• Column Changes

    I am working on a Budget Request report. In previous transformations the people who see this report just wanted to know which rows of data changed (IE it which Budget Requests were updated/changed/etc.) but now they w...
    Nathan Mahler
    created by Nathan Mahler
  • How to create Analysis data source with time dimension from Oracle Date column allowing date range filter

    Using Pentaho BI Server, I am trying to create an Analysis data source from a mondrian.xml file with a LABOR_DATE TimeDimension based on a single DATE column in Oracle database. The physical column is call...
    Oliver Doepner
    created by Oliver Doepner
  • java.lang.RuntimeException: e.Failed to load spark engine

    Hi Team,   When i run transformation(.ktr) in PDI CLIENT using spark engine(AEL), i am getting below exception, is there any way to resolve this issue.?   Exception in thread "main" java.lang.RuntimeExcep...
  • Need clarification on Pan and Kitchen

    Hi Team, I am able to run transformation job using AEL (Spark Engine) in PDI client. So my question is, How to run Pan and Kitchen using AEL (Spark Engine).?
  • Researching Pentaho Platform

    Dear sirs,   I've been studying the platform and doing some tests in order to understand if i can execute data mining with Pentaho.  For months i've been sending to the community some questions about conect...
    diego apugliese
    created by diego apugliese
  • Is Multi-Tenancy feature available in Pentaho Community Edition?

    I have a Pentaho BI suite 6.0 community edition(free version) and I want to implement the multi-tenancy feature. My question is? Can we enable multi-tenancy feature on the Pentaho community edition?
    Calvhin Sevilla
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  • How to "Create Alternative LUN paths" by raidcom

    Hi All, We have a large number of hosts (>100) in several G1000 systems and we want to add additional path to them,  to do that in the GUI is a very sloooww process, my question is how we can do that in the C...
    David Heydari
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  • Export Pivot4J-View to Excel on BiServer 8.2 CE

    Hi All,   i try to use the new 8.2-BiServer-Version on Ubuntu. In Marketplace installed Pivot4J-Plugin. Analysis works fine, but i cannot export the result to xls/xlsx/pdf...I get an empty File on all Methods.&#...
    Alexander Pass
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  • VMware protection in Hitachi Data Instance Director - Part 2: Protection

    In this blog post I want to talk about the kinds of VMware protection that HDID can provide, and cover the kinds of situations that you may want to use one or the other (or even both!).   The HDID VMware protect...
    John Wesley
    created by John Wesley
  • Date parameters in mdx query

    Hello, I have to make a cde dashboard with some selectors and two date range components which should reflect on a table component. However I have problems with positioning the date parameters in the source query of th...
  • Pentaho User Meeting Germany/Austria/Switzerland

    Update 01/23: Deutsche See, one of Europe's leading fish wholesalers, will talk about how they do sales reporting for their €400 Mio. revenues and 35,000 business customers with Pentaho. Stay tuned for their int...
    Ruth H
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  • Mounting to more than one host group in HDID?

    I am using HDID to create crash-consistent snapshots on a G370 with Thin Image.  I want to mount those snaps back onto development hosts for testing, but for reasons I can't use any of the host or application age...
    Bill Ehrman
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  • Pentaho Ingest and Load to Snowflake

    Hi   I am working with clients, that want to Extract Data from sources like TXT, Datawarehouse Databases (Oracle 11g, SQLServer), initially 2 TB of Data using Pentaho and Load in a SnowFlake Datawarehouse. ...
  • is JDK 1.8 for PDI 8.2 okay?

    Hi, I try to install PDI 8.2 on a Windows 10 with jdk-u8-192-windows, but I get IO exception errors. The script ktichen.bat doesn't work.  Most of my tries kitchen.bat says the job isn't be loaded?? Which JDK w...
    Christian Miksch
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  • PDI 8.1 missing connect button

    I installed Pentaho 8.1 EE version in window Server 2008 when i open PDI then there was no connect button through which i established the connection to the repository.   After searching into google I found an a...
    Vikas Samant
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  • Iometer settings

    Hi , We've just installed a G1500 into our datacentre. Before We migrate off our old VSP , I'd like to baseline the performance . I have a physical windows 2012 server I can present some storage up to , and was wonde...
    Gary Matthews
    created by Gary Matthews
  • SAP HANA on VMware vSphere 6.5 and 6.7 with Intel Skylake SP CPUs

    SAP HANA tailored datacenter integration (TDI) offers great flexibility for SAP business solutions in production and non-production environments. This can be deployed in a bare metal or virtualized environment. Our so...
    Stephan Kreitz
    created by Stephan Kreitz
  • Installed PDI 8.2 CE and ran spoon, on spoon there is no repository icon on the corner or repository creation on tools greyed out

    as you can see this is what I get so without ability to create repository I can't do much right, trying to get MySQL connection working but does not work, though I've put the connector in the file    
    Redone chowdhury
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  • CDE NewMapComponent - change color palette

    Hi everyone,   I'm creating a CDE dashboard using NewMapComponent, and I'd like to change the color palette from a default one. Right now the map looks like this: 1. All polygons 2. After setting certain pa...
    Igor Kvrgic
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  • Pentaho CE 8.2

    Hello,   Has anyone upgraded to Pentaho CE 8.2? Are there any issues/bugs either with the upgrade or the release itself? Thanks Ravi
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