Paul Meehan

A shift to Services at #VMworld 2015

Blog Post created by Paul Meehan Employee on Oct 1, 2015

This year I am delighted to say for the first time there will be 5 highly experienced Hitachi VMware Specialists on the Hitachi Booth at VMworld.

These guys are all working in our Professional Services Organisation (GSS) across EMEA.


What does this mean ?


Normally we have product managers and product owners from Engineering on our stand.

I'm not exactly sure what other vendors do in this regard but these folks really are the authorities within HDS on all the software components we produce that interface with VMware (in this case). Normally there is nobody else within our company who can speak with authority like these guys can.

And these guys are still here. That hasn't changed.


What's different now is that the GSS guys (including myself) are guys involved in day-to-day engagements with customers primarily in the following areas:

  • vSphere and virtual datacenter technology
  • vRealize Automation and Automation technology
  • Hitachi Unified Compute Platform converged system
  • Other areas like SAP HANA, Oracle, etc


So if you approach a vendor's stand you may always be wondering how you might actually deploy a product inside your own datacenter. What are the interoperability considerations you are likely to find ?.

My GSS colleagues are not traditional storage guys many of our customers might be used to dealing with......

They are VMware specialists who can advise you how best to optimise your virtual infrastructure when running on Hitachi Compute servers, as well as our traditional storage.

No Koolaid

These guys don't drink the kool-aid other vendors do, but they are made of the Hitachi stuff and that is about being honest and forthright with customers, not steering them wrong for the sake of hitting a target.

Some of these guys will also be replacing marketing people giving presentations on the booth.

So why not have a chat and make their experience yours. They are there to help.

After all services is key to all Infrastructure companies today, and I hope this demonstrates how seriously we take this challenge, and what we are doing about it today.

Hope to see you all at VMworld !!.