• 2 GAD configurations on one pair of storage systems

    Hi,   one of our customers have a pair of VSP G800 systems. One is located in Site A, and the other in Site B. We have configured GAD pairs, where Site A volumes are P-Vols, and site B volumes are S-Vols. Custo...
    Matija Sinogl
    created by Matija Sinogl
  • GAD two quorum disk configuration situation

    Hi, i am planning to implement GAD in a 2DC enviroment. it is recommended to configure quorum disk on the primary site. i am planning to configure quorum in primary and secondary DC. this way i will have quorum redun...
    Matija Sinogl
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  • HNAS Object Replication

    Hi Folks   Great Day   I have two HNAS devices for replication in DC and DR. One filesystem is replicating using oblect level replication.   How can i create replicated share?   Thank you in Ad...
    Arumuga Raja clave
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  • windows 10 client displays wrong size on disk for HNAS cifs share

    Hi, I have copied files with different file sizes to a smb share residing on a HNAS filesystem and checked the "size on disk" property on my windows explorer (windows 10): here are the results: 1. A 15KB txt file ha...
    ralf buschmann
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  • Storage Capacity Report

    Hi All,   We have G800, F800, G1500 and F1500 Hitachi arrays and we need capacity growth report for past 12 months. Is there any way that i can pull the report? Kindly help on this regard. We have HCS and HDCA ...
    bhuvankumar kuppannagari
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  • Getting to RESTFUL

    All,   I am looking to pull capacity data from the frames using REST API.  However I am a nub to REST API.  HDS documentation has never been good and from the REST API document nothing changes that opi...
    Sean Phillips
    created by Sean Phillips
  • create thick LDEV on VSP

    how do we create a thick ldev on VSP
    vijay KALVEMULA
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  • Cisco DCNM configuration issue

    Hello, Recently i have deployed Cisco DCNM 10.4(2) ova, currently its up but seems to be having some issues, can any one help me which option i need to select? – VXLAN Fabric- For VXLAN BGP EVPN deployments. &#...
    bhuvankumar kuppannagari
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  • HNAS: File System Recovery - Shares Unavailable

    Hi, I'm running object replication between HNASa and HNASb. After syslocking the HNASa file system (FS), promoting the HNASb FS and amending DNS the recovered shares on HNASb are not available. I'm following the proc...
    tyrone owen
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  • HNAS4100 - How to list active CIFS connections on a share?

    Hi Everyone   Does anyone know how can I list the active connections(Client IP Addresses) for a CIFS share on the HNAS?   I know from the cif-stats command that I can get the number of connections but no d...
    Phil Devisse
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  • problem with adding "NAS Probe" from Hitachi Data Analytics

    Hi There, I have problem with adding HNAS 4040 "NAS Probe" from Hitachi Data Analytics. I connect to SMU (Provide SMU Details). authentication is OK. Then I see the IP address of my EVS ADMIN and port 8444. login...
    Mariusz Rendaszka
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  • HNAS sizing / performance - please advice

    Hi. Let me introduce my self – I’m new in Hitachi, came from EMC (recently file/object expert – Isilon/ECS for over 6 years)   I have a question regarding our HNAS Need to build:  4.2 ...
  • We are running HCS 8.4.0-02 and because of an audit, need to incorporate AD.  Has anyone done this?  How simple or complex is the task?

    We are running HCS 8.4.0-02 and because of an audit, need to incorporate AD.  Has anyone done this?  How simple or complex is the task?  The user guide for HCS 8.4.0-02 is somewhat confusing or I am jus...
    Charles Simpson
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  • HNAS current file open number

    Is there any way to get the total number of files opened from HNAS by clients (cifs/nfs)?
    Amandeep b Singh
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  • VSP G400 Firmware update

      We have update the Firmware of HDS VSP G400 successfully but we are facing below error while updating the Storage Navigator Software.         We have rebooted the SVP, Clear the ...
    Athar Hussain
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  • Hallo, ich suche für die AMS 2100 nach cli command download

    Hallo Support,   ich benötige bitte den Download für die cli-command für die AMS 2100   Vielen Dank   Jörg Böck
    Joerg Boeck
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  • HNAS File System Sub-Folder Capacity

    Hi, I'm using the HNAS to present file shares.   Is there any way that I can view the capacity of folders within a HNAS file system? I can view the file system capacity from the GUI, however is there any way, m...
    tyrone owen
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  • How many simultaneous DM2C jobs can run on HNAS 4060 at 12.7 code ?

    Hi all,   I am using DM2C of HNAS 4060 running 12.7 code to move some data to HCP G10 nodes.   Can somebody comment how many simultaneous external migration jobs of DM2C to HCP are supported by HNAS 12.7 ?...
    Jigar Doshi
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  • I have a question regurding  HNAS EVS

    I have a question regarding  HNAS EVS best practice.What is best practice when it comes to setting up CIFS?  Do most HNAS customers setup one CIFS name per EVS, or do they setup several CIFS and than just ma...
    Cesar Becerra
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  • Spare numer disck DW2-F850-14RFP

    Hi.   I need to know the spare number of the disk DW2-F850-14RFP, Could you help me please? Storage system VSPG700 Thank you
    Ilbis Insfrán
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