• PDI 8.2 Excel Writer not inserting all rows from a template

    Hello,     I just upgraded from pdi-ce- to and made no changes to any of my workflow code.  I notice that the Excel Writer is taking just the 1st row from a given template i've co...
    Dan Onorato
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  • "Failed to pin the file: File entry is not found in the fss database

    Hi, im really new in HCP anywhere, i use HCP anywhere edge and i want to pinned the folder. I run this command using powershell .\awcli.exe pin D:\Share\CIT But i meet the following error "Failed to pin the file:...
    Endro Dwi Putra
    created by Endro Dwi Putra
  • NAS REST API: Request resource is not supported

    NAS REST API: Request resource is not supported While trying to run https://IP:8444/v4/storage/filesystem-shares/CIFS, I see error message, "Request resource is not supported" I This is not the same issue for "https...
  • Object replication failing on HNAS 4040 with the log message as "Aborting: Received a null message. Please check the event log on the target server for more information"

    Hi All,   Object replication is failing on HNAS 4040 with the Software: 12.0.3528.04 with the log message as "Aborting: Received a null message. Please check the event log on the target server for more informati...
    mallik chala
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  • Implementing a HCP Data Lake

    Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) object store can be set-up as Data lake, technically. Is there any PoC artifactsor successful implementation of this ? Any thoughts /ideas on this would be most welcome.
    Naveen Kumar
    created by Naveen Kumar
  • Dynamic Carte cluster setup in Nomad/K8s

    Hi all, I would like to setup a dynamic Carte cluster in a container scheduler system. For this, I managed to create my own Docker image similar to the one described in Diethard Steiner On Business Intelligence. I am...
    Steffen Mueller
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  • 4K display PDI scaling issues

    Hi,   I'm using PDI on windows 10 with a 4k screen. Everything is ok when opening workflows but when I try to inspect data and open visualization, everything become very small. It seems that DPI scaling doesn't ...
    Stefano Mancino
    created by Stefano Mancino
  • HDI SNMP Trap Reference Table needed

    Hi Folks, for our Cloud Storage Projekt with HDI VM, we are searching for the actual SNMP TRAP REFRENCE TABLE for HDI to setup our monitoring. Can you help us, and provide us the requested file.   Thank you i...
    Ralf Siekierski
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  • Welcome new members! Please introduce yourself to the community.

    We're glad you're here!  Please tell us about yourself.  What brought you here?  How can we be of service? What do you enjoy doing when you're not working? 
    Donna Garber
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  • Next London Meetup - TUESDAY!

    The next meetup is on Tuesday, see details here:   https://www.meetup.com/Pentaho-London-User-Group/events/260907100/   Join the discussion on twitter with #plug19 and see you there!   Oh; there's Pizza...
    Dan Keeley
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  • PDI Web Designer

    Au-phi PDI platform 4.0 is published today,  with a web designer.   Demo: http://www.doetl.com   Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1YqbaiuW9LjcClsLc2NaKHi2_-HR0WWgf    ...
    Jason chu
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  • hadoopfileoutput will always write to the local path

    I use the pan or kitchen command to call hadoop file output will always write to the local disk I use “pdi-ce-\data-integration ” this version and “\pdi-ce-\data-integration\p...
    new niu
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  • New York Pentaho User Group - Metadata Injection

    Just 2 weeks until our next NYC Pentaho User group.   We will be talking Metadata Injection, community resources and what’s coming in 8.3.   To ways to register Meetup or eventbright.   Join us...
    Derek Wilson
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  • SMI-S Support

    Originally posted by: Samz25 Looking for the third-party vendor arrays supported by Device Manager using SMI-S. I can't seem to find the support info anywhere. Thanks.
    Legacy HDS Forums
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  • LDAP Input step not bringing in data for few records

    Steps to reproduce: Setup an LDAP Input step to read several fields. These fields should contain huge amount of data in the backend.   Description  Setup an LDAP Input step to read several fields. Some of ...
    Reshma Shetty
    created by Reshma Shetty
  • IDC & HDS To Discuss Transforming IT Infrastructure for the Third Platform

    I am pleased to announce the live webinar, Transforming IT Infrastructure for the Third Platform, with IDC storage practice vice president Laura DuBois and Hitachi Data Systems vice president of global presales engine...
    Gail Sockwell-Thompson
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  • LIVE TOMORROW! APAC Public Safety Google Hangout

    Thanks everyone for joining! For those that missed it, watch the replay here Hitachi Data Systems APAC Google Hangout -- Public Safety: The Cornerstone for Smart Cities in Asia Pacific - Google+     We ar...
    Yvonne Ng
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  • Customer Care and Service Assurance In Real-Time – An Achievable Dream?

    Learn about Real Time Service Assurance at Network Intelligence World.    Join Hitachi to hear CME Big Data and Analytics expert Felipe Padilla share insights.See More
    Lori Pierskalla
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  • Pentaho London Usergroup - 25th Jan 2018

    Hi, the next Pentaho usergroup is on 25th..   Details here:   PLUGs Return - The Phoenix rises | Pentaho London Usergroup (London, United Kingdom) | Meetup   If anyone has any content for the talks t...
    Dan Keeley
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  • HCP command(MAPI or CLI) line to check the replication stratus with object counts

    Hi All,   I would like to collect the information for HCP replication status with object pending count through command like (MAPI or from Nodes ). Kindly some one help me on this.
    Gogul Natarajan
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