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No Worry Desktops, Save Money - VMware Mirage with Hitachi Data Systems

Blog Post created by Paul Morrissey Employee on Aug 20, 2014

No Worry Desktops, Save Money - VMware Mirage with Hitachi Data Systems



The advent of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) has pushed organizations worldwide to seriously consider centralized endpoint management for their PCs, laptops and persistent virtual desktops.  IT teams have realized that managing end-user devices and applications is quite different from managing and operating enterprise servers due to unpredictable users, various endpoint hardware and desire of users to customize/personalize their endpoint to their liking. These endpoints have OS and Application management lifecycles and helpdesk impact. Holistic endpoint management includes desktop application image management, automated backup and recovery, seamless patch management and simplified non-business interrupting system migration.  There are a few centralized endpoint management solutions on the market but we've being working closely with a partner of ours whose solution is being deployed by our joint customers with Hitachi Infrastructure.


As referenced on their site, VMware® Mirage™ provides unified image management for physical desktops, virtual desktops and BYOD. VMware Mirage delivers critical endpoint management abilities within customer’s existing IT environment. Mirage enhances IT efficiency by simplifying desktop management while maintaining consistent user-experience. Mirage offers single image management and disaster recovery of user devices for any unforeseeable service disruptions e.g. theft, data loss, physical damage etc. Another benefit with Mirage is the centralized management and  migration of laptops/desktops to latest versions of Microsoft Windows Desktop OS. End-users benefit by getting native performance, consistent personalization, flexibility in operations, and continuous ability to perform business operations.


With all these benefits also comes the task of managing back-end IT infrastructure including storage platforms, which would host the images of your burgeoning employee pool and provide consistent data throughput for IT management tasks to their endpoints. The choice of storage deployment could potentially be a dealmaker or deal breaker in maximizing the possibility of realizing full benefits of centralized desktop management. The value of deploying Mirage is not fully served if slow data backup centralization and slow restore result in user frustration and not meeting user expectations on recovery options. A storage array that cannot deliver performance in sustained sequential write-heavy Mirage environment could have negative consequences for both IT group and end-user confidence.


Hitachi Data Systems offers storage solutions to complement Mirage in delivering simplified, automated and efficient centralized end-point backup environment. Hitachi Unified Storage with NAS Platform 4000 series performs at the required high throughput and performance levels. It provides a demonstrable lower total cost of ownership due to lower migration costs and non-disruptive technology refresh. What it means for IT teams is worry-free infrastructure that fits IT budget while keeping end-users happy with easy OS migration, secured end-points, better personalized image management and flexibility of working from any locations they wish to work from.


Hitachi Unified and NAS solutions for Mirage delivers –

  1. Proven Performance for heavy IOPs and write throughput requirement for centralization
  2. Proven Scalability to meet business growth, for Mirage and vSphere based workloads
  3. Proven lower cost of ownership


Indeed, recent scale testing efforts performed jointly by both companies highlighted the advantages of capabilities like Superflush on the HNAS 4000 series to coalesce highly random write I/O into sequential patterns to  minimize the storage footprint required for large scale Mirage implementation. This was one of the reasons a large Telecommunications Software company that VMware and Hitachi worked with decided to replace existing storage arrays with Hitachi NAS platform cluster (HNAS) to support its Mirage deployment to manage its rapidly growing mobile workforce. Hitachi and VMware enabled this company to deliver flexibility and mobility to its employees without worrying about performance challenges, future scalability or migration costs. Today the platform has scaled to support more than 2,200 employees and the number is expected to grow beyond 10,000 in near future.


Another quiver in our strong value proposition with Hitachi storage and/or UCP Converged infrastructure with VMware. Whether its managed VMware vSphere FC datastores, NFS Datastores or high-volume SMB/CIFS workloads for Mirage, we got you covered..


Interested in hearing more about Mirage and Hitachi Storage and joint testing activities to deliver cost efficient Centralized End-point Infrastructure,  join us at our joint VMware-HDS sessions in booth # 905 @VMworld 2014