• Error starting Pentaho Server

    Hi,   I'm just installing Pentaho Server 8.1 (Archive Installation) CE in a virtual machine with: SO: Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS JAVA: Java 8 MySQL: 5.7 I have been using the manual of Home - Pentaho Documentation (...
    Chema Jiménez
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  • *NEW* HCP Anywhere 4.0 Connector

    This connector will be officially released in 1.4. The "HCP Anywhere System-wide" connector utilizes the new AW 4.0 DMAPI to crawl an AW file system in a similar fashion to the way you can crawl an HCP namespace. It r...
    Jon Chinitz
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  • PMI Installation, Developer Guide and Sample/Demos

    There are currently 3 Installation Guides to accompany the Plug-In Machine Intelligence (PMI) plug-in and one Developers Guide. Also, the demonstration transformations and sample datasets are available. These sample t...
    Ken Wood
    created by Ken Wood
  • Is this possible to integrate SAML SSO in Pentaho 8.1 Community Edition?

  • HNAS to HDCA Integration

    I'm trying to add my HNAS to HDCA. I added my local HNAS fine but I am unable to connect to my HNAS behind an firewall. I had a point to point bi-directional rule created for port 22 from my HDCA Probe server to my SM...
    Eric Moreno
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  • Table Input Step not returning the same number of previewed records

    I'm working on a Transformation which selects from an Oracle database, inserts into a mapping table, performs a couple of lookups and mappings, then inserts into an PostgreSQL database. When I tested with a handful of...
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  • HCM for HCP behind Load Balancer

    I'm trying to setup HCM for our HCP that is hidden behind Load Balancer. Currently our corporate DNS resolves hcp1.corp.local and *.hcp1.corp.local to Load Balancer IP. To make HCM work i added "admin.hcp1.corp.loca...
    Dominik Zagol
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  • hi, does anyone have HDID for VMware protection technical detail materials? especially on application awareness feature? appreciate.

    we are proposing VMware protection solutions with HDID, and need some technical details materials on application awareness features for VMware. thanks..
    Zhao Guogang
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  • HCI cross Datacenter implementation for DR.

    If there is a requirement for HCI to be available at all times across multiple locations,can we implement HCI master instances in multiple Datacenters and and implement local worker nodes to server the in DC requireme...
    Hitendra Talluri
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  • Lead with Data

    Data is your most valuable asset, and you need to make the most out of it. Read our blogs and watch our webinars to get more insights and learnings on how to best access, manage, maintain and collaborate with your dat...
    Barbara Goetz
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  • Pentaho CE with commercial purposes

    Hi! In my company I just strated using Pentaho, I am insterested in implementing some Dashboard with commercial purposes, is that possible to do with Pentaho Community Edition (CDE) without having to pay anything? ...
  • Extending Democratization of Storage Services Through Virtualization

    In my last blog post I explained how Hitachi Vantara’s All Flash F series and Hybrid G series Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) Systems can democratize storage services across midrange, high end, and mainframe stor...
    Hu Yoshida
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  • Announcing PMI v1.4 with Deep Learning is Here!

    Easy to Use Deep Learning and Neural Networks with Pentaho By Ken Wood and Mark Hall   Hitachi Vantara Labs is excited to release a new version of the experimental plugin, Plugin Machine Intelligence versio...
    Ken Wood
    created by Ken Wood
  • How to export only a pipeline, and not the associated connectors

    Is there a way to export just a pipeline and select Content Classes, without being forced to export all Connectors and other Content Classes that are associated with the pipeline? I've update a Pipeline and a couple...
    Jake Larrimore
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  • Configuring retention on an HDI WORM filesystem

    Basically, there are three ways of configuring retention on an HDI WORM filesystem.     Autocommit /manual Autocommit / auto wormctl Intervention Manual application Automatic application Automatic app...
    Henk Hindriks
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  • I was unable to save the HTTP result to file because of a I/O error: Server redirected too many  times (20)

    I have an HTTP step (in Job) that connects to a web to download a file via a basic authentication, which works great on Mac OS-X. However, it does not work on Windows with the following error:   ERROR (version 7...
    Daniel Lee
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  • HDT New Page Buffer Settings

    I have a 3 Tier G1500 HDT pool. I set New Page Tier Assignment to High. My New Page Buffer is still 088. Should I change the Tier 1 buffer settings from 0. I also never want new data written to directly to T3. T3 is v...
    Eric Moreno
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  • HCI search :DNS implementation

    Chaps need some advise on the DNS side of things for HCI implementation. When we set the hostname and in HCI the seach APP uses the hostname:8888 when we click on the Search APP . Now i can set the DNS entries for a 3...
    Hitendra Talluri
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  • Various repository connectors

    We are working on a proposal with a prospect that requires having connectors be built for several existing data repositories: Box SharePoint Jive Slack Confluence Is there any known reason that HCI would NOT be ...
    Jim Ash
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  • More Free Access To Real-time Sensor Data

    In addition to the LiDAR Motion Sensor real-time data feed from the 8th floor lobby of the HLDS facility, we've added another sensor to the configuration. The new real-time sensor data comes from a prototype sensor th...
    Ken Wood
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