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PDI 9.x plus: Let us get back the OS file requester!

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  • 1.  PDI 9.x plus: Let us get back the OS file requester!

    Posted 07-13-2023 04:19

    At some point in the past the option to use the operating system's file dialog was removed and we are not forced to use a Java based tinkered together file requester.

    The UX of that thing is beyond bad. It does not remember the last used path and always starts at home. I have to do myriads of senseless clicks to get where I want to be. And that again and again every single time that abomination of a requester is opened.

    Also the "recent" section is completely useless as a remedy, since it only allows you to open files, not to select recent folders.

    I have no idea why this requester with this extremely horrendous 'UX was implemented and how something this evil could even be considered a god thing.

    Bring back the option to use the OS file dialog or AT LEAST create a custom file requester with a resemblance of good UX.

    Stefan H.
    Chief Executive Officer