• heat map dashboard

    Hello, im trying make a heat map dashboard with sales. But i cant use google api, is there any free solution? Any plugin?   im using pentaho server bi 8.2
    Lucas b Bulow
    created by Lucas b Bulow
  • SQL Statement using variables in PDI

    Hello   i need to get the data from the database (called "employees") which has the columnt (called "name")   I have defined two variables "table" and "name" with the following values   table = emplo...
    Vadim Kalyshkin
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  • Copy rows to result behavior

    I'm following this guide located at https://www.clearpeaks.com/copy-rows-to-result-in-kettle/. I'm using the REST client in one transformation to retrieve a resultset and then using the copy rows to result to pass the...
    Daniel Clark
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  • ASP.net Core With Pentaho Dashboard Integration

    Hi All,         Currently i am using Pentaho Community Edition , BI server created some dashboard with Information from MYSQL , Please let me know how can i display these dashboard t...
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  • Hitachi at Smart IoT London and Big Data World 2019

      Hi there, Thanks for stopping by our event page. We appreciate your interest in Hitachi and our solutions. As you may know, Hitachi are Innovation and Keynote Theatre sponsors at this year's Smart IoT London an...
    David Kolundzija
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  • How to connect SparkSQL on Pentah BA 8.0? what driver need to put in tomcate/lib?

    i am new to Pentaho BA, i want to connect to datasource with my apache spark cluster, what drive need to put in tomcate/lib?
    vanna an
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  • Pentaho BA connect to hadoop Hive 2 not show tables

    i have created new datasource that connect to hive-thrift jdbc. it connect successfully but not show tables      
    vanna an
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  • HCP anywhere

    Hi All,   I am sorry I am really new in HCP anywhere. Is it possible to file transfer to the member in HCP anywhere using ssh sftp (through the bac-end)?   Thank you.   Regards,   Iwan
    Iwan Tamimi
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  • Pentaho User Meeting Germany/Austria/Switzerland

    Update 02/20: 330 million tons of plastic waste are annually produced. So why not use big data for recycling and upcycling? Jürgen Sluyterman will share RSAG's analytics project with Pentaho that integrates data ...
    Ruth H
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  • Replace Number (0) with NULL

    How do I replace a number (like 0) with NULL in PDI 8.2. I was thinking something like Replace in String. I would like to not do it with a Java Script step if possible.   Thanks!
    Dirk Sachse
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  • Developing a stage calling C/C++ library

    Looking for any guidance as to the feasibility of calling a C/C++ library within a stage.  The situation is that there is a library that can extract and manipulate images files, but is only available as a C/C++ l...
    Clifford Grimm
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  • Processing & Visualizing Streaming Data Using Pentaho

    Why Streaming Data? Why Now? In the past 10 years, the data market has undergone a vast transformation, expanding far beyond traditional data integration and business intelligence involving the analysis of transaction...
    Noah Schneider
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  • HNAS - Replication Topology options

    Hi, We're looking at moving our DR dataroom to a new datacentre which is being refreshed with new kit. So I'm wondering what options are available. We currently have  a HNAS4060 Cluster in our primary datacent...
    Gary Matthews
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  • SVP Login is coming by RDP

    Hi,   After rebooting the VSP G1000 management PC.  SVP login is not coming by RDP.  There are two user (administrator and bakedusr) is displaying.   Please suggest what we need to do ?   &#...
    Dheerendra Chouhan
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  • Does S10 have deduplication functio or only data store in G10 ?

    If use S10 to keep the object and G10 for metadata So does S10 have deduplication function on it ?
    Sukrit b Phiboon
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  • Filetransfers To/From a HCPAnywhere (HCP)

    Hi All, Can we use HCP as a replacement for an Enterprise Managed File Transfer Solution(3rd Party). Is there any tool or utility which can be used to migrate the existing configuration from an MFT to HCP Platform ?...
    Sudhir Bisht
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  • Excel connection string

    Hi I'd like to connect to Pentaho from within Excel. Any guidance on the connection string to use would be helpful. I've tried searching but most of the hits relate to the opposite problem, which is how to set up ETL...
    Alan Freeman
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  • Can not delete empty HCP namespaces

    I have some namespace with Object-Count is 0 but I can not delete them. If I create a new namespace, I can delete it. Do I miss something? Please help. Thanks.
    Nhat Lam
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  • how to connect sybase to pentaho

    i have a problem about connection from sybase. i dont know how to setting sybase to pentaho. please help me.
    raymond lay
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  • HCP Documentation Browsable Online

    Hitachi Content Platform v8.1.2 documentation is now browsable and navigable online. You can send links pointing to the exact documentation and search it.   Consider bookmarking these chapters:   System admi...
    Joshua Eddy
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