• HNAS error 1353 - PAPI subsystem returned an error ...

    Hi! In the HNAS the following warning is permantely logged:   Failed to get log cloud-gateway-stats from PAPI Cause: The PAPI subsystem returned an error when retrieving the log. Resolution: Ensure PAPI serve...
    Ralf Buschmann
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  • Replicated data integrity

    We've been asked by our customer to provide a statement on DR data integrity. I've tried wading through the documentation but can't find any definitive statement on how the kit ensures/checks the integrity of the DR/...
    Gary Matthews
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  • HiHNAS Replication

    Hi, I've got a couple of questions on HNAS replication I hope someone can answer :-) Currently We have a HNAS3080 in DC1 using Jetmirror to replicate to a DR only HNAS3080 in DC2, both with physical SMUs. Now we're i...
    Gary Matthews
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    I am using SSC utility to create multiple shares with V-Vol.  I have created a script for 100 v-vol shares but after 62nd v-vol and share entry SSC is not allowing to write anything on the console.   Is the...
    Amandeep b Singh
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    We have set 25 MB max file size limit to be scanned by AV scan engine. File >25 MB will be excluded from scanning. In addition to that we are using MacAfee AV configured with ICAP on HNAS 4080.   Any sugges...
    Amandeep b Singh
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  • HUS110 drive trays configuration

    Hi, Could you please help me with a HUS110 configuration? I am aware of the following: - Max number of disks that can be installed is 120. - The maximum number of trays allowed is limited to the System ordered. HUS11...
    Luca Lunardi
    created by Luca Lunardi
  • Sequential I/O in FMD and SAS HDD

    Hello All   Who can explain the difference between FMD and SAS handling sequential I/O? thanks.
    Wanjong Kim
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  • Hitachi storage plugin for Oracle OVM

    Hi, we are trying to download the Hitachi storage plugin for Oracle OVM. We know that the package should be called "osc-hitachi-storage-<version>.x86_64.rpm" but, we cannot find a download link anywhere (either ...
    Rolf Bachmann
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  • How does Snapshot work in HDS VSP G1000 ?

    Hi Guys,   I've got few questions regarding HDS Snapshot technology in VSP G1000 and i would really appreciate if you guys could help me with answering the following questions: When snapshot is created is there a...
    Mostafa Sadat
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  • Building NAA Number for a LUN

    I am trying to build the NAA number for all the LUNs created on our Hitachi based storage infrastructure. Is there someone who have tried to the same thing or knows the exact steps.   I know what it is the struct...
    Claudiu Nesa
    created by Claudiu Nesa
  • Volume Migration Temporary License

    Hi All, Can we get Hitachi Volume Migration temporary license.   Thank You
    Sudhir Bisht
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  • VSP G370 with GAD - change Pvol and Svol

    Hi Experts, i need your help on a „special“ Question with GAD configurations. At a customer i have the following configuration: 2x VSP G370 connected with GAD Links, all volumes are ALUA enabled. The dista...
    Volker Osswald
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  • HNAS NFSv3 Firewall

    Is it recommended not to use firewall for NFSv3? If so, why? Also, if SMB v1/2/3 all are served by HNAS, is there any performance loss for SMB1 clients?
    Amandeep b Singh
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  • 2 GAD configurations on one pair of storage systems

    Hi,   one of our customers have a pair of VSP G800 systems. One is located in Site A, and the other in Site B. We have configured GAD pairs, where Site A volumes are P-Vols, and site B volumes are S-Vols. Custo...
    Matija Sinogl
    created by Matija Sinogl
  • GAD two quorum disk configuration situation

    Hi, i am planning to implement GAD in a 2DC enviroment. it is recommended to configure quorum disk on the primary site. i am planning to configure quorum in primary and secondary DC. this way i will have quorum redun...
    Matija Sinogl
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  • HNAS Object Replication

    Hi Folks   Great Day   I have two HNAS devices for replication in DC and DR. One filesystem is replicating using oblect level replication.   How can i create replicated share?   Thank you in Ad...
    Arumuga Raja clave
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  • windows 10 client displays wrong size on disk for HNAS cifs share

    Hi, I have copied files with different file sizes to a smb share residing on a HNAS filesystem and checked the "size on disk" property on my windows explorer (windows 10): here are the results: 1. A 15KB txt file ha...
    Ralf Buschmann
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  • Storage Capacity Report

    Hi All,   We have G800, F800, G1500 and F1500 Hitachi arrays and we need capacity growth report for past 12 months. Is there any way that i can pull the report? Kindly help on this regard. We have HCS and HDCA ...
    bhuvankumar kuppannagari
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  • Getting to RESTFUL

    All,   I am looking to pull capacity data from the frames using REST API.  However I am a nub to REST API.  HDS documentation has never been good and from the REST API document nothing changes that opi...
    Sean Phillips
    created by Sean Phillips
  • create thick LDEV on VSP

    how do we create a thick ldev on VSP
    vijay KALVEMULA
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