Amy Hodler

First Predictive Policing with Natural Language

Blog Post created by Amy Hodler Employee on Sep 29, 2015


Today we announced advancements in predictive policing that will help make our cities healthier, safer, and smarter places to be. In particular, Hitachi Video ManagementPlatform provides a comprehensive, smart environment for ALL video and Hitachi Visualization Suite 4.5 has recently enhanced predictive analytics. Together these solutions facilitate improved public safety and include the first predictive policing tool that uses natural language. That means that data sources like social media networks can feed important information in real time to be evaluated in more naturual ways for more accurate and timely predictions. 

Although many characterize all these types solutions as "Minority Report" comes true stories (yes, I am a Phillip K. Dick fan), that goes too far and misses the point. These solutions help anticipate critical policing needs and effectively deploy resources. And isn't that what we want our public safety organizations to do with the tools at hand?  Public safety is a complicated, important topic and I'm glad HDS is providing solutions that help us make better decisions, faster.  Nancy Jones and Bjorn Andersson what do you think?

You can read more about our public safety solutions online, or if you happen to be at the

ASIS International Annual Seminar and Exhibit in Anaheim, California, visit Booth #975 for hands-on demonstrations and more information.