• Estimate Solr index size

    Hi,   We have a customer with 1.5 billion objects to index. We know how many fields need to be indexed for each object, as well as the field size for each of them. We expect index replication to be set...
  • Unable to run PDI AEL Spark Jobs

    Pentaho Data Integration Version: 8.1 Hadoop Version: 2.7.3 Spark Version: 2.4.3   I am trying to use PDI AEL to submit Spark jobs to a Spark cluster. For my Hadoop configuration, I am using the config files p...
    Zach Izzard
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  • Navigator 2 download / download access for software?

    How do i gain access to downloads?   Hi, i have several df800 systems to manage. i'm looking to get a hold of the navigator 2 software to manage these systems. how do i get access to the downloads? i cant find a...
    Cody Wasser
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  • Storage Navigator Modular 2 Download?

    There's no downloads link on my support page. It asks me to update my profile to gain access, but I've already did that multiple times. I need Storage Navigator Modular 2, it shouldn't be this hard to get software fo...
    Anthony Cali
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  • Need help downloading Storage Navigator Modular 2

    Hi all,   I have a customer of mine which owns a DF600F storage subsystem. I don't know if this model is correct or not because I've never managed an Hitachi storage. The customer has no documentation on how it ...
    Tiago de Aviz
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  • Optimal way to join multiple files and output without creating multiple transformations

    I have a task where I need to join multiple files and create a specific output file(s).   At the moment I have created around 10 or so transformations to carry out this task(one for each output file). To me thi...
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  • Email message input step - connection error gmail

    Hello , I'm trying to connect to gmail using the Email Input Message step in PDI . Can please someone to suggest me how make it correctly ? This is my test but it gives me a error. User and password are used also in...
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  • error read mail using Email messages input with Gmail address

    Hi, I'm using Pentaho Data Integration version 6.1.   I tring to use "Email messages input" for read email message from Gmail. The test of Connection configuration is Ok. The test of Input folder is ok,  ...
    Fabrizio Agosti
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  • Frontier Mail Login Error Solution

    Frontier Mail Login Error Solution With Frontier Customer Number for Frontier Mail Login - Access Frontier Mail Login for All Service Launched by Frontier communication. An email service in which Yahoo is the provider...
    Anderson Lieto
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  • java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1 1

    Hello there,    I try to run a transformation with a CPython script step inside, I already did some of them before very similar with the same inputs and I'm pretty sure the python script is working but I've...
    Victorien DELANGUE
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  • Cannot Start Pentaho Jobs

    Hi,   We can connect Pentaho server now and now we are trying to execute jobs.   We successfully execute job in our local machine, but we cannot execute jobs in Pentaho server.   1. We conn...
    Akira Inoue
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  • The 5G Requirement for Data Storage

    This year we have seen some of communications service providers (CSP) like ATT, China Mobile, and Telefonica begin the rollout of 5G services. 5G stands for fifth-generation cellular wireless. 5G is fundamentally diff...
    Hu Yoshida
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  • Buenas tardes tengo la siguiente consulta

    buenos dias tengo la siguiente consulta alguien sabe por que el pentaho aggregation designer me arroja el siguiente error le sinformo que la tabla existe y tambien que la misma cuenta con primary key. Aguardo sus come...
    Emanuel Genovese
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  • Question on Backup ENCR keys to file, What's the scope of keys backed up ?

    We have two KMS appliances configured.  The array is configured in KMIP-lock mode Have a question around contents of the .ekf file when performing a “Backing up the encryption keys to file”. SVOS_...
    john ridings
    created by john ridings
  • Multiple BI servers install share the same DBs?

    Is it possible to point multiple BI server install to the same SQL DB repository? I could not find any docs that said yes or no so i figured i would ask.   Thanks,
    Chris Puliafico
    created by Chris Puliafico
  • No Response from cURL POST query

    We are trying to use a single POST query that will return details about all objects AND sub-directories directories within specified paths. When I try the cURL command it doesn't respond with anything, no er...
    Jim Ash
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  • Refactoring best practice

    Hi,   I am developer, mainly experienced java.   So I will try to refactor pentaho’s job and kettle. Cause each kettles are too long to operate it. And this is not use any database to integrate job to ...
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  • Analyzing The Importance Of Oracle Cloud With The Other Top Players

    Cloud computing has indeed revolutionized the IT domain. In fact, several applications are running in the cloud. This leads to better solutions to the user. Scalability is an essential aspect of cloud which offers the...
    Softlogic Systems
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  • Anyone know what's difference between these two hops in Pentaho Kettle job?

    I an new to build kettle job and have no idea what's difference between the below two hops. There is a exclamation sign on first hop line and not in the second. How can I set the second one as the same as the first on...
    Jing Sun
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  • The building blocks of 5G data ops - leveraging advanced real-time data architectures

    As Telecom Operators roll out 5G services on the B2C side of the business, the 
    Shane Archiquette
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