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Unlock the power of UCP Director - Create vRA cloud services - Part 1

Blog Post created by Valentin Hamburger Employee on Oct 13, 2015

UCP Director and VMware vRealize Automation- better together


UCPIcon.pngThe Hitachi Data Systems UCP Director is a very deep integrated converged solution by HDS

which plugs in directly to vCenter Server. With this integration,you can not only manage all you
UCP components, you can also finish complete tasks by a simple mouse click.

It will configure all needed components on its own. This is a major advantage over other converged
systems. You manage all this power simply out of vCenter. Also, it offers a very powerful and
easy to use REST API to remotely call all its cool workflows.


The API can be used to do all sorts of configuration and creation tasks within UCP System. To further
unlock the potential of this converged solution, I want to cover how easy it is to “Create and Attach" a
volume to a cluster” XaaS and use it in vRealize Automation in a simple Workflow.



The time consuming truth

In a traditional environment, you have to do various tasks to make this happen:

  • Create a volume within your storage
  • Map the volume to your attached servers
  • Update the zoning (if applicable)
  • Rescan the SAN on your ESXi hosts
  • Format and mount the new volume as VMFS datastore


Also, this is normally a job spread across different teams in a datacenter, typically the storage team and the virtualisation team.


The UCP way of doing things

If you have a Converged UCP environment from HDS running, you can do all this tasks in with a view clicks, simply out of vCenter.

UCP Director will even tell your vCenter what it is actually up to, by creating vCenter tasks vor every action it performs. While it is great
to have all this power integrated in vCenter, in an automated or cloud environment, you might want to create a service for the

virtualisation team (or technical power users) to attach storage to certain vSphere clusters. All without the need of vCenter at all. All

they need to do is place an order for a new datastore and wait a couple of minutes until it completes. Or you might just want to make

your life simpler by calling a workflow automating all the steps for attaching storage in a simple and elegant way.


With the power of vRealize Orchestrator and UCP Director - all this is possible today.


But wait - isn't that kind of automation very complex to create?

There are a couple of promises out in the field that everything can be automated. While this might be true, it often ends in complex and
confusing steps to perform at various different systems. Sometimes such
automation tasks might easily consume days or weeks of effort
to be completed. Even worth, sometimes you need to "trial and error" test the api call and it functions.


With UCP director, the good news is, all this effort has ben pre-created for you. All you need to do is implement the "last mile" in the

orchestration system of you choice. The API calls are fully tested, qualified and supported actions performing exactly what you need.

This gives you the opportunity to consume all the functionalities from a cloud portal with an easy and straight forward way of integrating it.

All you have to do is call the right UCP API functions from your orchestrator and wait for the actions to be completed.


This means that a "Datastore as a Service" action can be created in a simple workflow in a couple of minutes, saving hours of operational tasks!


>> Stay tuned for Part 2 of this blog post and learn how to create the workflow bits!


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