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Blog Post created by Vere Perry Employee on Jan 13, 2017

IT departments need to deliver IT services to the business faster and at a lower cost. HDS does exactly this through Hitachi Enterprise Cloud (HEC)  which delivers IaaS with  a rate card, SLAs and pay as you consume on a monthly basis with elastic capacity for peak times.  This gives IT an  “outcome based” solution delivering  a fast time to value  for the business.


This week we connected with nearly 200 people across EMEA talking about how businesses will change over the next one to three years. How will customers consume IT in the future and how Digital Transformation (DX) changes the role of IT. This is where HEC, built around the VMware ecosystem, is highly relevant.


IT departments needing to transition from the complexity of traditional infrastructure delivery services to a true Private Cloud with the lowest delivery cost and the shortest time to market can rapidly achieve this via HEC. HEC changes the focus to the outcome so that IT can concentrate  on delivering additional value to the business. So ask your HDS Account Manager for more information when you are next in touch.


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However, it doesn’t end there. Identifying a technology partner that will deliver a successful DX transition is essential and goes beyond modernising the infrastructure. These 3 points are key in making a decision which technology partner is right for your organisation:


  1. Choosing the right platform for infrastructure modernization. This foundation should address both traditional and cloud ready workloads as is typically found in the Digital Enterprise application landscape. A modern infrastructure requires comprehensive automation and orchestration plus open standards and integration into the customer’s ecosystem such as VMware.  Without these basics you are likely to come “unstuck” further down the road of transition.
  2. Look for expertise above and beyond the platform which can deliver more value from a modernised infrastructure. So can your partner also provide data analytics, mobility and vertical expertise?
  3. Does your partner provide technology and culture change? Many Digital Enterprises are not set up for this new way of operating. That is why HEC will help you by laying out a transformation plan to get you to your end goal of Digital Transformation.


I'm not an expert (or "Spert" as I like to jest) so find out more from our experts Paul Meehan and his blog and from Neil Lewis' BrightTALK session "Lead business transformation or risk becoming irrelevant".


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