• vRO storage connector issue

    Hi Folks,   We are trying to configure Hitachi Storage Connector v1.6.1 in vRO. We followed the guide and all prerequisites are meat: Connector service was installed and storage command device is configured. T...
    Slavi b Georgiev
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  • Hyper-V Virtual Switch causes low download speeds

    I updated to Windows ten Fall and it destroyed my entire virtual network. It removed my previous virtual switch and created a "Default Switch." it might not enable Pine Tree State to form a brand new External Virtual ...
    Bargavi Kalla
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  • I am looking for documet with Implementing vSphere Metro Storage Cluster using Hitachi Storage(g350, 370, 700, 900) Cluster for VMware vSphere. do we have any confirmation or certification for new line of our storage?

    looking for confirmation at kb.vmware.com that our new vspg 350, 370, 700, 900 are certified with Vmware Metro Cluster.
  • HDLM - VMware 6.0 to 6.5 upgrade with HAM, how it works?

    A customer of us would like to upgrade his VMware esxi environment from v6.0 to v6.5. He uses the HDLM in conjunction with two VSP and HAM. Is there a guide that describes how the HDLM continues with some path connect...
    Andreas Prues
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  • Vmware 5, One datastore become inactive (unmounted)

    Hello! We use Vmware ESXi 5.0.0,1918656 and Hitachi AMS2100 fot datastores. On 18.06.2018  one Datastore become Inactive (unmounted). I found some problems with disk on AMS2100. After replacing failed hard disk, ...
    Maxim Ivanov
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  • VAAI and VSP

    What is recommended to enable VAAI on VSP? with ESX 5.1...   set host mode to 01[VMware] ? set host mode to 21[VMware Extension] ? set hostmode option 54 to enabled ? set hostmode option 63 to enabled ?  ...
    Axel Mueller
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  • SSO is not working after Storage Provider 3.4 -> 3.5.0 upgrade

    I was getting errors unregistering my Hitachi VASA storage provider in VCenter 6.5u2 So I tried an upgrade of my VASA provider from version 3.4 to 3.5.   Now SSO is no longer working! Anyone have any tips?...
    Luc Lalonde
    created by Luc Lalonde
  • Round Robin default not working.

    ESX 6.5, Hitachi VSP G600, Round Robin default not working.   Per the best practices guides I'd like to make my ESX default to RR when it see Hitachi Open-V storage.  I tried running this command via SSH on...
    Jim Staszko
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  • VSP Hostmode change ESX

    We have a ESX Farm with 10 ESX Servers and 100 VMs running   For 2 of the VMs , 6 luns from VSP storage were assigned . And these 2 VMs are currently active.   Recently i observed that the host mode settin...
    Siva C
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  • DP-Pool to Thin-Image ratio for efficient VVol with VMware?

    Hello,   What is the recommended DP-Pool to Thin-Image ratio for Snapshots, clones, etc in VMware VCenter 6.5?   For example, if we create a DP-Pool of 10Tb, is a 2Tb Thin-Image pool large enough?   ...
    Luc Lalonde
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  • Hitachi VVOL recovery without VASA backups

    Hello Folks, In the 'High Availability' section of the HDS VVOL documentation, we're told that we should: implement automatic backups of the VASA databases setup fault-tolerance for the VASA appliance Should we al...
    Luc Lalonde
    created by Luc Lalonde
  • Space reclaiming in HUSVM

    Hello,   I'm a vmware admin, in my organization we are using Hitachi HUSVM storage. Recently we enabled Storage DRS on Vmware and after that from storage side their subscription is keep on increasing. With this ...
    Abdul Razak
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  • What is the most efficient way to migrate a VMware ESX 5.5 RDM from one SAN to another SAN?

    Working on a project to migrate from VSP to G1500
    Doug Porter
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  • Protocol endpoint not registered in VCenter

    Hello Folks, We're trying to implement VVols in Vsphere/VCenter 6.5 using: Hitachi VASA Provider Hitachi Storage plugin for VCenter The ALU is created and its associated LUN is seen in VCenter... but were not able...
    Luc Lalonde
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  • Does VSP G/F arrays with GAD support vSphere VVOL?

    I'm trying to determine if VMware VVOL can be used with GAD? I don't see any reference in the GAD user guide.   Thanks.
    Sam Zee
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  • VVOL support on GAD\TC\HUR

    Do we have a support matrix of storage system replication for vmware vvol? Which manual provide step by step operation guide?
    Yi Zhong
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  • HEC vs Role your own with VRealize

    From what I understand HEC uses HDS Server, Storage and the VMware vRealize® Suite with services wrapped around it for customization.  If a customer already has the compute, network and storage what are the ...
    Aaron Weiler
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  • VASA 3.3.1 SSO user problem

    Hello,   I want to try new feature  VVOL on vsphere 6. I deployed VASA ova vm our environment and made all configuration for command suite according to MK-92ADPTR104-04.pdf . I had added storage system and ...
    Adil Akyuz
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  • SCSI3 reserve vsphere 6 U2 on VSP with GAD

    hi   are there any news on supporting SCSI3 reserve guest on vsphere 6U2 with VSP and GAD? what is current best practise for VSP/GAD if you use vpshere 6U2 and Guest O/S that uses SCSI3 reserve?   tia re...
    Licencje Licencje
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  • Error after installing V2i on Vcenter 6 appliance

    Im doing the distributed installation as Im using the vcenter appliance 6. When I try to configure the v2i, I receive the message: Error in getting Server Information: Could not connect to vSphere Web Client. Contact...
    Vinicius Coelho
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