• problem with adding "NAS Probe" from Hitachi Data Analytics

    Hi There, I have problem with adding HNAS 4040 "NAS Probe" from Hitachi Data Analytics. I connect to SMU (Provide SMU Details). authentication is OK. Then I see the IP address of my EVS ADMIN and port 8444. login...
    Mariusz Rendaszka
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  • Email compliance search made easy

    The need for simple compliance searchCompanies are often faced with the need to produce documents and emails as part of legal disputes. Maybe an employee deletes mails from the server (maybe even years ago), or an ext...
  • HNAS sizing / performance - please advice

    Hi. Let me introduce my self – I’m new in Hitachi, came from EMC (recently file/object expert – Isilon/ECS for over 6 years)   I have a question regarding our HNAS Need to build:  4.2 ...
  • "aaS" - It's Time Has Come - Are You Ready?

    Looking to reduce your people's learning curve for the latest in technology? Need to meet stringent SLAs from day 1 and don't have time to hone in on them? Only want to pay for the technology that you actually use? Ha...
    Diane Clay
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  • How to use metadata injection with Update step

    I'm using Pentaho Data Integration 8.2 CE and trying to use metadata injection to update data in table. For that I have created a transformation to get the metadata to inject, and a second transformation that contain...
    Ana Gonzalez
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  • Pentaho Rest API SSL is not available

    In Pentaho Rest API, I've tried using SSL config with my pfx file or jks file, but it was not useful and return 403. 1)OpenSSL is installed 2)I'm sure that the API can work because is can response with another way(a...
    redan jing
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  • International Women of Hitachi Vantara

    Last year around this same time, I posted a blog about the women of Hitachi Vantara, and featured four of the women that I worked with on a regular basis here in Santa Clara. This year, I thought I would like to intro...
    Hu Yoshida
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  • XML Data Integration step fails after upgrade from 8.0 to 8.2

    We are in the process of upgrading from Data Integration 8.0 to 8.2. We have ironed out most of the issues, but I don't have an answer for this one. One of our transformations is fed a list of URLs. In the transformat...
    Doug Beattie
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  • New York Pentaho User Group - Metadata Injection

    Just 2 weeks until our next NYC Pentaho User group.   We will be talking Metadata Injection, community resources and what’s coming in 8.3.   To ways to register Meetup or eventbright.   Join us...
    Derek Wilson
    created by Derek Wilson
  • ASK for DNS-Config with G10 and S30 under Linux

    Hi all,   we are looking for an example of an DNS-Configuration for an HCP-G10/S30 Installation on an Red HAT Enterprise Linux Server with 7.6. We have problems with the configurration on the S-Nodes in the DNS....
    Ralf Siekierski
    created by Ralf Siekierski
  • NewMapComponent offline map tiles

    Hi everyone, I have a request to integrate Pentaho CDE dashboards in secure environment without Internet access. Dashboards features and control rely heavily on NewMapComponent That implies that the OpenStreetMap wo...
    Igor Kvrgic
    created by Igor Kvrgic
  • How access youtube API data with PDI?

    Hi, im trying to access the youtube API data from our youtube channel with pentaho data integration but i have no idea how i can acces it.   I tried with javascript step for example but didnt work.    ...
    Augusto Santos
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  • Scrollable charts

    Hello.   There is any way to make a chart be able to scroll through the data when has a lot of series to display and not enough width or height?   Thanks
    Jose Sanchez
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  • Unable to access network folder using UNC

    I am using PDI 8.1 CE in Windows environment. I am trying to access some network folders using UNC but getting below error: File is there but PDI is not able to see it. One thing that I have observed is that where we...
    saket Maheshwary
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  • Unable to use CSV Input with file on a UNC (network path)

    I'm using Data Integration 8.1 on Windows, and using CSV Input I have the CSV on a network drive - \\DevServer\Dev\test.csv for example.  When I create the CSV File and put the path in Filename I click Get Fields...
    Sam Alexander
    created by Sam Alexander
  • Tuning Manager trying to resolve to localhost instead of HCS server

    I'm trying to set-up a new HCS server, but I'm having a number of issues getting Tuning Manager to work. I have managed to configure the Agent for RAID - and that is collecting data, however I have an issue whenever ...
    Nick Harman
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  • HCP command(MAPI or CLI) line to check the replication stratus with object counts

    Hi All,   I would like to collect the information for HCP replication status with object pending count through command like (MAPI or from Nodes ). Kindly some one help me on this.
    Gogul Natarajan
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  • Of Quadrants and Choices

    I was very interested to see the latest IDC data on external storage arrays*  and shocked to learn that spinning disk is not actually dead yet.  In fact, the market for Hybrid Flash Arrays (HFA) was still la...
    Russell Skingsley
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  • We are running HCS 8.4.0-02 and because of an audit, need to incorporate AD.  Has anyone done this?  How simple or complex is the task?

    We are running HCS 8.4.0-02 and because of an audit, need to incorporate AD.  Has anyone done this?  How simple or complex is the task?  The user guide for HCS 8.4.0-02 is somewhat confusing or I am jus...
    Charles Simpson
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  • Active Directory and VSP-2013-March-26.pdf

    Vinod Subramaniam
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