• Hitachi Storage and VMware Native Multipathing

    To echo and expand on Hitachi Storage/Converged with VMware vSphere best practices guide, These are the two claimrules to be used with Hitachi VSP G/F storage in VMware vSphere environment when using VMware native mul...
    Paul Morrissey
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  • Expertly SLA managing VMware Cloud Foundation based UCP RS vSAN, VMFS and VVol datastores

    With the recent announcement of our VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) powered UCP RS system to deliver a hybrid cloud reality (check Dinesh's blog here for details), one of the interesting questions from early prospects i...
    Paul Morrissey
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  • Hitachi and VMware Ecosystem - Integration Updates

    We recently rolled out some software upgrades for our VMware ecosystem integrations and certifications which are generally available now or will be within the next 45 days. The specific products updates this month are...
    Paul Morrissey
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  • What's the latest with Hitachi and VMware ecosystem integrations

    We recently rolled out some updates across our VMware ecosystem integration portfolio and I thought would use the opportunity to refresh our Hitachi customers / prospects on the integration possibilities that we provi...
    Paul Morrissey
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  • Snapshots Don't Have to Kill Your Data Protection Budget

    May 15, 2019   Earlier this week, Krista Macomber, senior analyst at Storage Switzerland posted a blog titled "Snapshots: Your Data Protection Budget Killer". The points that she makes are totally valid: S...
    Rich Vining
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  • Where is the community edition downloads?

    Hi, sorry to ask here, but I cannot understand why is so hard to find community edition instalation files??? Could anybody give me how to find it please?   BI, PDI, PRD, ... etc thank you Cervenak
    jindrich cervenak
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  • Pentaho JS error : Object type MyCustomComponent can't be mapped to a valid class

    Hello   I migrated Pentaho 7 (bi server) to pentaho 8.1 (reinstall from zero) and I get a js error when I load a page WCDF. Error come from a custom component javascript execution (it's a grid...
    Nico Scott
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  • Migrate custom component from 7 to 8.x : missing js class error ?

    Hello   I migrated Pentaho 7 (bi server) to pentaho 8.1 (reinstall from zero) and I get a js error when I load a page WCDF. Error come from a custom component javascript execution (it's a...
    Nico Scott
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  • Automate sequences for every day

    Program a transformation that takes place every day without me having to activate it or do anything.   I'm creating different files through a database query but I want everything to be done automatically.  ...
    Juan Rodriguez
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  • How to select the max timestamp

    Hi All, I've to create a csv file with a timestamp calculate with the maximum of others timestamps. In this case I've 5 different timestamps and my output is the maximum one. I've try with the max() function but th...
    Simone Nale
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  • Unable to delete Device/Computer Backup

    I have transitioned through different computers and I now have a computer backup that cannot be deleted.  I understand that in order to remove the backup, the device needs to be unregistered.  However, it is...
    Clifford Grimm
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  • Pentaho kettle convert date to unix

    I'm trying to pacha a string format dated "2019-05-14 13:30:00" to a UNIX format. In javascript I got it but in the javascript kettle module I am not able to return the numeric value 1557833442 the line...
    Manuel b munoz
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  • What is NEXT 2019 by Hitachi?

    What is NEXT 2019 by Hitachi?  Hitachi NEXT 2019 is the premier event for the digital revolution. It’s for your data, your innovation and your tomorrow. Bring back insights and strategies you can use. It...
    Jill Ross
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  • Accessing Kerberized HDFS with non-kerberized Pentaho / PDI

    Is it possible to access a Kerberized HDFS (CDH) from _non-kerberized_ Pentaho server / local PDI ? If so, what are the steps needed?    According to this, it is not possible, but some other sites suggest t...
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  • Is it possible to disable concurrent login in pentaho.

    Goal: To restrict users from logging in more than once (having multiple HTTP sessions associated with the same username). As a concrete example, consider that jerry logs in. Now consider that jerry attempts to login f...
    Vignesh JM
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  • Add informations in Pentaho Server "Open Files" menu

    Hi everyone !   I'm new to Pentaho, but I had tested Jaspersoft several months ago, and something disturbs me in the Pentaho Server "Open Files" menu. Indeed, in jaspersoft, it is possible to see the creation d...
    jean-pierre polnareff
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  • Pentaho Community edition vs EE

    Hi All,   I wanted to know comparison between Pentaho Community edition and Enterprise edition? How can we get support for community edition from Pentaho team?
    Bharti Das
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  • Connect to HCP via PowerShell

    This is a quick blog to help all PowerShell Developers and Administrators to leverage the power of HCP via PowerShell   1. Install the Hitachi Storage Adapter for Microsoft Windows PowerShell   2. Open a...
    Carlos Vargas
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  • Pentaho 5.x Support

    Hi All, We are using Pentaho 5.x. May I know how to get support for this product in case of any issues? What is the process to get support as we know that this is CE version and no longer supported. Can we get help...
    Bharti Das
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  • Pentaho report designer Bar chart serier color expression

    Hello Folks,   Need to write an expression for Series-colors for bar chart in report designer using 7.1 version, As there is static colors. I'm using multiple if condition to achieve these but it is only works ...
    Prateek Bhatt
    created by Prateek Bhatt