• Login Page does not always direct to the desired page

    Hi All, I wanted to go from my Login Page directly to a dashboard (instead of the Home page) (Pentaho BA Server version 8.0). For this, I made appropriate change in the biserver-ce/tomcat/webapps/pentaho/index.jsp ...
    Shubham Bhardwaj
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  • Changes

    Do any of these ring a bell? Montgomery Wards? General Foods? Pan Am? Sun Microsystems? They all used to be Fortune 500 companies and no longer exist today.   According to a Constellation report, 52% of the Fortu...
    Dave Krenik
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  • Geospatial Data Usage in HCI

    Problem Overview  As technology and businesses/government continue to become more dispersed across the planet, the location of activity becomes almost as important as the data itself. Increasingly, these entities...
    Clifford Grimm
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  • ccc chart: barchat - Change text style

    I'm trying to understand  how to make some modifications on the ccc charts.   I can't find a way to test stuff on the fly with the developer tool, so i'm using the "Advanced Properties > Post Execution" ...
    Mateus silva
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  • HNAS4100 - How to list active CIFS connections on a share?

    Hi Everyone   Does anyone know how can I list the active connections(Client IP Addresses) for a CIFS share on the HNAS?   I know from the cif-stats command that I can get the number of connections but no d...
    Phil Devisse
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  • HNAS current file open number

    Is there any way to get the total number of files opened from HNAS by clients (cifs/nfs)?
    Amandeep b Singh
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  • Nombre de jours ouvrés sans les jours fériés

    Bonsoir ! Comment peut-on calculer le nombre de jours ouvrés entre deux dates en tenant compte des jours fériés dans spoon ?
    Stephane TRAORE
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  • Hallo, ich suche für die AMS 2100 nach cli command download

    Hallo Support,   ich benötige bitte den Download für die cli-command für die AMS 2100   Vielen Dank   Jörg Böck
    Joerg Boeck
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  • community wiki documentation redistribution

    Hello, I am new to this community.   Here is the documentation site from where we are planning to use some of the pages in our product distribution   https://wiki.pentaho.com/dashboard.action#all-updates &#...
    Mark Graham
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  • Newbie - Issue with All Spoon Transformations

    I just installed PDI CE 8.2.0 and when I execute Spoon and select an input (any input) I receive this error. I am new to Pentaho but I thought that followed the setup instructions correctly. Any help would be greatly ...
    George Schnabel
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  • vRO storage connector issue

    Hi Folks,   We are trying to configure Hitachi Storage Connector v1.6.1 in vRO. We followed the guide and all prerequisites are meat: Connector service was installed and storage command device is configured. T...
    Slavi b Georgiev
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  • VSP G400 Firmware update

      We have update the Firmware of HDS VSP G400 successfully but we are facing below error while updating the Storage Navigator Software.         We have rebooted the SVP, Clear the ...
    Athar Hussain
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  • HNAS: File System Recovery - Shares Unavailable

    Hi, I'm running object replication between HNASa and HNASb. After syslocking the HNASa file system (FS), promoting the HNASb FS and amending DNS the recovered shares on HNASb are not available. I'm following the proc...
    tyrone owen
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  • Cisco DCNM configuration issue

    Hello, Recently i have deployed Cisco DCNM 10.4(2) ova, currently its up but seems to be having some issues, can any one help me which option i need to select? – VXLAN Fabric- For VXLAN BGP EVPN deployments. &#...
  • Pentaho 8.0 CE with LDAP Configuration - administrator menu is not shown

    Hi,   I've configured manually Pentaho 8.0 CE with LDAP authentification as it is explained in: https://help.pentaho.com/Documentation/8.0/Setup/Administration/User_Security/Implement_Advanced_Security/030 ...
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  • SSL Certificates for Multi Tenant HCP

    Is there a way to have per Tenant SSL Certificates in a multi-tenanted HCP env ?   The help docs on SSL certs for HCP use Subject Alternate Name method to create a single certificate with multiple alternate name...
    Jonathan White
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  • Performance Monitoring w/ ELK - Part II: Monitoring HCP Access Logs

    Introduction Logstash Configuration Input Section Filter Section Output Section Elasticsearch Indexes and Managing Indexes w/ Kibana Visualizing Elasticsearch Data w/ Kibana Monitoring HCP ...
    Ben Clifford
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  • Kafka Consumer semantic in PDI 8.1

    Hi all I'm interested in setting up different semantics when retrieving data from Kafka with PDI: at most once, at least once, exactly once. I read [PDI-17272] Implement explicit commit in Kafka Consumer - Pentaho Pl...
  • Introduction to PDI and DevOps

    Our Customer Success & Support teams are always working on providing our customers with tips and tricks that will help our customers with the Pentaho platform.   DevOps is a set of practices centered around c...
    Caitlin Croft
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  • There is a way to create visualizations simililar to Visio Visual on Pentaho/CTools?

    Hi, im trying to find a way to create visualizations similitar to Visio Visual using pentaho.   Here is a example using Power BI: Power BI custom visual from Visio - Preview - YouTube Thanks
    Augusto Santos
    created by Augusto Santos