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Attention vExperts: Join vExpert HDS session on July 14th 4pm GMT

Blog Post created by Paul Meehan Employee on Jul 8, 2015

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To all my esteemed 2015 vExperts in the VMware community, I really hope you can join the HDS team on a vExpert briefing next week to talk about why we believe HDS super-converged offering .... (I just made that term up) ...... is the best fit today for scaling your Private Cloud environment.



Private Cloud Growth


My impression and experience is that there is growing momentum within our customer base to start deploying private cloud infrastructures. It always starts with the big guys and early adopters but soon it will become more normal within the 500-1000 VM space.

We want to talk about vRA as it will become the CMP (Cloud Management Platform) of choice for many customers in the next 12-24 months.

We believe Hitachi Unified Compute Platform  (servers, storage, networking) with UCP Director software embedded inside vCenter is a winning combination.


Feature Parity API and UI


So there is normal converged, then there is HDS-converged. That's where you can manage the whole "pie" directly inside vCenter if you're a VMware house, or System Center running HyperV, if you're a Microsoft house.


UCP Director software has been designed from Day 1 to allow customers to consume UCP with feature parity between  the vCenter UI and the API. And we are working really hard right now to provide a suite of libraries that can be used with any workflow engine such as vRO, Microsoft System Center Orchestrator or Hitachi Automation Director.

And don't forget vRealize Operations Management. There is an adapter Available for UCP Director as well as separate adapters for our standalone storage and compute. This provides a coherent tactical view of the environment.


So please come join if you can. For those currently not a vExpert I'm sorry you can't join but feel free to reach out and I can give you lots more detail.