• PDi-rest client

    I am trying to go through mutilple pages to get all the data, currently the rest call only lists 1000 entries per page a nd there are 27 pages, how to loop through all pages?
  • HDI Migraton Task commands v0.2.docx

    The document below shows Web GUI configuration and CLI examples of   arcmiglist arcmigstatus arcmigresult   arcmigset arcmigrun arcmigedit arcmigctl   * Look at Thomas Massano's movie at HDI Mig...
    Henk Hindriks
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  • Pentaho CDE - Access by URL with credentials LDAP

    Hello, I need to access to my CDE dashboard (Pentaho 7.1) by URL with credentials (local). Googling I found the following solutions:     1) URL: http://<username>:<password>@<hostname_penta...
    created by B523W5TI
  • HUR target won't mount

    We have a pair of G800's running a support (not latest) level of code.  We are using Device Manage to manage our HUR pairs and have DR tests on a regular basis but have never seen this issue.   We break the...
    Jim Staszko
    created by Jim Staszko
  • Docker Versions

    Hello,   actual release notes say that for HCI v1.3 Docker version 1.12.6 is required. My customer is using SLES12SP3 with Docker version 17.09.1-ce. Nothing to find about CE Docker version in release notes. ...
    Eckhard Roeser
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  • Hitachi Sponsors 2018 SHARE St. Louis

      Register HERE   Hitachi will be a Silver Sponsor of SHARE St. Louis: BOOTH #324   Please Join Us at the Following Sessions:   Tuesday, August 14, 4:30 PM - 5:45 PM Hitachi Mainframe Recovery ...
    Sahar Swan
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  • HiTrack License Key Reports

    Is it legal or correct to use the HiTrack License Key reports for checking the real USED License Key capacity? Many thanks in advance.   Name ID Key Type License Capacity (TB) Type Cap Used or Tot Cap (GB)* Cach...
    Pan Paparaphiou
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  • Error while running the daily job in PDI

    We are running daily job through pentaho data integration tool. It was working fine till months ago. But now we are getting the below error when we try to run it. I have checked the database is working fine when I con...
    harikrishna akyam
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  • App Builder in Pentaho 8.1

    Hi.   I saw the app buider it's not by default in Pentaho 8.0 but you can install from the marketplace.   But in Pentaho 8.1 it is not even available in the marketplace.   I made a plugin WAQE-EN - J...
    Juanjo Ortilles
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  • Hi, Kettle integrated with Eloqua but OFFSET not working to retrive more than 50000 records

    Hi, I have integrated kettle with Eloqua. But am not able to retrieve more than 50000 records even on using 'OFFSET'. As i am a beginner, Can anyone help me out or suggest me what could be done to make the offset wo...
    Dhanenjjeyan K
    created by Dhanenjjeyan K
  • Extracting File's Metadata from DMS to HCP

    Team:   I am currently progressing with HCI POC for Digital Media Server (DMS) data indexing. There are two types of data - Documents (RTF, DOC, TXT, PDF etc.) AND Images (JPEG, IMG etc.).   Customer is ru...
    Tajinder Channi
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  • G800 DKB and DB Configuration for GPFS 5.x

    Although 4 DKB-Pairs are available, at the moment the 160 x DKS2H-H4R0SS drives ("HDD Internal data transfer rate 304 (MB/s)"), 7D+1P are configured as follows :   DB0, DKB 1G and 2G, Drives 60 DB1, DKB 1G and ...
    Pan Paparaphiou
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  • Error query MDX "Query required more than 12 iterations"

    I have a .ktr file with some Mondrian input steps. When I process the job .kjb via command line, it fails and launches a "mondrian.olap.MondrianException: Mondrian Error:Internal error: Query required more than 12 it...
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  • Data Center Modernization is Driving Innovation

    According to a recent study conducted by IDC and Microsoft, Digital Transformation is expected to contribute more than US$1 trillion to Asia Pacific GDP in 2021. In today’s digitally-connected world, pressure on...
    Russell Skingsley
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  • What does Data Center Modernization Mean to Our Customers?

    As the digital world continues to become more complex, our customers are faced with constant change and flux within the industry from managing complex systems and processes, to addressing changing consumer demands and...
    Athena Peterson
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  • report on space reclaimed by ZPR

    Hi, We currently do adhoc ZPR's on our pools via HCS batch jobs. I'f like to automate this , 25 % of the pool a week  on a monthly cycle. I'm new to scripting / command line  but I've found the runzeropager...
    Gary Matthews
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  • In HAD BNA and configuration manager integration issue

    Hi All,   In Hitachi Automation director, I have try to integrate the  BNA, configuration manager and Vcenter server with correct credentials, But I am getting below error. any can help on this please. Dev...
    Gogul Natarajan
    created by Gogul Natarajan
  • Did the elasticsearch bulk insert died?

    I never used it before, but now that I decided to test it out, all I get is this weird and unspecified error when trying to Test Connection, or Test Index...
    Joao Ciocca
    created by Joao Ciocca
  • Hitachi Hyperconverged Infrastructure – Top Ten Q and A

    Hitachi Vantara  Unified Compute Platform HC (UCP HC) hyperconverged systems, powered by industry-leading VMware vSAN software, has been around for over one and a half years. Here is a sampling of the most common...
    Dinesh Singh
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  • How to set administrator role using MAPI

    I have created a tenant using MAPI with an AD account which has security role on it. Now I want to set the role administrator for that user on the tenant, can you explain me how to do this, because I can't make it wor...
    Team StorageOpen
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