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VMUG Virtual Event - Software–Defined & Reliably Delivered High Availability / Disaster Recovery across Tier 1 Applications

Blog Post created by Paul Morrissey Employee on Nov 5, 2015

That's quite a long title but probably best describes an upcoming VMUG presentation I'm tagged to present on Nov 9th at the 2015 VMUG virtual event 3.0. I wanted to give you a sneak peek at some of the topic areas I'll cover so you can maximize your time to get involved in the session (or defer to another VMUG session heaven forbid) plus opportunity to prep to bring your questions you may have in this area.

The plot of the presentation is around Software–Defined, Reliably Delivered High Availability / Disaster Recovery across Tier 1 Applications. Its really about guidelines or suggestions to avoid being part of this statistic, especially for your Tier 1 virtualized workloads. How can you effectively implement a solution that delivers operational recovery, DR and business continuity for those critical services...




Its focused on Tier 1 workloads that are virtualized are typically running on enterprise storage platforms or more so converged platforms such as Vblock, FlexPod or newer generation HDS UCP converged.

converged systems.png

I'll give some guidelines based on customer experiences (be it converged or straight up storage platforms) on the type of solutions you should be looking at to effectively achieve operational recovery, DR scenarios and spend some time on the new possibilities with Stretched ESXi clusters, stretched storage and the holy grail of 3DC



hdid local-remote snaps.png3dc.png


Highly recommend to register for this 2015 VMUG virtual event 3.0 Some great speakers and it features live and recorded breakout sessions, online chat capabilities, virtual booths, and downloadable resources.. As they say,"the VMUG Virtual Event 3.0 promises to educate and entertain" and stop by our HDS session at 2:35CT Nov 9th on Software–Defined, Reliably Delivered, High Availability / Disaster Recovery across Tier 1 Applications