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Protect Hitachi Unified Compute Platform HC with VMware vSphere and Hitachi Data Instance Director

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Traditional agent-based backup and recovery solutions can dramatically impact the security, performance and total cost of ownership of virtualized environments. As organizations expand their use of virtualization, hyper-converged infrastructure like VMware vSAN, they need to closely examine whether their data protection strategy supports efficient, fast, secure backups that won’t tax storage, network, budget, or computing resources. As data grows, the need for more frequent data protection and a variety of other challenges have forced administrators to look for alternatives to traditional backups.


Backup Challenges

Initially, most backup administrators chose to back up virtual machines by deploying backup agents to each individual virtual machine. Ultimately, however, this approach proved to be inefficient at best. As virtual machines proliferated, managing large numbers of backup agents became challenging. Never mind the fact that, at the time, many backup products were licensed on a per-agent basis. Resource contention also became a huge issue since running multiple, parallel virtual machine backups can exert a significant load on a host server and the underlying storage. Traditional backup and recovery strategies are not adequate to deliver the kind of granular recovery demanded by today’s businesses. Point solutions only further complicate matters, by not safeguarding against local or site failures, while increasing licensing, training and management costs.


Business benefit and Solution Value Propositions

Hitachi Data Instance Director (HDID) is the solution to protect Hitachi Unified Compute Platform HC V240 (UCP HC V240) in a hyper converged infrastructure. The solution focuses on the VMware vStorage API for Data Protection (VMware VADP) backup option for software-defined storage . Data Instance Director protects a VMware vSphere environment as a 4-node chassis data solution with options for replicating data to outside the chassis.

Hitachi Data Instance Director provides business-defined data protection so you can modernize, simplify and unify your operational recovery, disaster recovery, and long-tern retention operations. HDID provides storage-based protection of the VMware vSphere environment.


Data Instance Director with VMware vStorage API for Data Protection provides the following:


  • Agentless backup using the VMware native API
  • Incremental backup that provides backup window reduction
  • Easy to implement and maintain for a virtualization environment
  • Easy to replicate backup data to other destinations or outside of chassis


Logical Design

Figure shows the high-level infrastructure for this solution


Below are the Use cases and results


Use Case


Test Result

Use Case 1 — Measure the backup-window and storage usage for the VMware VADP backup using Hitachi Data Instance Director on a VMware vSAN datastore.

Deploy the eight virtual machine's DB VMDK evenly on two VMware ESXi hosts with VMware vSAN datastores. The workload runs for 36 hours during the backup test. Take the measurement with both quiesce options enabled/disabled. This backup is a full backup, with initial backup and a later incremental backup.

Initial Full backup

Backup time : 52 Min

Storage used : 1920 GB


Incremental Backup with Quiesce ON

Backup time : 4 Min 15 Sec

Storage used : 35.02 GB


Incremental Backup with Quiesce OFF

Backup time : 2 Min 25 Sec

Storage used : 34.9 GB

Use Case 2 — Create a cloned virtual machine from the Hitachi Data Instance Director backup

Restore a virtual machine after taking a Hitachi Data Instance Director backup. Measure the timestamp of the restore operation.

Restore backup with HDID

Restore time : 22 Min 15 Sec

Storage used : 213 GB



With Hitachi Data Instance Director, you can achieve broader data protection options on the VMware virtualized environment. With VMware VADP CBT, the backup window for the incremental backup was relatively short and optimized.


  • Eliminate multi-hour backups without affecting performance
  • Simplifies complex workflows by reducing operational and capital costs with automated copy data management
  • Consolidate your data protection and storage tasks
  • One-stop data protection and management


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