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Keeping VM and storage admins excited - updates from Hitachi Storage at VMworld Barcelona

Blog Post created by Paul Morrissey Employee on Oct 15, 2014

This week at VMworld Barcelona, we are covering a number of initiatives that we have delivered on in recent months or just announced at the show. Beside's all the great work we are doing with Unified Compute Platform (UCP) and now EVO:RAIL, we have another team keenly focused on making those other set of customers who like to integrate Hitachi Block and File Storage into their VMware infrastructure, irrespective of what higher layer technology stacks they leverage.... I thought I would briefly capture those initiatives for broader awareness in the community..and sometimes our VM admins don't hear the great technology they can now take advantage of now with Hitachi Infrastructure to make their lives complete! (well, more complete)



"Global Active Datastore"  or Stretched Storage ready for active-active datacenters with vSphere Metro Storage Cluster. Hitachi VSP G1000 Storag with GAD greatly simplifies and automates high availability to ensure continuous operations for your business and mission critical data and applications. It's a shared logical datastore stretched over a campus or metro distance being written too (and read) by both datacenters simultaneously ( we take care of the coherency with bi-directional mirroring) so at any point in time a VM needs to vMotion or restart on the other side, the data is already up-to-date…no movement of data loss of data…Zero RPO…  no appliances….and with no performance compromises required. This configuration allows organizations to perform disaster avoidance, load balancing and nondisruptive live migrations between active data centers. More info here Global Active “Datastore” with VSP G1000 GAD is now VMware Metro Storage Cluster certified (block and file)




Announced the availability of Hitachi Storage Connector for VMware vCenter Orchestrator.. For those customers looking to automate and integrate storage services as part of higher level workflows, they can now achieve that with this new connector. You now have an automation framework where responses to help desk tickets (e.g. expand my datastore/storage, restore my VM from Monday 3pm snapshot, provision new datastore(s) to ESXi Cluster#7) can now be fulfilled via workflows enabled by our Storage Connector for VMware vCenter within a vRealize Automation environment. This aligns with our joint VMware and Hitachi vision of automating the software defined datacenter...and all VMware ready certified by our colleagues at VMware and available on VMware marketplace  Cloud Management Marketplace | Solution Exchange

[updated with links to vRealize links]





Hitachi Storage Adapter for vCenter Operations Management Suite (commonly known as vC Ops, vCOPS or vCenter OPS and now vRealize Operations!)

Hitachi Storage Adapter for VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite provides intuitively consumable dashboards on top consumers, performance and capacity. We released a minor update to our adapter. This helps virtual infrastructure administrators gain deeper visibility into the state of Hitachi storage platforms, including performance metrics, heat maps, end-to-end resource mapping and resource capacity utilization. Adapter can be downloaded by clicking  “Try” button on VSX Cloud Management Marketplace | Solution Exchange



Gave an update on latest 2.1 version of Hitachi Virtual Infrastructure Integrator (known internally as V2I) to provide automated VM/VMDK-level backups plus options to enable quick self recovery by application owners. It now provides managed data protection services for server VMs and desktop VMs integrated with VMDK level hardware storage snapshots, all accessible  by VMware administrator. It also provide some unique quicker recovery options including granular recovery and restoring TB VMs in seconds... Read more here Automating VM Snapshot Backups and Recovering 1TB VMs in seconds with Hitachi Virtual Infrastructure Integrator




And finally, but no lastly, we showcased the efforts we have accomplished jointly with VMware Mirage team and Hitachi Solutions to define and validate the right Hitachi storage platform to enable their superb services (physical and virtual desktop end endpoint backup and desktop migrations made easy..) Stephane produced a nice blog on the large scale reference architecture for Mirage and during this time the Hitachi team produced the design for centralizing 1,000 VMware Mirage

endpoints to the Mirage Servers, which were backed by HUS-HNAS 4060 Platform. Check it out here Hitachi Storage and VMware Mirage - LVR.pdf

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