUS VM does not catch remote LDEV...
    Jorge Carrizo
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  • Performance during Quick Format

    Can someone explain what is meant here ? How can i verify an HDP page is formated ? Is it OPE_RATE 100 ? Can we manualy force pre-format to avaid formatting delay ? SN does not allow to chose format or quick forma...
    Sven Weidenmann
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  • Can I get some doc/pdf on HNAS and SPLUNK integration?

    We have HNAS 4080 2 node cluster and wants to integrate Splunk with HNAS. Can we have some detail around this?@
    Amandeep   Singh
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  • Network Interface to Physical Port Mapping on HDI

    Does anyone know how to determine the network interface (eht0, eth1, mng0) to physical port (1, 2, 3, 4) mapping on HDI, remotely and without pulling any cables? Thank you.
    Sergey Gankin
    created by Sergey Gankin
  • HDI Data Access Loss Following CIFS Restart or Device Reboot

    We have a number of HDI systems, which we are forced to keep running on system version 5.0.0-01, because corporate security is only permitting us a one-way, outgoing trust from the device domain to the user domain, wi...
    Sergey Gankin
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  • I need help getting some older HUS724040ALS640 drives updated to new firmware.

    I have HUS724040ALS640 drives with firmware A152 and I need to update to A280. I have the FLA file but I don't know how to apply the new firmware. Can someone please help me with this? Thanks! Jeff
    Jeff Beard
    created by Jeff Beard
  • looking for the latest VSP-G/F1500 datasheet.  One containing the latest drives, capacity, perfromance specs

    I am looking for the latest datasheet for the vsp-g/f1500 containing the latest drive types, capacities and performance specs.
    Mike DeMuse
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  • HDT New Page Buffer Settings

    I have a 3 Tier G1500 HDT pool. I set New Page Tier Assignment to High. My New Page Buffer is still 088. Should I change the Tier 1 buffer settings from 0. I also never want new data written to directly to T3. T3 is v...
    Eric Moreno
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  • 2 x VSP G600 with GAD - corrupt recycle bin in (phyiscal) Windows Server 2016

    We run a (physical) Windows Server 2016 2-node Cluster which uses GAD-protected/-provided LUNs from our two GAD-paired VSP G600 Storagesystem.   GAD-Provisioning was fine, the Hitachi LUNs were "activated", GPT-...
  • HUS150, Stornext, Brocade Zoning - One to One or One to Many

    We've got a couple of HUS 150 arrays, using stornext for file system presentation and a mix of Linux, Mac and Windows Hosts. Currently, we're zoning 1 to 1 on ports. So zoning takes ages! Just trying to work out whi...
    Ben c Jones
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  • Microsoft SQL Server 2016 installation - VSP G600 SAN connected storage - Error on writing on volume

    While installing an instance of Microsoft SQL Server 2016, which is running on a "physical" Micrsoft Windows Server 2016 2-node Cluster, I get the following error message when accessing the corespondent volume which i...
  • Download virtual appliance (OVA file) of Hitachi Command Suite products? What is the exact URL for downloading

    From where can i download virtual appliance (OVA file) of Hitachi Command Suite products? What is the exact URL for downloading
    Anup Parekh
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  • is it possible to downgrade nas version

    G600 unified nas   I want to downgrade nas version from 13.4.4814.02 to 13.2.4427.14   Is it possible?
    junghyun choi
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  • lista de part numbers do AMS2300

    Estou precisando da documentação desse equipamento AMS2300
  • HNAS Virtual Volume/Share migration from one file system to another file system on the same EVS

    Hi All,   I want to migrate HNAS Virtual Volume/Share from one file system to another file system on the same EVS. Basically i have a file system which is large in size and it has occupied all the space from th...
    created by AMIT c PRASAD
  • Add space on AMS2100

    Hi, I would like to buy 6 AKH600 discs used on an online store to increase the space on my storage, but I'm not sure if you only need to know the disk model to add them, I have an AMS 2100 H / W Rev 0200, Firmware 08C...
    created by A001050C
  • VSP G400 / G600 differences

    Although the 400 and 600 have the same configuration I seem to recall the G400 has half the processor cores disabled. the G600 license enables all the cores. I cant seem to find a document that states this. Is my me...
    Chuck b Strickland
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