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krishna kanth
Hi ,   I want to do R & D on snm2 hitachi.. how can i download simulator ,i  have login to hds portal\
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arthur sanders
Hi   I just return to my old unit and they are running AMS 500 modular.  The problem that I am having is I cannot find any interface software to check my AMS storage.
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Mario Parada
I Have been trying to set up my Oracle DB server, and every time I download the server download for pentaho but I keep getting a text file. I have tried to run yum install on the linux console and i am not finding no files to download. im not sure where else to look for this download. Can I get the client, and… (Show more)
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Carl Noble
Can the SVP PC be renamed?  Also can it be joined to our AD domain?
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Vivek  Kuriyil
Does Hitachi has a solution to do heterogeneous block storage migration?
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ha kka ha
請問去哪裡可以下載Storage Navigator Modular 2 管理軟體? 有找過官方網站都顯示Access Denied!
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Alan  Filardo
Hi friends, i have a problem to make a update-rc.d in my Pentaho server, the installation is in Ubuntu Server 16.04.1. At the moment in that i try to make update-rc.d this throw this message:   insserv: Service postgresql has to be enabled to start service start-pentaho insserv: exiting now! update-rc.d: error: insserv rejected the script… (Show more)
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Greetings! We have a Hitachi TagmaStore DF700M (AMS500) modular storage system. Last day we decided to transfer it to other datacenter. The system was powered off for about 10 hours. When we powered it again, but the main controller won't boot. Last message in the log:   C0 HE503 Backend down[Unit# ERR] (Unit-03)   We think that the problem may… (Show more)
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Howell Panganiban
Do we support iscsi virtualization on Panama 2?
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