• How access Kylin OLAP cube with mondrian via adomd client dll

    Hi,   Am using C# as a back end coding so is it possible to access Kylin OLAP cube with Mondrian via Microsoft Adomd client dll. if yes, please help me   Regards, Tamil  
    Tamilarasu M
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  • Writing the streaming data to the JSON Input

    Hello all   I try to create the demo working with the MQTT Consumer and have difficulties with writng the message from stream to the JSON   Here is the sample message from broker   Message "[{""Eve...
    Vadim Kalyshkin
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  • content Classes: Concatenate multiple metadata value into same field

    content Classes: Concatenate multiple metadata value into same field   Is there a way we can concatenate multiple fields extracted into a single field using the Expression feilds. Ie can i use concat function fo...
    Hitendra Talluri
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  • difference between HUS and VSP GX00, between VSP and VSP G1X00

    Hi everyone. I want to know difference between HUS and VSP GX00, between VSP and VSP G1X00 Can anyone give me the answer or related URL ?   Thanks in advance.
    junghyun choi
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  • Please anyone tell me how to get hitachi hus-vm,vsp g200 admin guides(gui) for storage provisioning.

    Hello all,   Please anyone tell me how to get hitachi hus-vm,vsp g200 admin guides(gui) for storage provisioning.   Thanks in advance.
    Manohar Anisetti
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  • HCI login issues:An authentication request unexpectedly failed for username

    did anyone see similar issues? all i can find in the catalina log is the below message   com.hds.ensemble.plugins.service.adminApp/catalina.log:2018-11-27 12:13:22,743 INFO [listRoles] [catalina-exec-3] com.hds....
    Hitendra Talluri
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  • Extract Metadata (Tika) from GDAL Files

    GDAL is an open source project that extracts information from geospatial files. You can install command line tools like gdalinfo and it will extract lots of information from the files. In Tika, there appears to be i...
    Clifford Grimm
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  • Language Installation, pentaho 8.1

    I am installing a language pack (Spanish). I follow the instructions and when executing the installer, it does nothing. In the log, it puts the following error:   ERROR [pt.webdetails.cpf.InterPluginCall] 'rende...
    Alberto YUALE
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  • How to "Create Alternative LUN paths" by raidcom

    Hi All, We have a large number of hosts (>100) in several G1000 systems and we want to add additional path to them,  to do that in the GUI is a very sloooww process, my question is how we can do that in the C...
    David Heydari
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  • 02 HDD failed (warning port1 failed)

      Hello; I have a Storage VSP G600 with two failed HDD. the two disks were manually blocked and the data copied onto the spare disks. Then those two disks were replaced. but they failed again.   Please,...
    Elmer c Cornelio
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  • Storage Navigator is loading

    Good day. I have problem availibility access with storage navigator: Storage Navigator is loading(Hitachi VSP G200). I make restart SVP and wait 30 minutes (Storage Navigator start-up may take up to 30 minutes.). Aft...
    Vladimir Kovalskiy
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  • ATR versus Storage External Storage

    ATR works like a charm since long time. But, it needs a lot of time. What, if an HUS150 will be placed behind an G400 and let the storage to do Storage Migration ? Instead of up to 9 month and more just a few days ...
    Sven Weidenmann
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  • How implement Multi-Tenancy in Pentaho 8.0 CE?

    Hello! How implement Multi-Tenancy in Pentaho 8.0 CE? In the documentation https://help.pentaho.com/Documentation/8.0/Developer_Center/Multi-Tenancy has the advertaisement: "Audience: This article is designed for arch...
    elsa santos
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  • Integration with Power BI

    I am new to BI tools.  I have one product (CaraSolva) that will use Power BI, and one that will use Pentaho.  I would like to use Pentaho to connect to the Power BI cube.  Is this possible?
    Lisa Bieber
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  • Install NAS module to VSP G600

    Hello, I have VSP G600. Now i need to add two NAS modules to both controllers. I installed 2 additional batteries, but I can't see BKMF-10, BKMF-20. And I don't see menu to add NAS module. Any advice? Do I ne...
    Maksym Tatarenko
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  • Battery Lifetime

    In documentation we can see next table: System VSPG600 was installed Feb 2016. So system in production 2 years and 10 months. Today we see next pictures : Battery Lifespan Remaining = 64%   When and how ...
  • CDE and Date Input Component to use a parameter for SQL

    Hi everyone, I want to use a "Date input Component " to use as a parameter input to a DataSource query, but I can't transform the date format to the one I should use for this DataSource. let's say: My datasource "s...
    Pierre MENGA
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  • kettle的carte集群在k8s中无法启动

    LL W
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  • How to add X Axis values to the top of a Bar Chart

    Hi! I'm creating a dashboard using Pentaho CE, I want to create something like this:     I don't want to show the categories in the X axis but to show them on the top of the bar, could you tell me how to ...
    Mauricio Valencia
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  • Consuming realtime data that is pushed to pentaho

    I'm a newbie here, and I'm wondering how feasible it is to use kettle/pentaho when a datasource needs to push data to a pentaho server - I see use cases where data is pulled from a datasource and then consumed, but I ...
    James Lorenzo
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