• Write an image from one AWS S3 bucket to another

    Hey guys,   In my workflow that analyses images I am trying to set an output as a data connection to another S3 bucket, regardless of choosing either writeFile or outputFile as the action, I am getting an error ...
    Matthew Hardman
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  • Is there a way to upload folders into HCP Anywhere without zipping them first?

    Is there any way entire folders can be uploaded into HCP Anywhere using the web portal? I know we can zip them, but it is far more convenient for our users to upload them directly.
    Nigel Budd
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  • CDE - How to works Map Component?

    Hello world,   I would like to create a dashboard CDE to show a map (with Map Component). By documentation (Public\Plugin samples\CDE\Require Samples\CDE Reference\) I don't understand how it to works. I follo...
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  • Saiku 3.9 CE does not show subfolders in Pentaho 8.0

    Hello, I have Saiku plugin (3.90 CE) installed on Pentaho 8.0. When I try to save a query or open a query I can only see home folder and public folder but I can't see subfolders. Anyone else facing this issue ? How ...
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  • HCP Plug in

    We are going to setup new Netbackup environment with Master and Media server of version 8.0 and would like to connect HCP as backend storage, I would like to know whether we any plug in required to have the HCP storage
    bhuvankumar kuppannagari
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    We have multiple domain in our environment having multiple AD servers in addition to that local user and groups accounts created on HNAS for authentication. Currently, EVS security is set Individual for every EVS. Now...
    Amandeep b Singh
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  • Carte server 8.2 lacks some images at the kettle status page

    PDI version 8.2 community version, start the carte server using the following command: ./carte.sh pwd/carte-config-master-8080.xml visit the kettle status page: http://localhost:8080/kettle/status and th...
    Ze He
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  • PDI Status SVG file not found

    HTTP ERROR: 404Problem accessing /pentaho/content/common-ui/resources/themes/images/run_options.svg. Reason: Not Found
    Kun Jiang
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  • PDI 8.1 missing connect button

    I installed Pentaho 8.1 EE version in window Server 2008 when i open PDI then there was no connect button through which i established the connection to the repository.   After searching into google I found an a...
    Vikas Samant
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  • pentaho 8.2 mongodb input error

    It's work when I query a few documents, but when it query huge documents, I get error: cursor id not found. I google it and know It need set no time out cursor on find(), but I don't know how to set it on mongodb inp...
    Hui Tan
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  • Search API JSON request documentation

    I would like to find documentation about the fields on the JSON request sent to the Search API. Although there is a model briefly explaining the meaning of each field, some questions are left unanswered. A few example...
  • About error handling

    Hi all ! I have a little problem with my PDI on error handling. In Transformation, when a step fail to processing data, I want to let PDI output an error file only error data. Could you tell me how to do it? And ...
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  • Kettle: File existed but CSV file input step cannot open

    Hi all I'm new to PDI, I have a problem while reading csv file via CSV file input as bellow: I simply created a transform to read and output csv file and it works fine when run on local path. But when I put it and c...
    bewith you
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  • Estimate Solr index size

    Hi,   We have a customer with 1.5 billion objects to index. We know how many fields need to be indexed for each object, as well as the field size for each of them. We expect index replication to be set...
  • Unable to run PDI AEL Spark Jobs

    Pentaho Data Integration Version: 8.1 Hadoop Version: 2.7.3 Spark Version: 2.4.3   I am trying to use PDI AEL to submit Spark jobs to a Spark cluster. For my Hadoop configuration, I am using the config files p...
    Zach Izzard
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  • Navigator 2 download / download access for software?

    How do i gain access to downloads?   Hi, i have several df800 systems to manage. i'm looking to get a hold of the navigator 2 software to manage these systems. how do i get access to the downloads? i cant find a...
    Cody Wasser
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  • Storage Navigator Modular 2 Download?

    There's no downloads link on my support page. It asks me to update my profile to gain access, but I've already did that multiple times. I need Storage Navigator Modular 2, it shouldn't be this hard to get software fo...
    Anthony Cali
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  • Need help downloading Storage Navigator Modular 2

    Hi all,   I have a customer of mine which owns a DF600F storage subsystem. I don't know if this model is correct or not because I've never managed an Hitachi storage. The customer has no documentation on how it ...
    Tiago de Aviz
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  • Optimal way to join multiple files and output without creating multiple transformations

    I have a task where I need to join multiple files and create a specific output file(s).   At the moment I have created around 10 or so transformations to carry out this task(one for each output file). To me thi...
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  • Email message input step - connection error gmail

    Hello , I'm trying to connect to gmail using the Email Input Message step in PDI . Can please someone to suggest me how make it correctly ? This is my test but it gives me a error. User and password are used also in...
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