• Training VSP G Midrange Family

    which models are cover by:  THI3667- Installing and Supporting Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform Family   ?   G3xx/G700/G900?   Thanks.
    Javier Chirino
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  • Where to get support for an external 3rd party course?

    Hi, where can I get some support for a course I´m signed up?   I tried the links on Learning Management System help site one of them forwarded me to an empty sharepoint site. As the problem is around a l...
    Rainer Tuschl
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  • How do I download training material from a class I took a while back?

    I need to download the training material for a class that I took a couple years ago.  I can see the class in my list of courses but do not see a way to download the user guide and lab guide from that class.
    Shawn Smelcer
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  • Training

    I need urgent assistance registering for the following "Managing Hitachi Storage with Hitachi Command Suite v8.x TSI2565" the training is scheduled for San Jose 17th - 21st Sept, 2018. Anyone attending the training ...
    Kolawole Adediran
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  • Merge multiple accounts

    Hi Team, I have two accounts on Hitachi Portal. Is there a way to merge them as single account so that i can see my transcripts at single location. I had to create new account as my previous email ID is not in use an...
    Khader Basha Shaik
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  • Hitachi exam Vouchers

    I want to become Hitachi certified, how can i get an exam voucher since my company is a partner
    Richard WALUSIMBI
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  • Looking for more information related to HQT 0050 certification exam

    looking for more information related to HQT 0050 certification online exam
    Mallikarjun Pv
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  • I can't find SCC2561in the online course, please advise!

    I can't find SCC2561in the online course, please advise!
    Ismail Mouafy
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  • Issues with scc2560

    I started scc2560 a few weeks ago but was interrupted. This morning I tried to resume the learning but am unable to get back in. Site says I am registered but content won't load.
    Rob Creighton
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  • I should have a hicard I remember getting the email but was busy and did not follow up - how do I get it

    trying to get my hicard
    Bruce Kirkland
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  • I can not locate the follow course soc2917

    I have been trying to locate this follow course.I put SOC917 in the search engine and nothing comes up. I click on the follow link and it takes me back to the main page for the learning center where it states welcome ...
    Vera Mims
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  • I can't find SCC2560 and SCC2561 in the course directory, please advise

    I can't find SCC2560 and SCC2561 in the course directory, please advise
    Peter Freund
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  • I cant access the learning center to complete scc2560

    hello i cant access the learning center from the education page on click here it doesnt redirect my to anything i'd like to know what is the reason and how i could complete the training
    youssry effat
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  • how do I get access to SCC2560 - the study guide for HQT-1000?

    Portal tells me I already took it and nothing happens when I click on it - either way I need to renew  my sales cert and take the HQT-1000 test and would appreciate having access to the study guide - or advice on...
    Jim Lucas
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  • HQT-4120 Exam

    Hello Can I take the HQT-4120 exam if I did not take the course?  
    Ionut Alexandru Petrosel
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  • Just wanted to find out. How many people are certified and how many are planning for certification in coming months?

    Out of curiosity I wanted to find - how many of us are certified? - how many of us are planning for getting certified?
    Bhaskar Ramashankar
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  • im planing to write HAT 680 certification. ! Guide me.. could you please provide any documents

    Hi ....!   This is rajesh working in IBM at chennai location, im planing to write HAT 680 certification. Could please guide me, how registration process ..? Hand on experience (Hitachi VSP & EMC VNX,CX) ...
    Rajesh M
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  • Documents For HH0-280 & HHT-680

    Hi All,   Looking forward for doing certification on HH0-280 & HHT-680. Can some one help me to find the Documents, For preparation.
    Viswanath V
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  • HAT-421 Accreditation

    Hello, i am new to Hitachi, and i am interested in obtain the HAT-421 Accreditation, anyone knows if anyone can take this exam ? Or only HDS partners an employees ?   Thanks for the info.
    Jose Roberto Aragao Filho
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  • Study Material

    Dear all,   Do any one has HDS HAT - 100 / 200 certifications study materials? I am aggressively looking for this.   Thanking You,   Selim
    Selim Mohammad
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