• Data protection using Hitachi Data Instance Director (HDID) for Hyperconverged Solution

    Authors: Chetan Gabhane, Amol Bhoite   IT teams are struggling as always to meet their backup and recovery objectives; minimize downtime and data loss; ensure that data is always recoverable; and overcome similar...
    Chetan Gabhane
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  • Hitachi Storage and VMware Native Multipathing

    To echo and expand on Hitachi Storage/Converged with VMware vSphere best practices guide, These are the two claimrules to be used with Hitachi VSP G/F storage in VMware vSphere environment when using VMware native mul...
    Paul Morrissey
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  • Hitachi and Cisco: Data Technology Leadership

    Ready to leverage the power of data within your organization? Hitachi Vantara and Cisco offer the technology leadership you need to manage, share and access data — quickly, flexibly and securely.   By Sean...
    Sean Siegmund
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  • Hyper-V Virtual Switch causes low download speeds

    I updated to Windows ten Fall and it destroyed my entire virtual network. It removed my previous virtual switch and created a "Default Switch." it might not enable Pine Tree State to form a brand new External Virtual ...
    Bargavi Kalla
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  • Hyper/Converged the “Hitachi Way”

    Introduction: It’s time to modernize your IT infrastructure, and your team is looking to collect the information needed to select the right foundation that fits your strategic business needs. The ideal solution ...
    Sean Siegmund
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  • Hitachi at VMworld Europe 2018

    ACCELERATE DATA CENTER MODERNIZATION WITH HITACHI & VMWARE   Hitachi exists to make digital business more agile by solving critical challenges in managing and deriving value from data. Hitachi Vantara is com...
    David Kolundzija
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  • I am looking for documet with Implementing vSphere Metro Storage Cluster using Hitachi Storage(g350, 370, 700, 900) Cluster for VMware vSphere. do we have any confirmation or certification for new line of our storage?

    looking for confirmation at kb.vmware.com that our new vspg 350, 370, 700, 900 are certified with Vmware Metro Cluster.
  • HIAA-HDCA SaaS: End-to-End Performance bottleneck analytics in Unified Computing Platform CI (UCP CI)

    Hitachi has delivered a software, which is Hitachi Infrastructure Analytics Advisor (HIAA).  HIAA delivers visualization, intelligence and automation to optimize infrastructure health while quickly identifying an...
    Koji Watanabe
    created by Koji Watanabe
  • Obtain information on how virtual machines correspond to SLUs

    Environment: HCS 8.5.4-02 VMware vSphere 6.5.0 U1 Hitachi Storage Provider for VMware vCenter (VASA Provider) 3.4.1 Hitachi VSP G1000   Identifying information that exists between VMs and block storage VVols&...
  • Configuring HDLM/HGLM in VMware environment

    Tested for HCS 8.5.4 and VMware vSphere 6.5.0 U1   Step by step.   Installing software on Remote Management Client  and preparing environment Install ActivePerl (Latest Version, for example: ActivePer...
    Alexey Bostandjan
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  • Upgrading Hitachi Infrastructure Analitics Advisor(HIAA) in UCP CI

    Software is often improved by providing version up software. Of cause, Hitachi provides software version-up. So far, I have used the combination solution of HIAA and UCP CI. I determined to install HIAA 3.2 instead...
    Koji Watanabe
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  • End-to-End Infrastructure Performance Analysis of Hitachi Unified Compute Platform CI Simplified with Hitachi Infrastructure Analytics Advisor (HIAA)

    Hitachi Vantara has launched the new converged infrastructure Hitachi Unified Computing Platform CI (UCP CI). Today, I would like to introduce the performance analysis solution with UCP CI.   Hitachi Infrastructu...
    Koji Watanabe
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  • Question: Is this "Recommended Multi-Path Settings " KB article really a good  practice for VMware multipathing ?

    This KB article   https://knowledge.hds.com/Knowledge/Storage/Reccomended_Multi-Path_settings_for_HDS_Storage   States:   1. Each HBA should only "see" one instance of each LUN.  This means if yo...
    Burhan Halilov
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  • Hitachi at VMworld 2017: August 27-31, 2017

      VMworld 2017 | August 27-31, 2017Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas, NV |  Booth #1231  Data Driven Digital Transformation IT Agility means “Saying Yes to More”.  Increased agility drives ...
    Theresa Atangan
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  • Hitachi VVOL recovery without VASA backups

    Hello Folks, In the 'High Availability' section of the HDS VVOL documentation, we're told that we should: implement automatic backups of the VASA databases setup fault-tolerance for the VASA appliance Should we al...
    Luc Lalonde
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  • VMworld 2017 - Agility Enables Digital Transformation

    Last week I was out in Las Vegas at VMworld 2017 - An incredible event for both VMware and for us at Hitachi! At a high level VMware clearly demonstrated that not only is Private Cloud is accelerating but Hybrid Cloud...
    Shawn Rosemarin
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  • Protocol endpoint not registered in VCenter

    Hello Folks, We're trying to implement VVols in Vsphere/VCenter 6.5 using: Hitachi VASA Provider Hitachi Storage plugin for VCenter The ALU is created and its associated LUN is seen in VCenter... but were not able...
    Luc Lalonde
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  • Protect Hitachi Unified Compute Platform HC with VMware vSphere and Hitachi Data Instance Director

    Traditional agent-based backup and recovery solutions can dramatically impact the security, performance and total cost of ownership of virtualized environments. As organizations expand their use of virtualization, hyp...
    Chetan Gabhane
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  • The Hitachi Enterprise Cloud - Multi tier application with NSX - Part 2

    Right, if Francois Zimmermann is in no mood for sharing his Heinz baked beans with the imminent threat of Doomsday, then fine, I will get my own tin of beans and get on with my survival strategy. This, you may recall ...
    Valentin Hamburger
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  • The Hitachi Enterprise Cloud - Multi tier application with NSX - Technical Part 2

    Allright, this is the technical part, describing how to built the blueprint and what to configure in NSX to make it work like described in the overview. Let's get started, shall we?   Getting startedFirst things ...