• Pentaho User Meeting Germany/Austria/Switzerland

    Update 02/20: 330 million tons of plastic waste are annually produced. So why not use big data for recycling and upcycling? Jürgen Sluyterman will share RSAG's analytics project with Pentaho that integrates data ...
    Ruth H
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  • Processing & Visualizing Streaming Data Using Pentaho

    Why Streaming Data? Why Now? In the past 10 years, the data market has undergone a vast transformation, expanding far beyond traditional data integration and business intelligence involving the analysis of transaction...
    Noah Schneider
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  • PDI Development and Lifecycle Management

    Our Customer Success & Support teams are always working on providing our customers with tips and tricks that will help our customers with the Pentaho platform.   PDI Development and Lifecycle Management ...
    Caitlin Croft
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  • Accelerating Cloud Adoption with Hitachi Vantara

    Surveys by Gartner,IDG, and Right scale in 2018 leave no doubt that cloud adoption is mainstream. Public cloud adoption led the way increasing to 92% in the Right Scale survey. The same survey showed that 81% having a...
    Hu Yoshida
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  • How Financial Services institutions can Leverage their Data to Comply with Complex Global Regulations

    Let’s face it, if you’re a financial services institution, your main business objectives are to generate revenue, grow your business, and be competitive in the market landscape. However, it would appear th...
    Nirvana Farhadi
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  • Na prática: veja caso de sucesso do uso de IoT como solução para um Campus Inteligente

    Gosto muito de ver a tecnologia trabalhando para a educação. Uma notícia que me deixou muito feliz foi ver que, recentemente, o MIT anunciou que, neste ano, irá criar uma nova faculdade que com...
    Marcelo Sales
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  • How HCP can fit in to a customer's Splunk environment

    We have deployed HCP for “Frozen” data at a few customers recently. This could be a great opportunity for customers that have unused HCP licensing. If you are interested in learning more, read our HCP/Spl...
    Jim Ash
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  • Digital Transformation for Police and Investigators

    Clearly police have been affected by the rise of digital technologies; mobile phones, dash cams, chat rooms, online gaming and social media just like the rest of us. Digital technology has cut across every aspect of o...
    Eric Silva
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  • Continuous Business Operations For Oracle RAC

    From our friends at Merriam-Webster, the definition for “continuous” is: adjective con·tin·u·ous | \kən-ˈtin-yü-əs\ Marked by uninterrupted extension in space, time, or sequence //The ...
    Hu Yoshida
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  • Hitachi and Cisco: A Shared Vision for a New Era in Data Center Modernization

    This week, Hitachi Vantara is joining long-time strategic partner Cisco at its annual Partner Summit in Las Vegas, #CiscoPS18. The two companies have worked together for decades, continuously producing innovations tha...
    Sasan Moaveni
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  • VMware Multipathing Impact on VSP F/G

    With vSphere 6.7U1 and vSphere 6.5 P03 or later, the default VMware's multipating rule is set to round-robin for Hitachi VSP storage family. VMware Native Multipathing rules for Hitachi VSP now enabled by default in ...
    Jeff Chen
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  • Mobilization of SharePoint Data with DigiLink's HCP Anywhere Connector for SharePoint

    More and more customers are choosing to deploy Microsoft's SharePoint/Office365 and OneDrive for their end user file services and I am asked how our Content Portfolio compliments these Microsoft solutions (if at all)....
    Jim Ash
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  • Automate Hitachi Storage Infrastructure with PowerShell

    I often receive questions about programmatic options to manage Hitachi Storage Infrastructure as customers move to higher degrees of automation in their environment. We have many options in this area including CM REST...
    Paul Morrissey
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  • SFS Group Builds A Strong Infrastructure With Solutions From Hitachi Vantara

    SFS is a worldwide leading supplier of mechanical fastening systems, assemblies, precision moulded parts and logistics solutions. A long-term customer, learn how SFS is using Hitachi solutions to support their product...
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  • chúc mừng năm mới

    This morning I saw four wild pigs in my front yard. My dogs were going crazy, but they opted to stay inside. Wild pigs are not a common sight in my suburban neighborhood. I took this as an optimistic sign since this i...
    Hu Yoshida
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  • I Call Dibs on MODERNIZE IT

      I live by one and only one fundamental rule of fairness: Calling Dibs.   Its quite possibly the most powerful word structure of human existence allowing for the immediately prioritized claim of goods....
    Paul Lewis
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  • Solving The Von Neumann Bottleneck With FPGAs

    Lately I have been focused on the operational aspects of data, how to prepare data for business out comes and less about the infrastructure that supports that data. As in all things, there needs to be a balance, so I ...
    Hu Yoshida
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  • Building a Cohesive Business Requires Cohesive Data Governance

    For any company’s success, agility and governance are inextricably linked to the sustainability of data quality. Now, more than ever, everyone in an organization has a responsibility to be data stewards focused ...
    Scott Baker
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  • A conectividade no Campus: como obter espaços inteligentes na área da educação

    *por Marcelo Sales   Grande parte das instituições de ensino do País hoje já possuem conhecimento e capacidade para adotar uma infraestrutura de TI para a captação de dados. O...
    Marcelo Sales
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  • The lights and Shadow of Digitalization

    Mr. Toshiaki Higashihara, president and CEO of Hitachi, Ltd., opened our annual NEXT event last September speaking on Data and Innovation. He talked about this in terms of Lights and Shadow, the rewards and risks of t...
    Hu Yoshida
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