• VSP G1000 - Bash Script to report on Hardware Status using SNMP

    Using Storage Navigator make the changes as shown below to add the SNMP monitoring station.   2. Obtain the MIB file VSPG1000MIB.txt file from the Customer Tools CDROM and place in the home directory.  &...
    Vinod Subramaniam
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  • What's the NEXT Word?

    Ready for the next NEXT? It starts tomorrow in San Diego. I’ll be there with my keyboard to give you some updates on the event as it’s happening. I’m the creative director for writing at Hitachi Vant...
    Douglas Howatt
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  • Run this transformation in a clustered mode?

    Hi In PDI 8, where do I find the "Run this transformation in a clustered mode?" option?   In PDI 6, the option is in the advanced tab of the transformation job entry, but in PDI 8 is not. I need this option to ...
    Ricardo Carrera
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  • Communications link failure during commit() with MySQL

    I have problem with MySQL in PDI (Kettle). This error appears in process of reading information by Input Table. Even if all data is gived out of base successfully, this error appears and, probably, doesn't affect on t...
    Alex Shumskiy
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  • Read metadata and custom metadata from HCP Object

    Hello All,   I'm looking to create a new HCI index based on object metadata and custom metadata from an HCP object. I created a two step pipeline to query an object that I know has custom metadata:   ...
    Henry Golas
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  • Write all annotations to an HCP object

    Hello All,   I'm working on a use case to take data from a local source (SMB share/NFS export) and migrate the data to an HCP namespace. The specific ask is that I need to tag the object with ALL the file extrac...
    Henry Golas
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  • 21st Century Policing: The Role of Technology in Improving Justice Systems

    In 2015, experts from the UK’s Ministry of Justice, Home Office and Government Digital Service joined together to create the Digital Justice Project.   Over the course of twelve weeks, the team investigat...
    Matthew Cooper
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  • Creating Annotations with the HCP Connector

    There has been a lot of talk recently about how to use the HCP connector, specifically how/when to use the actions Output File, Write Annotation and Write File. Following is an example of how I used these actions in a...
    Jon Chinitz
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  • HDI CIFS ACL Parser Stage & Source Code

    Update 24/09/2018 - I have updated the plugin, the most important change is that it can now also fully translate the name of the owner and its domain group, as long as one of the entries in the ACLs is from the same d...
    Alejandro Lineiro
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  • Upgrade G400 to G600

    Hello Guys Guys i am going to upgrade G400 to G600. Is it an online process ? where can i find any documentation or manual about this process? Thanks
    Mohamed b Essam
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  • What's New in Services 2018

    Placeholder for new blog in planning. Please check back after Next 2018.
    Eric Silva
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  • DataSource access by Tentant

    I'm facing a challenge where a Pentaho instance will be used by many different clients.   I need somehow implement some restrictions on the datasources by tenant or user or group.   Solutions as Mondrian A...
    Kleyson Rios
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  • How to get data from REST API with pagination? example www.abc.com/data?page=1, ..... with number of pages we do not know???

    I have a rest API with pagination, I would like to get all data with automatically passing the page number into the URL www.abc.com/data?page=1 www.abc.com/data?page=2 .... www.abc.com/data?page=n   n = the ...
    William Nguyen
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  • SSL/TLS error with G1000 SMI-S

    Hi All   I hope someone on here can assist me.  I get the following error when trying to use the G1K embedded SMI-S provider in System Center VMM:   Could not retrieve a certificate from the server be...
    Wilfred Moyo
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  • HTnM Report Generator

    HTnM Report Generator v1.1.2   Is an Automatic Hitachi Report Generator for Tuning Manager software.   How to use & requirement:   - Operating System DATE FORMAT MUST this "nnn mm/dd/yyyy"  ...
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  • Enterprise Offline Viewer

    Enterprise Offline Viewer v1.2.0a     README   Enterprise Configuration Offline Viewer (EOV) is a tools that can view configuration (offline) for Hitachi Enterprise Storage Subsystem, extract all data t...
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  • ZPR Script

    Does anyone scripted ZPR process? Just interested to automate that in my environment.
    Balasubramani Ramamurthy
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  • PDI Spoon 3.2.0 & Oracle 12.2

    We are running PDI Spoon version 3.2.0, and are looking to move to Oracle 12.2. Has anyone else had success with that combination?   * I understand we are WAYYY behind but but it is what it is, for now.
    Keith Reischl
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  • NEXT 2018: What Disruptors Have in Common

    Don’t Blink or you’ll miss What the Dog Saw. Come to NEXT 2018, the Premier Event for the Digital Revolution, sponsored by Hitachi Vantara in beautiful San Diego, Sept. 25-27. Catch the Outliers and what m...
    Hu Yoshida
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  • Mastering the Art of Disruption: 2018 Hitachi Transformation Award Winners 

    It’s hard to believe that a year has passed since we presented our first Hitachi Transformation Awards. During that time, it’s been exciting to watch our customers find new ways to drive transformation and...
    Kendra Walsh
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