• Announcing PMI v1.4 with Deep Learning is Here!

    Easy to Use Deep Learning and Neural Networks with Pentaho By Ken Wood and Mark Hall   Hitachi Vantara Labs is excited to release a new version of the experimental plugin, Plugin Machine Intelligence versi...
    Ken Wood
    created by Ken Wood
  • Sequential I/O in FMD and SAS HDD

    Hello All   Who can explain the difference between FMD and SAS handling sequential I/O? thanks.
    Wanjong Kim
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  • HNAS NFSv3 Firewall

    Is it recommended not to use firewall for NFSv3? If so, why? Also, if SMB v1/2/3 all are served by HNAS, is there any performance loss for SMB1 clients?
    Amandeep b Singh
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  • HCP Recursive Deletes

    How do people handle recursive deletes on HCP? For example the following command would work on AWS S3 buckets   aws --endpoint-url https://bigboy.hcp1.someurlname.org --no-verify-ssl s3 ls s3://foldername -...
    Dale Sides
    created by Dale Sides
  • my pentaho report works well with output type HTML- singlepage and excel but when change to HTML- paginated and pdf it shows error: pentaho report Assertation failed: Pagination did not proceed: 0 < 1000. Help me, plz!

    my pentaho report works well with output type HTML- singlepage and excel but when change to HTML- paginated and pdf it shows error: pentaho report Assertation failed: Pagination did not proceed: 0 < 1000. Help me, ...
    bewith you
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  • User can natively search for data on hcp, but shouldn't download

    Hello Team,   One of the customer requirement is that user can search for the data on HCP using native search capabilities. But they don't want user to download the file.   Can anyone help with the way out...
    Gonuguntla Gopi
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  • PBA Roles definition for SAML authentication

    Good morning,   I managed to setup SAML authentication using Pentaho Business Analytics 8.2. This far, though, I can only access as an "Authenticated" user (default role with limited permissions). I can&#...
    Marco Cavalazzi
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  • CDF: Object type SVGComponent can't be mapped to a valid class

    I am new in Pentaho. I have installed a custom component ,SVG Component, in Pentaho 8.1.0. but when I render it I get a error: CDF: Object type SVGComponent can't be mapped to a valid class i need help. Thanks Diego...
    Diego LLop
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  • Where is the community edition downloads?

    Hi, sorry to ask here, but I cannot understand why is so hard to find community edition instalation files??? Could anybody give me how to find it please?   BI, PDI, PRD, ... etc thank you Cervenak
    jindrich cervenak
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  • Cannot use the Visualization created by the Visualization API in the CDE Dashboard

    Hi,   I am interested in integrating the D3 chart in the Pentaho CDE dashboard so I decided to follow this tutorial to create the visualization from the API. However, it seems that I can't get the component to w...
    Thanat Varathon
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  • Need to get an aggregated total for a querry response

    Can you help us figure out a way to identify the total number of objects that have not been modified in greater than 2 years from an file assessment index we have.  We also need total size of these objects.  ...
    Shawn Monroe
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  • Difference between HTI and SS

    Hello,   I am new in data protection about Hitachi Storage Systems, and i would like to understand the difference between HTI (Thin Image) and SS (Copy-On-Write Snapshot).   Can you explain me the differen...
  • How to change HCP 8.0 (evaluation) network configuration after migration into new subnet?

    Hi,   Our company uses multi-node HCP 8.0 evaluation.   Recently we had to migrate into a new location with a new (different) network subnets. Is it possible to change network configuration (IP addre...
    Pavol Rachel
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  • HCP S10 fails to telnet to port 443

    Hi all,   I am having trouble when my HCP S10 connect to F5 device. F5 identify that port 443 from my S10 is down. I have tried to telnet it from my laptop and the result is failed to connect to port 443. Is the...
    Youke Irwansyah
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  • Restoring config to newly setup HDI (cluster)

    Good morning,   A customer of us had its HDI cluster reinitialized. After we ran the Cluster setup wizard from HFSM successfully (all statusses OK) , we wanted to restore the configuration by running syslurest...
    Henk Hindriks
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  • Replication Operation Control

    Replication Operation Control v1.0.1       README   Replication Operation Control (ROC) is a companion tools of Hitachi CCI to make more simple operation. Please follow Hitachi Command Control Inte...
    Eriek Regandono
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  • Foundation for Data-Driven Infrastructure:  UCP Family Updates

    Businesses are under increasing pressure to create value from their data, innovate and uncover new revenue streams. A wealth of research highlights the current challenges organizations face when it comes to deplo...
    Chris Gugger
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  • Pentaho PDI 8 libwebkit error

    When I run spoon on Fedora 27 I get following error:   WARNING:  no libwebkitgtk-1.0 detected, some features will be unavailable     Consider installing the package with apt-get or yum. ...
    Uwe Geercken
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  • HCI 1.4.1 Release

    Hi all,   We have just released version 1.4.1 of Hitachi Content Intelligence. All artifacts are downloadable from the Downloads page on community as well as the release notes and installation instructions.  ...
    Jared Cohen
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  • Hitachi Vantara Virtual Rack Configurator

    Use Hitachi Virtual Rack Configurator to build and visualize your solutions and delivering quick links to data sheets and stats. Click below to access the virtual rack on your device:   Web Browser: https://rackc...
    Ian Clatworthy
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