Paul Morrissey

Let's See the Demo - UCP Advisor in Action

Blog Post created by Paul Morrissey Employee on Jun 24, 2017

I recently published a short video blog Let's hear it - Introduction to UCP Advisor which introduced a new converged and hyper-converged infrastructure automation and delivery software from HDS. Some great feedback but as expected folks asking for more technical details and an opportunity to see the product in action. With that, here is a 20+ min video I put together which walks through the product including compute, storage, network,data protection and advanced infrastructure management capabilities. As mentioned in the previous blog, the intent is to put infrastructure tasks within the reach of the efficient fingertips of administrators to enable them to accelerate and manage the delivery of VM based application services on that dynamic infrastructure.



Reminder: You can view video on YouTube by selecting icon on the bottom but ensure the quality settings are set to 720P to view it if it starts looking blurry.


<updated Video based on version 1.2 released in June 2017, here is link to 1.2 related blog>