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  • External JS library behaviour in CDE

    Hi All,   I am using Pentaho 8.2 on windows 10. I have two CDE dashboard. Both are deployed on same server. I am calling momentjs library in both of them.   Dashboard one works without any problem.  ...
    Ravikumar Kamma
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  • Should I Split My Question and How

    It is the nature of questions in a technical community like ours to have a follow on that is related, but separate that our original.  It leads to an overarching question as to if it is better to continue to thre...
    Roguen Keller
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  • Pentaho User Group - New York

    NYC Pentaho User Group Join us for our next event. VARIABLES, PARAMETERS & KETTLE PROPERTIES Feb 26th @6:00PM (pizza & beer) https://www.meetup.com/Pentaho-New-York-City-User-Group/events/258591078/ #NYCPUG
    Derek Wilson
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  • How to Edit Your Post

    It may seem obvious to those who have been using the community for years. But for newcomers I would like to point out how you edit your posts. Notice in the top right portion of your screen under your profile picture...
    Roguen Keller
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  • Navigating the Forum Heirarchy

    Many don't know this, but within the banner at the top of every space/forum in the community there is some navigation help. Beneath the name of the space you are in you will see the name of the parent space listed wi...
    Roguen Keller
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  • Scientific Notation error from CSV files

    Often using R and Python when you write to CSV scientific notation is default particularly with R where integer digits end at 10 to give you NA value,   solution is simple though it was hard to find the answer ...
  • PDI-17785

    [PDI-17785] Annotate Stream/Shared Dimension step - null pointer exception when mouseover steps on Design panel - Pentah… Just an FYI.  Wondering if anyone has this problem or a work around.
    Robert c Clark
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  • Pentaho CE 8.2

    Hello,   Has anyone upgraded to Pentaho CE 8.2? Are there any issues/bugs either with the upgrade or the release itself? Thanks Ravi
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  • VSP SNMP Version

    Originally posted by: Enrique XU Hi, Does anyone know what's the SNMP version of VSP, v1,v2 or v3? I didn't find the detailed information in the document. And there is a strange thing, we have 2 VSP, one for produc...
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  • Tuning Manager reports

    Originally posted by: stephen2615 Greetings, I would like to know what I am looking at when I view reports with Tuning Manager.  I run it every two hours against our hosts, storage and switches. So, when I se...
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  • Filetransfers To/From a HNAS (Hitatchi NAS)

    We would like to hear from anyone who is using a HNAS FTP/SFTP Feature for file transfers.   We currently are using a 3rd Party SFTP Solution. Very soon we will use a HNAS as storage / file server eventually rep...
    Sudhir Bisht
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  • Pentaho Ingest and Load to Snowflake

    Hi   I am working with clients, that want to Extract Data from sources like TXT, Datawarehouse Databases (Oracle 11g, SQLServer), initially 2 TB of Data using Pentaho and Load in a SnowFlake Datawarehouse. ...
  • Pentaho London Usergroup - Machine Intelligence and Apache Beam!

    There's only 3 weeks to go until the next Pentaho London Usergroup (PLUG)   The agenda this month blows everything out of the park, even if i say so myself!   Not only do we have Ken Wood travelling from Ame...
    Dan Keeley
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  • HCI Webexs and Demos

    Below are several links to Demo WebEx's we ( Professional Services) created for HCI.  Each is about 5 minutes or so. I wanted to put them all in one place as they are scattered about the community.  I will c...
    Troy Myers
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  • PDI - insert null value instead of empty string in MS SQL DB

    Hello, I need some help, my transformation extract data from a postgres table, add some columns (including empty string column), and insert data in a MS SQL table. The problem is that it insert NULL value instead of ...
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  • Device Manager assigning already assigned luns

    Originally posted by: bills Anyone know if, using device manager 7.1, you can take luns that are already presented to a host or set of hosts and assign them to another host as well?  I know you can do this when...
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  • Transfer MySQL Database to SQL Express 2017 with MSSM

    I just begin programming applications, and I need to install a demo of my software. But I read on internet that if I install a software using MySQL, I have obligation to give my source code except if I pay annual lice...
    Calvin Robert
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  • iPad App for Command Suite

    Originally posted by: whatchamacallit99 Hi, Curious if anyone can share the system requirements, installation and configuration guides for Command Suite to enable the iPad app to function as shown here: [url="http:...
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  • CCI command to check device state (if RO or RW)

    Originally posted by: Amol Bhor Hi, Can we determine the state of device (if RO or RW) using any CCI command? Appreciate any help. -Thanks Amol Bhor.
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